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Place Names
West Virginia

Place Names in West Virginia was compiled during the late 1970s and early 1980s by Mary M. Jenkins, former head librarian of the West Virginia State Archives. It is perhaps the most comprehensive listing of communities in West Virginia. Ms. Jenkins utilized the following sources:

Table of the Post Offices in the U. S. arranged by states and counties, Oct. 1, 1830 - Apr. 1, 1831 by direction of the Postmaster General. Washington.

Register of all Officers and Agents, Civil, Military, and Naval in the Service of the U. S. Sept. 30, 1841 - Sept. 30, 1843. Washington: J. &smp G. S. Gideon Printers, 1843.

Statistical Gazetteer of the State of Virginia. Edited by Richard Edwards. Richmond: Pub. for the Proprietor, 1855.

Virginia Post Offices 1798-1859 (Copied from Virginia Magazine)

Business Guide of the B & O Railway. Baltimore: Sherwood & White, 1860.

West Virginia State Directory and Shippers' Guide for 1875. Pub. biennially by Ohio Valley Publishing Co., Cincinnati O.

West Virginia State Gazetteer, 1882-1883

West Virginia State Gazetteer, 1892-1892

1904 Rand McNally indexed pocket map, tourists' and shippers guide

Manual of the State of West Virginia for the Years 1907-1908. Issued by C. W. Swisher, Secretary of State. Charleston: The Tribune Printing Co., 1907, 1908.

1920 Rand McNally indexed pocket map, tourists' and shippers guide

Shirey, Mervin R. ed., The Big Sewell Mountain Country, 1934.

Rand McNally Pocket Maps of West Virginia. Chicago: Rand McNally and Co., 1935.

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