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West Virginia Archives and History may be reached by telephone at (304) 558-0230, by fax at (304) 558-4193, or by letter at Archives and History, 1900 Kanawha Blvd., East, Bldg. 9, Charleston, WV 25305-0300. Individual full-time staff also may be contacted by e-mail. Note: Archives and History does not accept phone or e-mail research requests. All requests for research must be submitted by letter accompanied by the appropriate minimum research fee.

Archives and History Library:

Ext. 168

Staff List

Director:Joseph N. Geiger Jr.x165
Assistant Director/Archivist (manuscripts, state government records, special collections)Debra Basham x702
Cultural Program Associate:Constance Baston x139
Cultural Program Specialist (county records preservation project):Kyle Campbell x116
State Documents Specialist:Matt Dailey x706
Audiovisual Archivist:Dick Fauss x701
County Records Archivist (Records Management and Preservation Board):Denise Ferguson x150
Library Assistant:Cody Brownx736
Historian/Archives and History Webmaster (History Day):Mary Johnson x133
Historian (map collection, Civil War Medals):Randy Marcum x700
Cultural Program Coordinator (History Bowl, Highway Historic Marker Program):Matt McGrew x723
Library Assistant:Harold Newman x740
Historian (educational outreach):Chuck Ocheltree x703
Photo Archivist:Aaron Parsons x744
Secretary:Maggie Linskyx118
Library Manager (book collection):Susan Scouras x742
Cataloger:Michael Shock x163
Library Assistant (18th and early 19th century records):Jaime Simmons x167

West Virginia Archives and HistoryWest Virginia Archives and History

West Virginia Archives and History