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Form #12

Conditions for the Use of Personal Cameras

1. Use of personal cameras is allowed for photographing printed pages, documents or microfilm images for personal research use only. Images may not be published, reproduced, donated, exhibited, sold or posted on Web sites.
2. Professional photography must be arranged through the Images Archivist.
3. Permission to use camera must be obtained from Reference Desk staff and "Conditions for the Use of Personal Cameras" form must be signed prior to use.
4. Signed "Conditions for the Use of Personal Cameras" form must be visible on table where user is working. Each photograph must be entered in Photo Log as taken. Photo Log must be turned in to the Reference Desk when maximum allowable number of photographs has been reached or upon departure, whichever occurs first.
5. Photography permitted with ambient lighting only. No flash or supplemental lighting equipment (including tripods) is allowed. Patron must take a test shot first to be sure flash is disabled. All sound functions of the camera must be disabled.
6. Patrons are prohibited from standing on chairs, tables, stools or any other item. Furniture may not be rearranged. Staff will move item to a better lighting area if requested and if available.
7. The maximum number of images allowed per published book or pamphlet is 20% of total pages or 20 total pages, whichever is less. The maximum combined number of photographs of printed pages, documents or microfilm images that may be taken in one day by a single user is 25. No images of original photographs, shot sheets or negatives allowed. Sections of maps, architectural drawings or other oversize materials may be photographed. For duplication of a complete oversize item, see Images Archivist.
8. All items must be placed flat on the reading table. Bound volumes may not be flattened and flat items may not be folded to obtain better images.
9. Staff will assist with placement of materials to be photographed if necessary to ensure proper handling, and will determine whether photographs of fragile materials will be allowed on a case by case basis. Staff must handle any document leaves stapled or otherwise fastened together, and any item fastened in a scrapbook, notebook, album or holder of any type. Items in folders must remain in the folders and items in Mylar sleeves must remain in the sleeves.
10. Patrons are responsible for compliance with copyright laws. Disclaimer: User agrees to hold the West Virginia Division of Culture and History [Department of Arts, Culture and History], the West Virginia Archives and History and its employees and agents harmless against all claims of copyright infringement or any other legal or regulatory claim arising from use of these photographs.
11. Paper or Mylar flag reading "Original is housed in West Virginia Archives and History. Reproduction not permitted." will be provided, must be placed on materials to be photographed and must appear in each photograph. Staff may ask to view photograph to ensure inclusion of flag.
12. No photographs may be taken of the room, staff, or other patrons.
13. West Virginia Archives and History reserves the right to deny and/or to revoke photographic privileges for any reason.

DECLARATION: I acknowledge that I have received, read, understand and will abide by the Archives and History Library "Conditions for the Use of Personal Cameras" rules as listed. I understand that violation of the rules is grounds for revocation of permission to use my camera and potentially to use the library or Archives and History materials. I agree to show photographs taken in the Archives Library to staff upon request to ensure I have complied with the rules. I agree to complete the Photo Log (Form #13, WVAH-13) on the back of this form and to turn the form in once completed or upon my departure.

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