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Audiovisual Archives Transfer & Duplication Fees
West Virginia Archives and History

Duplication            Cost
Preparation Master video $45.00/hour ($45 minimum) BETA SP stock extra
VHS tape (includes tape) $30.00/hour
Screener video with time code $30.00/hour ($30.00 minimum)
Audio tape to cassette or similar formats $30.00/hour ($30.00 minimum)
Analog Audio to CD or digital format $30.00/hour ($30.00 minimum)
Video to DVD or similar formats $30.00/hour ($30.00 minimum)
Transfer             Cost
Film to video or digital format $70.00/hour
Analog disc to audio tape, CD-ROM or similar formats $30.00/hour ($30.00 minimum)
Other Services             Cost
Microfilming documents (paper documents to microfilm) $1.00 per exposure ($50.00 minimum) plus the cost of duplication
Microfilming duplication
      Non-profit organizations and institutions
            16mm $15.00 per roll
            35mm $30.00 per roll
      Individuals and for-profit
            16mm $50.00 per roll
            35mm $100.00 per roll

Note: Every effort is made to turn requests around in two to four weeks. Orders needed in less than two weeks may be negotiated at higher rates.

This sheet for estimation purposes - prices may vary - request quote

Reciprocal arrangements are considered for state agencies, organizations, institutions, or individuals who are donors to or supporters of Archives and History.

Services and Fee Guidelines

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