West Virginia State Archives


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State Government Records Accessioned

Blueprints. West Virginia University: Arnold Hall Student Leader Housing, Contract #2, 1997. 25 sheets. Alpha Associates, Morgantown. *Ar1838acc

Blueprints. West Virginia University: Boreman Hall, 1996. 20 sheets. Alpha Associates, Morgantown. Ar1838acc

Blueprints. West Virginia University: Brooke-Braxton Towers and Bennett-Lyon Towers Student Leader Housing, Contract #1A, 1B, 1997. 30 sheets. Alpha Associates, Morgantown. *Ar1838acc

Blueprints. West Virginia University: Stalnaker-Dadisman Hall Student Leader Housing, Contract #4, 1997. 22 sheets. Alpha Associates, Morgantown. *Ar1838acc

Caperton, Gaston. Correspondence and files of Governor Gaston Caperton and administrative staff, 1989-1997. 202 boxes. Governor's Office. Ar1899

Capitol Blueprint Collection. Files on Capitol restoration projects, 1977-1996. 1 box. Historic Preservation Unit. Ar1812acc

Highways. Bridge records, non-current and replaced structures, 1972-1998. 27 box. Division of Highways. *Ar1895acc

Rehabilitation Services. Directors correspondence, 1992-1993. 6 boxes. Rehabilitation Services.*Ar1898acc

Manuscripts Accessioned

Account books. S. B. Lantz, unknown location, 1881-1882, 1908-1909. 3 volumes. Tim McKinney, Fayetteville. Ms98-3

Bankruptcy Cases, Clarksburg Division, Act of 1867. Listing of cases, case of Alexander Boteler (photocopies), 1867, n.d. 2 items. National Archives Mid-Atlantic Region, Philadelphia, PA. Ms98-61

Belcher, Dana Marie. Letters and documents regarding girl taken by Humane Officer in 1905 (photocopies), 1922-1960. 8 items. Connie Hickey, Elizabethtown, KY. Ms98-10

Brown, William T. Letter to Brown inviting him to Semi-Centennial and biographical sketch of this member of Wheeling Convention, 1913, n.d. 2 items. Robert B. Cotton, Glen Dale. *Ms98-60

Central City (Huntington). Deeds, tax tickets, sewer and paving certificates, 1884-1934. 3 folders. Pinellas County Historical Museum, Largo, FL. *Ms98-15

Christopher, David Alfred. "The Making of Modern Morgantown 1885-1921" master's thesis, WVU, 1921. 1 item. Bettijane Burger, Charleston. Ms98-11

Civil War Collection. Discharge of Joseph E. Sine, Company B, 3rd WV Cavalry, unit roster and notes on cavalry actions (photocopies), 1861-1888. 3 items. Charles W. Sine, Jr., New Carrollton, MD. Ms79-18.1:63

Civil War Collection. Letter of Sgt. W. W. Hall, 14th WV Infantry, near Petersburg, to Amos Gorrell describing action at New Creek (typescript), 1863 Nov. 8. 1 item. Harland Gorrell. Ms79-18.1:65

Civil War Collection. Letters of Captain William S. Hall, Company H, 4th WV Infantry, receipts and tax tickets; photocopies of service record and pension file; ca. 1840-1897. 1 folder. David B. Sayre, Racine, OH. *Ms79-18.1:64

Civilian Conservation Corps Collection. Information on soil conservation projects in Roane, Wirt, Wood counties (photocopies), 1934-1935. 23 pp. Gene Elmore, Spencer. Ms85-17acc

Civilian Conservation Corps Collection. Newspaper article about Ohio men in CCC camps, 1936 Apr. 2. 1 item. Ralph Matz, Chillicothe, OH. *Ms85-17acc

Coal companies corporation books. Semet-Solvay Company 1895-1904 and Big Sandy Coal and Coke Company, 1900-1905. 2 volumes. George Balch, Contuit, MA. *Ms98-6

Cornwell, John J. Speech at ForeFathers Day Dinner in New York City, 1932 December 22; undated newspaper clipping about possible "White House for Cornwell" movement. 2 items. Jeff and Denice Boehm, Martinsburg. *Ms98-65

Gates, LeRoy L. Journal of federal treasury agent who investigated illegal alcohol activities, 1929-1931. 1 volume. Upshur County Historical Society, Buckhannon. *Ms98-7

Goshorn family collection. Deeds, receipts, notes and other items regarding Charleston area family, Sons of the American Revolution, 1857-1960. 4 folders and 1 volume. Barbara Bowen, New Orleans, LA. *Ms93-48acc

Grand Army of the Republic. Speech by William Shankland Meek on awarding of silver spoon to his son Thomas Sheridan Meek, 1877 March 2. 1 item. Marie Tyler-McGrew, Washington, DC. Ms98-2

Hall, Fred. Letters regarding his role in Mine Wars, postcard from AEF (photocopies), 1918-1922. 5 items. Irene Burdette, Charleston. *Ms98-9

Kanawha County. Justice of Peace civil docket, 1931-1941. 1 volume. Edna Asbury, Sissonville. Ms89-35acc

Kiser family. Letters of Hardy County family, many during Civil War and copies of Confederate service records for Daniel, Harrison and Harvey Kiser (photocopies), 1861-1891. 1 folder. Dr. Tom Homan, Charleston. *Ms98-8

Loyd, Nimrod Wesley. Letter in German, 1856; diary account by Sgt. in Company F, 10th WV Infantry about last Union campaign and Lee's surrender, 1865. 2 items. Judy Burford, Charleston. Ms98-14

McCulloch Family. Correspondence, Mason and Putnam counties, Kanawha River and DAR information about McCulloch family members, 1769-1978. 10 boxes. Anne Conrad McCulloch, Winfield. Ms98-86

McKinney family. Pythian Mutual Investment Association stock certificates and deeds (photocopies), 1906-1918. 7 items. Ancella Bickley, Charleston. *Ms98-59

Mount Olive Church, Barbour County. Minute book (photocopy), ca. 1839-1869. 1 item. Karl Priest, South Charleston. *Ms98-5

Mountain State Railroad and Logging Historical Association Collection. Cass town ordinance book (photocopy), 1902-1939. 1 item. Edith Davis via Philip Bagdon, Cass. *Ms83-12acc

Public Health legislation. Materials leading to introduction of SB 186 during 1995 session, 1994-1995. 1 box. Steve Trail, Hinton. Ms98-1

Putney, R. Garland. Journal kept by Kanawha Salines resident, including copy of David Ruffner's 1832 weather observations, poetry, sermons, ca. 1856-1865. 1 volume. Mrs. Frances Swope, Lewisburg. Ms98-4

Rand/Bailey murder, Elijah Lovejoy Society. State Police investigation report (photocopy) and articles about unsolved Beckley murder; articles about Robert Tabscott founding Elijah Lovejoy Society (photocopies); 1947-1997. 2 folders. Robert Tabscott, St. Louis, MO. *Ms98-64

Ruffner, Joseph. Land records, receipts, letters (photocopies), 1793-1803. 9 items. Bill Myers, Mission Viejo, CA. Ms98-13

Savage, William Allen. Diary, storekeeper at Strange Creek, Braxton County and workers hours and wages (photocopies and transcription), 1874 Oct. 1-1875 Jan. 1. 1 item. David J. Savage, Wyoming, OH. Ms98-12

Microforms Accessioned

Microfilm. 1850 Census, Pennsylvania for Fayette, Fulton, Greene and Washington counties. 5 rolls. Purchase. *Mi98-84

Microfilm. 1860 Census, Pennsylvania for Fayette, Forest, Greene and Washington counties. 5 rolls. Purchase. *Mi98-85

Microfilm. Consolidated Index of Claims of the Southern Claims Commission from 1871-1880, compiled 1892. 1 roll. Purchase. *Mi98-81

Microfilm. Headstones of Union Civil War Veterans, ca. 1903. 22 rolls. Purchase. *Mi98-82

Microfilm. Schedules of a Special Census of Indians, 1880. 5 rolls. Purchase. *Mi98-83

Microfilm. Wheeling Hospital Civil War patient record, 1864-1865. 1 roll. Margaret Brennan for Wheeling Hospital, Wheeling. Mi98-16

Photographs Accessioned

Agriculture. B&W of first commercial peach orchard in Allegheny Mountains at Romney, 1900 Sept. 21. 1 item. 1839 Courthouse Museum, Berrien Springs, MI. *Ph98-58

Ashcraft family. Copy prints used in The Ashcraft Family Genealogy Report by John Marion Ashcraft, Jr., n.d. 18 items. John M. Ashcraft, Emmaus, PA. *Ph98-43

Banks, Elks. B&W copy print of Kanawha Valley Bank employees panoramic by Gates, 1922 May 2; B&W of David Sholtz Class of Elks Lodge 202 by Carl Haney, 1937 Mar. 25. 2 items. Sam Moore, Charleston. *Ph98-70

Bosworth, Hutton. B&W of John W. Bosworth, Mr. and Mrs. Franklyn Hutton, and Mrs. Hutton's marriage to James Moffett at The Greenbrier, 1934-1941. 3 items. Minneapolis Public Library, Minneapolis, MN. *Ph98-101

Buffalo Creek area, other assorted prints. B&W, unlabelled, ca. 1860s-1990s. 62 items. West Virginia Library Commission. Ph98-91

Campbell family. B&W of Patti and Ada Campbell; S. P. Campbell; both by Paisley of Coal Valley, WV, ca. 1890. 2 items. Unknown donor. *Ph98-97

Carbon Fuel Company. Copy negatives of various company towns, ca. 1900-1950. 185 items. Lynn Hawkins Goldsmith, Charleston. Ph98-98

Casteel, Dana B. Collection. B&W of Clark and Casteel families, ca. 1850-1920. 24 items. Mrs. Dana B. Casteel, Austin, TX. (Removed from Ms80-261) Ph80-261

Civil War. B&W prints and negatives of 1st reenactment of Battle of Droop Mountain, Pocahontas County taken by Larry Legge, 1975 August. 21 prints and 21 negatives. Larry Legge, Barboursville. *Ph98-72

Civil War. Copy negative of Benjamin Nelson Satterfield, Co. E, 7th WV Infantry, in uniform at age 24, ca. 1861-1865. 1 item. Tom Satterfield, Chapmanville. *Ph98-57

Civilian Conservation Corps Collection. B&W of Camp 1522 men, unidentified rock drawing, color snapshot of CCC footlocker, ca. 1936, n.d. 8 items. Ralph Matz, Chillicothe, OH. *Ph85-17acc

Civilian Conservation Corps Collection. Copy negatives of Camp Crawford (Elizabeth) and Soil Conservation Service Project 13 covering Little Kanawha drainage basin of Roane, Wirt and Wood counties, 1924-1935. 154 items. Gene Elmore, Spencer. Ph85-17acc

Civilian Conservation Corps Collection. Panoramics of Camp Parsons, Co. 518 by Post Exchanges Studio, Ft. Des Moines, IO, 1934 June 14. 2 items. Ruth Hillenbrand, St. Albans. *Ph85-17acc

Clay County. Copy negatives of Old Elk Hotel being razed, Judge Duffield during Widen mine strike trials, ca. 1940s-1950s. 2 items. Clay County Historical Society, Clay. *Ph98-73

Coal, aviation. 2 views of mining town at Gentry; Stuart tipple at Whipple; tipple at Carlisle; Martin bi-wing bomber that landed at Oak Hill, ca. 1900-1920. 5 items. Purchase. *Ph98-96

Cornwell, John J. B&W prints of variou events and persons, including Pasteboard Capitol, Cornwell Day, autographed portrait of Governor Conley to Cornwell, ca. 1925-1951. 14 items. Jeff and Denise Boehm, Martinsburg. *Ph98-65

Fairmont, Barrackville. Color snapshot of Shaw House, Fairmont; postcard of Barrackville Covered Bridge; 1990s. 2 items. Transfer from Historic Preservation. *Ph98-95

Ferrell, Harrison. B&W of professor and dean of WV State College, also violinist, also Pearl Harbor bombing; ca. 1940-1970. 15 items. Transfer from Ms79-222. Ph79-222

Goshorn family collection. B&W, 1 tintype, 2 negatives, 1 Swann etching of 1885 Capitol and 1 album of Goshorn and related families, ca. 1850s-1986. 1 box. Barbara Bowen, New Orleans, LA. *Ph93-48acc

Grafton. Copy prints of downtown area postcards, ca. 1910-1930. 4 items. Richard Andre, Charleston. *Ph98-53

Griffith and King families. Copy negatives, n.d. 3 items. Gregg D. Moore, Belle. Ph87-197acc

Hawkins, William Nathan and Steele A. Sr. Copy prints, William in Civil War uniform as lieutenant in 13th WV Infantry, Steele as boy and adult, ca. 1860s-1890s. 3 items. Richard Andre, Charleston. Ph98-92

Historic homes. B&W of Claymont, Jefferson County, and Fairfield, Monroe County, ca. 1940-1953. 16 items. Virginia Department of Historic Resources, Richmond, VA *Ph98-80

Kanawha Airport. B&W of Eastern Air Lines, terminal under construction, ca. 1950. 7 items. James Gates, Mechanicsville, VA. Ph98-42

Korean War. Copy negative of death march survivor Pfc. Charles Jarvis of Minnora, Calhoun County, 1950 Nov. 1 item. Cathy Miller, Elkview. *Ph98-74

Lewis and Randolph counties. Copy negatives, ca. 1861-1940s. 42 items. Ruth Runner, Bridgeport. *Ph98-49

Lewis County. Copy negative of Weston flood, 1950. 1 item. Bernard Morrison, Weston. *Ph98-49

Lewis County. Copy negatives of Chipps, Ewing, McClain and Mick families, ca. 1883-1918. 10 items. Sharon Smith, Morgantown. *Ph98-49

Lewis County. Copy negatives of glassworkers, 1911-1928. 3 items. David Lee Bush, WV Museum of American Glass Collection, Weston. *Ph98-49

Lewis County. Copy negatives of Jackson, Loudin, Bush and Dix families, copy print of Jackson family, n.d. 13 items. Nancy Jackson, Clarksburg. *Ph98-49

Lewis County. Copy negatives of Lewis County men leaving for World War II, 1942-1945. 49 items. Lewis County High School, Weston. *Ph98-49

Lewis County. Copy negatives of Strother family, Freeman's Creek School, ca. 1890-1920. 10 items. Delora Strother, Good Hope. *Ph98-49

Lewis County. Copy negatives, 1930s-1940s. 2 items. David Lee Bush, Lewis County High School, Weston. *Ph98-49

Lewis County. Copy negatives, ca. 1890-1920. 13 items. Hackers Creek Pioneer Descendants, Jane Lew. *Ph98-49

Lewis County. Copy negatives, ca. 1900-1920. 8 items. Jim Anderson, Weston. *Ph98-49

Lively family. Unidentified family members, n.d. 13 item. Unknown donor. (Removed from Ms80-262) Ph80-262

McCulloch Family. B&W, postcards and tintypes of McCulloch and related families, ca. 1850s-1970s. 3 boxes. Anne Conrad McCulloch, Winfield. Ph98-86

Monroe County. B&W of William Lewis house, Old Sweet Springs, 1928 September 23. 2 items. Jimelle Rumberg, Charleston. Ph98-52

Monument. Color snapshots of monument and plaque marking community of Lilly, Summers County, which was covered by Bluestone Dam, ca. 1998. 2 items. John Lilly, Sandstone. *Ph98-69

Morgantown, West Virginia scene. B&W prints bound into 2 small booklets, made by Dr. G. Malcolm Trout (WVU student) for wife Agnes, 1924. 12 items. Robert J. Trout, Holt, MI. *Ph98-63

Negatives. Hotel at Grafton by M. A. Long, B&O structures at Grafton, ca. 1911. 53 items. Transfer from Historic Preservation. Ph98-26

Panoramic. Copy print hand tinted of Kayford, ca. 1915. 1 item. Henry Battle, Charleston. *Ph98-54

Panoramics. Mine and church views by R. E. (Red) Ribble, including 3 Oak Hill church groups, Blume Mine at Lookout, Oakwood Mine officials, Cannelton #2 workers and tinted scenic of Winding Gulf, Virginian & C&O RR ca. 1925-1950. 7 items. Dale Burgess and family in honor of Marvin Burgess, Buckhannon. *Ph98-88

Portrait, Dayton, Ruth Woods. Copy print, n.d. 1 item. Dr. William Revercomb, Charleston. Ph98-76

Portraits, unidentified. Carte de vistes of white man, black boy, ca. 1860-1880. 2 items. Unknown donor. (Removed from Ms80-23) Ph80-23

Postcard. Compass Coal cleaning plant, Philippi, n.d. 1 item. Unknown Donor. Ph98-46

Postcard. Halliehurst, Senator Stephen B. Elkins home, sketched by Tonie Peterson, n.d. 1 item. Unknown donor. Ph98-90

Postcard. Portrait and campaign piece for Senator Harley Kilgore, n.d. 1 item. Unknown donor. Ph98-41

Postcard. Samuel Shrewsbury house, Belle, 1990s. 1 item. Belle Historical Society, Belle. *Ph98-56

Postcard. Stonewall Jackson birthplace, Clarksburg; woodcut of Friendship Hall, home of Albert Gallatin, n.d. 2 items. David C. Curry, Lost Creek. Ph98-47

Postcards. Clarksburg Orpheum Theater, Congressman Cleveland M. Bailey; 1918, 1962. 2 items. Mary Philo, Martins Ferry, OH. Ph98-100

Postcards. Mullins history and scenes, 1990s. 12 items. Jack Feller, Mullins. *Ph98-94

Postcards. Views of West Union, Terra Alta, Weston and Wallace, 1910-1919. 25 items. Tyler County Heritage and Historical Society, Middlebourne. *Ph98-93

Postcards. Waldo Hotel Lobby, Clarksburg; north frontage of the Greenbrier; lake in Wheeling Park; n.d. 3 items. Mrs. Reuben W. McVey via Historical Society of Delaware, Wilmington, DE. *Ph98-48

Postcards. West Virginia scenes, 1925-1967. 6 items. Berkeley County Historical Society, Martinsburg. *Ph98-51

Postcards. West Virginia scenes, 1980s-1990s. 54 items. Cultural Center Shop, Charleston. *Ph98-50

Postcards. West Virginia scenes, ca. 1990s. 23 items. Jean Bonsall, Morgantown. Ph89-44acc

Postcards. Wheeling 1907 flood and Conservative Life Building (now West Virginia Independence Hall), ca. 1907-1920. 2 items. Tim Armstead, Elkview. *Ph98-55

Rocky Knob, Gilmer County. Copy print of group enjoying outing, ca. 1900. 1 item. Hunter Armentrout, Gilmer County Historical Society, Troy. Ph98-17

Schools. B&W of Kanawha Run School students, 1911 March 9. 1 item. Calvin Cook, St. Albans. *Ph98-44

Seneca Rocks. B&W of rocks with farmhouse in foreground, 1939 June. 1 item. Daniel Pezzari, Lexington, VA. *Ph98-40

Shepherdstown. Color snapshot of library at German and King Streets during Blizzard of 1996. 1 item. Shepherdstown Public Library, Shepherdstown. Ph98-77

Sissonville, Union Mission. Copy negatives of photos in The Pioneer, biography of Albert Humphreys, Sissonville resident and Union Mission leader, 1920. 8 items. Lisa Pauley, Hurricane. *Ph98-71

Slide. Color aerial of Homer Laughlin China Company plant, Newell, 1990. 1 item. Homer Laughlin China Company, Newell. Ph85-13acc

Slides. Color views of county courthouses, New River Gorge Bridge and Parkersburg City Hall, taken by Robert Deshon, 1984. 216 items. Robert A. Deshon, Cincinnati, OH. *Ph98-89

Slides. Stained glass in churches and homes, including Trinity Episcopal, Morgantown, First Methodist, Bridgeport, Christ the King Catholic, Dunbar, taken by Martha L. Manning, 1980. 337 items. Martha L. Manning, Morgantown. *Ph98-39

Slides. Views of college buildings, 2 each of 13 campuses, ca. 1960s. 26 items. Donna Lewis, University of Charleston Library, Charleston. *Ph98-87

Steamboats, portrait. Sidewheeler Francis J. Torrance, portrait of Captain Earl Wayne Butler, n.d. 2 items. Lucy Butler, St. Albans. *Ph98-37

Stock, Katherine Stewart Collection. B&W, many taken by Stock of Charleston High, Morris Harvey College, WV National Guard on Mexican Border and in World War I, 1912-1921. 1 folder. R. F. "Rod" Stock, Fernley, NV. *Ph98-79

USS Charleston. B&W of crew on deck, snapshots of crew, ca. 1917. 5 items. Sylvia R. Todd, Phoenix, AZ. *Ph98-38

USS West Virginia. B&W of christening and launch, 1921 Nov. 19. 10 items. Jimelle Rumberg, Charleston. Ph98-23

Watts family. Copy prints and negatives of Lewis F. Watts and Virginia P. Watts, n.d. 4 items. Frances Lee Watts Cavendish, Doraville, GA. (Removed from Ms79-210) Ph79-210

Welch. B&W of 1st house built 1884 within city limits, ca. 1906. 1 item. Purchase. Ph98-78

West Virginia State Guard. Training at Camp Dawson, activation of 197th Tank Battalion, collected by Capt. Charles M. Cronk, 1942-1946. 61 items. Colonel W. Craig Broadwater, Martinsburg. *Ph98-45

Winding Gulf Colliery. B&W of flood damage including McAlpin and Hot Coal, 1923 Aug. 16. 5 items. Virgil L. McFadden, Tampa, FL. Ph98-75

Special Collections Accessioned

Advertisements. Cards for Wheeling businesses H. G. Friedrichs sporting goods, 1923; Thomas F. Heyman confectionaries, ca. 1920s. 2 items. Mary Philo, Martins Ferry, OH. Sc98-100

Blueprints. Hotel at Grafton by M. A. Long, B&O structures at Grafton, (photocopies), ca. 1911. 34 items. Transfer from Historic Preservation. Sc98-26

Broadside. Complaint of Winchester & Potomac RR vs. B&O RR by Charles James Faulkner, ca. 1850s. 1 item. Purchase. *Sc98-62

Brochures. Real estate brochures for historic homes Claymont, Jefferson County; Mill Island, Hardy County; Rollmore Farm, Hampshire County; and Lewisburg home, Greenbrier County from collection of G. B. Lorraine, ca. 1940s-1950s. 10 items. Virginia Department of Historic Resources, Richmond, VA. *Sc98-80

Calendar. Scenes of West Virginia, 1998. 1 item. Unknown donor. Sc98-68

Calendar. Wolf Creek Printery, 1997. 1 item. Richard Fauss, Elkview. *Sc87-41acc

Homer Laughlin China Company Collection. Goldenseal reprint of articles on company, 1985; catalogue, 1990. 2 items. Homer Laughlin China Company, Newell. Sc85-13acc

Invitation. University of Charleston dedication of Buckner and Lyell Clay Center, 1997 Sept. 7. 1 item. Jeanne Bess, South Charleston. *Sc98-35

Notecards. Sketches of West Virginia scenes by William D. Goebel, 1990s. 4 sets. Debra Basham, Elkview. *Sc98-99

Pamphlet. History of Phillis Wheatley School, formerly Spring Hill Colored School, 1998. 1 item. Eugene H. Washington, St. Albans. *Sc98-66

Parkersburg. Descriptions of alleys, including length and surface type, ca. 1960. 8 items. Transfer from library. Sc98-18

Program. Cadman Club, St. Albans High School operetta "And It Rained," 1935 May 10-11. 1 item. Unknown donor. Sc98-33

Program. Commencement, Shepherdstown High School, 1963 June 6. 2 items. Unknown donor. Sc98-30

Program. Elk Ministrels, Hinton Lodge No. 821, 1916 April 25-27. 1 item. Myra Ziegler, Hinton. Sc98-20

Program. Humphreys Reception (president John P. Hale), 1875 May 19. 1 item. Unknown donor. Sc98-36

Program. Pioneer Days, Pocahontas County, 1969 July 10-13. 1 item. Unknown donor. Sc98-31

Program. Removal of tolls on Dunbar Bridge, 1983 April 8. 1 item. Unknown donor. Sc98-32

Program. Stonewall Jackson statue unveiling, Clarksburg, 1953 May 10. 1 item. Unknown donor. Sc98-27

Programs. Church bulletin and Golden Jubilee, Sacred Heart Catholic Church, Charleston (photocopies), 1915-1916. 2 items. Sacred Heart Co-Cathedral, Charleston. *Sc98-34

Programs. Scottish Rite reunions of the Charleston Bodies, 1916-1924. 4 items. Transfer from library. Sc98-21

Publication. Annual encampment, United Spanish War Veterans, Wheeling, 1936 June. 1 item. Unknown donor. Sc98-25

Publication. History of USS West Virginia (BB48) from Division of Naval History, ca. 1950. 1 item. Jimelle Rumberg, Charleston. Sc98-23

Publication. Hull's Hunting and Fishing Camp, Terra Alta, 1937. 1 item. Unknown donor. Sc98-29

Publication. Interurban Messenger for employees of Charleston Interurban Railroad Company, 1929 May. 1 item. Unknown donor. Sc98-22

Publication. Official Souvenir 25th Reunion United Confederate Veterans at Richmond, 1915 June 1-3. 1 item. Unknown donor. Sc98-67

Publication. VFW Encampment, Ladies Auxiliary, Parkersburg, 1938 June. 1 item. Unknown donor. Sc98-24

Publications. Central West Virginia Fire Protective Association, Elkins, 1915-1941 (scattered years). 6 items. Unknown donor. Sc98-28

Rocky Knob, Gilmer County. Articles and maps discussing rock formations near Tanner (photocopies), 1996. 4 items. Hunter Armentrout, Gilmer County Historical Society, Troy. Sc98-17

Scrapbook. Faith Lutheran Church, Charleston, 1963-1966. 1 item. James Mitchell, Charleston. Sc98-19

Scrapbook. "Steamboats on West Virginia Waterways," compiled by Captain A. D. Butler for his son Earl W. Butler, ca. 1941. 1 volume. Lucy Butler, St. Albans. *Sc98-37

Scrapbooks. National Organization for Women, West Virginia chapter, 1995-1997. 5 volumes. Bettijane Burger, Charleston. *Sc97-27acc

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