West Virginia State Archives


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Government Records Accessioned (Archive Collection)

Blueprints and specifications. West Virginia Graduate College: Administration Building, 1994-95. 69 sheets and 9 volumes. N Visions, South Charleston. Ar1838acc

Blueprints and specifications. West Virginia School of Osteopathic Medicine: Ambulatory Primary Care Center, 1995-97. 41 sheets and 6 volumes. Kreps and Kreps, Charleston. Ar1838acc

Blueprints. Cultural Center: Renovation and alterations, Archives Microfilm Reading Room, 1996. 2 sheets. Culture and History, Technical Services. Ar1812acc

Blueprints. Denmar Correctional Center, 1994-96. Note: restricted access. 8 sheets. Regional Jail and Correctional Facility Authority. Ar1838acc

Blueprints. West Virginia Independence Hall: Exterior Stone Restoration, 1995; Historic A. G. Jenkins House: Rehabilitation, 1990. 15 sheets. Culture and History, Technical Services. Ar1838acc

Corrections. Inmate records, Huttonsville Correctional Center, 1947-69. 63 boxes. Huttonsville Correctional Center, Huttonsville. Ar1896

Corrections. Newspaper clippings about Regional Jail issues, 1984-89. 1 box. Corrections. Ar1897

Highways. Bridge records, non-current and replaced structures, 1970s-1997. 3 boxes. Division of Highways. Ar1895acc

Highways. Bridge records, non-current and replaced structures, 1979-1996. 2 boxes. Division of Highways. Ar1895acc

Rehabilitation Services. Director's correspondence, 1991-1992. 6 boxes. Rehabilitation Services. Ar1898

Manuscripts Accessioned

Account book. Unidentified Brooke County doctor, 1833-42. 1 volume. Denver Public Library, Denver, CO. Ms97-21

Account books. Barlow-Bonsall Funeral Home, Charleston, 1898-1924. 10 volumes. Barlow-Bonsall Funeral Home, Charleston. Ms97-22

American Guild of Organists, West Virginia Chapter. Chairman's records, 1980-84. 2 boxes. Francis John Kosowicz. Ms97-19

American Red Cross, Huntington Chapter. Correspondence and miscellaneous documents, 1918-22. 1 box. Unknown donor. Ms97-20

Aviation. Materials regarding AeroMech Airlines, based in Clarksburg, ca. 1982. 1 folder. Charles Koukoulis, KCI Aviation, Bridgeport. Ms97-11

Barboursville College letterhead. Letter to Governor George W. Atkinson from former college secretary Gordon Mullen (photocopy), 1897 Jan. 8. 1 item. Donna Lewis, University of Charleston, Charleston. Ms97-6

Blizzard, William Collection. Correspondence and other papers of early United Mine Workers organizer and District 17 president, ca. 1910-63. 26 boxes. [note: limited access while processing collection completed.] Lois Jean Thomas. Ms97-24

Civil War Collection. Discharge of James A. Cartmill, Company L, 13th WV Infantry, 1865 June 22. 1 item. Liberty Memorial Museum and Archives, Kansas City, MO. Ms79-18.2:2

Civil War Collection. Muster rolls of Captain John B. Jester, Company K, 12th WV Infantry, 1863-65. 1 folder. Allan Kimmey. Ms79-18

Civilian Conservation Corps Collection. Reports, press releases and other documents about CCC programs, mostly national, 1933-40. 2 boxes. Unknown donor. Ms85-17acc

Hale, John P. Collection. Land records and other materials about his varied business interests, including agreements with Jedidiah Hotchkiss, legal cases, minute book for Snow Hill Salt, Peerless Coal, Kanawha Packet and American Brick Paving, ca. 1784-1910. 1 box. Mrs. Anne Brooks Berry. Ms97-30

Land grant, cemetery, Methodist materials. Grant to Joseph Carpenter for 408 acres in Harrison County, 1798 March 7; sketch of Cook Cemetery, Parkersburg; programs regarding Methodist church meetings; 1798, 1916, 1967, 1974. 5 items. Major John Ash. Ms97-13

Literary manuscript. "Breath of Life" about southern West Virginia miners and their families by Pauline Mueller, 1997. 1 item. Pauline Mueller. Ms97-18

Literary manuscript. Rupert family and Dr. Cyrus Alexander Rupert of Greenbrier County, ca. 1810-91 by W. T. Lawrence, n.d. 1 item. Don M. Rupert. Ms97-23

Livisay, Tanner J. Collection. Letters to West Virginia Extension Service agent (photocopies), 1942-73. 1 folder. Tanner J. Livisay. Ms97-5

Page and related families. Typed notes compiled by John Wesley Page, n.d. 2 boxes. John Wesley Page. Ms97-1

Underwood Inaugural Committee. Minutes and other materials, including physical arrangements committee, 1996 December-1997 January. 2 folders. William Drennen. Ms97-44

World War II ration book, letter. Ration Book One cover, letter regarding promissory note of George Robert Hosey, 1940-43. 3 items. Bernice Hosey. Ms97-10

Microforms Accessioned

Microfiche. Genealogical Society of Utah Family History Library Locality Catalogue - West Virginia, 1997. 6 items. Genealogical Society of Utah. Mi91-73acc

Microfilm. Huntington City Directory, 1913-14. 1 roll. Research Publications. Mi97-35

Microfilm. Industrial schedule, Virginia census, 1850, 1860. 2 rolls. Purchase. Mi97-33

Microfilm. Internal Revenue Service Assessments, Western Virginia/West Virginia, 1862-1866. 4 rolls. Purchase. Mi97-32

Microfilm. Meadows Heritage Genealogical Notes, filmed from Virginia State Library collections, n.d. 1 roll. Unknown donor. Mi97-36

Microfilm. Post office site location reports, Kanawha County, 1837-1946. 1 roll. Unknown donor. Mi97-39

Microfilm. Record of appointment of postmasters, Hampshire-Marshall counties, 1832-1971. 1 roll. Unknown donor. Mi97-38

Microfilm. Shawnee rolls, 1869-1889. 1 roll. Ike Hunter in honor of Calvin Cook. Mi97-37

Microfilm. Time's Twisted Trail by Hilda Sirk Pettit, 1990. 1 roll. Unknown donor. Mi97-34

Microfilm. West Virginia Boards of Education: Policy Makers or Policy Legitimizers? by Lois Ann Serafin, 1984. 1 roll. Colorado Historical Society. Mi90-74acc

Photographs Accessioned

Andre, Richard Collection. Copy prints of photos taken at Angel Terrace estate sale of Harold Moore related materials, ca. 1915-1935. 14 items. Richard Andre. Ph97-50

Ash collection. B&W and postcards, ca. 1913-32. 46 items. Major John Ash. Ph97-13

Buffalo Creek flood. Copy negatives of Buffalo Creek, 1972 February. 180 items. James Hagood. Ph97-52

Camp Washington-Carver. Copy negatives, ca. 1965. 14 items. Leahgreatta Chiles Hairston. Ph97-43

Coal town. B&W of unidentified town, possibly Raleigh County, ca. 1910s-1920s. 1 item. Charles Walker. Ph97-49

Coal town. B&W print of unidentified town by Builder Levy, 1970. 1 item. Cultural Center Shop. Ph97-12

Glass lantern slides. Views of Indian mounds - Grave Creek, Summersville, unidentified mound, ca. 1920s-1930s. 3 items. Kalamazoo Valley Museum. Ph97-40

Hinton Daily News Collection. B&W and negatives, assorted views, ca. 1900-80. 1 folder. Steve Trail. Ph96-64acc

Hosey, Bernice Collection. B&W and postcards, including Minden, Fayette County, Midland Trail, West Virginia University, 1930s-50s. 48 items. Bernice Hosey. Ph97-10

Livisay, Tanner J. Collection. B&W and some photocopies of West Virginia Extension Service activities, including some at Camp Washington-Carver, 1942-64. 70 items. Tanner J. Livisay. Ph97-5

Logan County. B&W of Robert F. Kennedy during his presidential campaign, Tony Blair from British House of Commons (later prime minister) during trip to study mining; 1968 April 12; 1986 August. 2 items. Raamie Barker. Ph97-47

Logan. Copy print of gathering at Logan County Courthouse by Carter of Logan, 1925. 1 item. Raamie Barker. Ph97-4

Lumbering. B&W of Caretta Lumber Company, Susanna, McDowell County, ca. 1910. 2 items. Mrs. Fern DeBord. Ph97-8

Madison. Color prints of aerial views of town, ca. 1960s. 2 items. Mitch Casto. Ph97-25

Marshall University, Huntington area. B&W, mostly of Marshall football team plane crash, campus riots, ca. 1970. 81 items. Unknown donor. Ph97-29

Mountain State Railroad and Logging Historical Association. Glassplates and contact prints of logging scenes and towns, and 35mm negatives and contacts of these and a few Cass photographs, ca. 1900-20. 21 items. Elmer Burruss. Ph83-12acc

Negatives. B&W, mostly 4x5 from Fairmont Times and West Virginian of assorted Marion County scenes, 1950s. 1 box. Marion County Historical Society, Fairmont. Ph97-17

Panoramic. Nitro, ca. 1919. 1 item. Idaho State Library, Boise, ID. Ph97-16

Portraits, Lory Family. Charcoal portraits, ca. 1840-60s. 3 items. BSH, Charleston. Ph97-3

Postcard. 1885 Capitol building, embossed, ca. 1920. 1 item. Reva T. and Charles D. Bry. Ph97-41

Postcards. 1885 capitol and fire, ca. 1918-1921. 4 items. Beulah Thaxton. Ph97-15

Postcards. Assorted West Virginia scenes, ca. 1907-13. 44 items. Edwin H. Meador. Ph90-114acc

Postcards. Charleston, Clarksburg, Parkersburg, 1917-1943. 5 items. Don Wood, Berkeley County Historical Society, Martinsburg. Ph97-14

Postcards. Conley Hospital at Hopemont, Shepherd College, still, unidentified couple, ca. 1930s. 4 items. Dorothy Barton. Ph97-9

Riddle family. Copy negatives of Van Buren Riddle in Union uniform and his father James Edgar Riddle, one of Roane County's founders, ca. 1850s-1860s. 2 items. Elaine Gates. Ph97-48

Righter, Southern, Wilkinson families. Copy negatives, 1880s-1950s. 9 items. Nancy Edwards. Ph97-42

St. Marys. Copy negatives of St. Marys and Pleasants County scenes, ca. 1884-1950. 76 items. Pleasants County Historical Society. Ph97-53

St. Marys. Copy prints from glassplates made by Hazael Coleman Williams, ca. 1890-1915. 53 items. Mark Williams. Ph97-54

Streetcars. B&W of employees, Edward James Robinson motorman, far right, ca. 1918-20. 1 item. Edward D. Robinson. Ph97-28

Tyler County Collection. Copy negatives of Friendly, ca. 1890-1910. 2 items. Harry F. Haught. Ph97-31

Tyler County Collection. Copy negatives of school groups, 1911-1989. 50 items. Tyler County High School Alumni Association. Ph97-31

Tyler County Collection. Copy negatives of school groups, 1932-1966. 14 items. D. Mark Wilcox. Ph97-31

Tyler County Collection. Copy negatives, 1880s-1975. 16 items. J. H. Cantwell. Ph97-31

Tyler County Collection. Copy negatives, 1890-1970. 22 items. Myrtle Doty. Ph97-31

Tyler County Collection. Copy negatives, 1896-1969. 31 items. Glen Wells. Ph97-31

Tyler County Collection. Copy negatives, 1900-1973. 84 items. Tyler County Historical Society. Ph97-31

Tyler County Collection. Copy negatives, 1905-1959. 25 items. Vera M. George. Ph97-31

Tyler County Collection. Copy negatives, ca. 1897-1920. 10 items. Alvy Community Club. Ph97-31

Tyler County Collection. Copy negatives, ca. 1900-1920. 14 items. Abigail Murphy. Ph97-31

Tyler County Collection. Copy negatives, ca. 1900-1920. 14 items. Jan Boston/Elaine Burger. Ph97-31

Tyler County Collection. Copy negatives, ca. 1900-1922. 8 items. Katy Wells. Ph97-31

Tyler County Collection. Copy negatives, ca. 1900-1930. 15 items. Ruth Underwood Wright. Ph97-31

Tyler County Collection. Copy negatives, ca. 1900-1950. 11 items. Jack C. Leasure. Ph97-31

Tyler County Collection. Copy negatives, ca. 1900-1970. 58 items. Sue Rapp. Ph97-31

Tyler County Collection. Copy negatives, ca. 1903-1916. 2 items. Jack Bowen. Ph97-31

Tyler County Collection. Copy negatives, ca. 1909. 1 item. Roger H. Hill. Ph97-31

Tyler County Collection. Copy negatives, ca. 1910-1930. 12 items. Gladys Gregg. Ph97-31

Tyler County Collection. Copy negatives, ca. 1915. 1 item. Lisa Markle. Ph97-31

Tyler County Collection. Copy negatives, ca. 1920s. 4 items. Naomi Beagle. Ph97-31

Tyler County Collection. Copy negatives, ca. 1930s-40s. 3 items. Anna M. Brown. Ph97-31

Tyler County Collection. Copy negatives, n.d. 3 items. Frances Webb. Ph97-31

Walker family. Copy negative, n.d. 1 item. Gregg Moore. Ph87-197acc

Special Collections Accessioned

Broadside. Spanish-American War, Company G, 4th U.S. Volunteer Infantry, raised in Wheeling, 1899. 1 item. Lucile White Neuhardt. Sc97-26

Calendar. Wolf Creek Printery, 1996. 1 item. Richard Fauss. Sc87-41acc

Drawing. Damage to USS West Virginia at Pearl Harbor and sketch of ships' locations during attack (photocopy), 1941-42. 1 item. Bill Sparkman. Sc97-2

Mount de Chantal. Exhibit catalogue of Mount history and art held at Oglebay Institute, 1996. 1 item. Mount de Chantal Visitation Academy. Sc87-183acc

Program. Cathedral Parish School, Wheeling, 100th anniversary celebration, 1996 October 5. 1 item. Unknown donor. Sc97-51

Program. Inauguration of Governor Cecil H. Underwood, 1957 January 14. 1 item. Unknown donor. Sc97-45

Program, notes. Inauguration of Governor John D. Rockefeller IV, 1977 January 17. 1 folder. Unknown donor. Sc97-46

Programs. Commencement, Wheeling High School, 1955 May 26. 2 items. Jean Thomas. Sc97-7

Scrapbooks. National Organization for Women, West Virginia and Charleston chapters, 1975-95. 10 boxes. Bettijane Burger. Sc97-27

Specifications. Bid documents for Greenbrier Baptist Church, Alderson, 1930. 1 item. Rodney Pack. Sc87-25acc

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