Burning of the Dunglen Hotel

Raleigh Register
July 23, 1930

Night Fire Wrecks Dun Glen Hotel

Old Thurmond Hostelry Built in 1901 by William McKell, Makes a Great Blaze

Wiring Blamed as Fire Cause

Loss is Estimated at About Hundred Thousand Dollars

Fire said to have originated from defective wiring burned the Dun Glen Hotel at Thurmond last night, entailing a loss of about $100,000. Two men were injured fighting the flames.

Fire broke out about 10:30 last night and while it was at its height the falling of a charged electric wire which struck George Richardson severely burned him. He was brought to the Raleigh General Hospital in Beckley and given treatment. The other injured man was Stephen Thomas, also of Thurmond. His injuries were said to be slight. All persons occupying the hotel escaped unhurt.

The hotel was a large frame structure of three stories owned by William McKell, of Glen Jean. It made a tremendous fire, which had gained too much headway to be extinguished by the time Mt. Hope and Oak Hill fire departments could be summoned to the scene. It burned from 10:30 until well after midnight, it was stated.

The Dun Glen Hotel is a well known hostelry of this section of the state. Built by Mr. McKell in 1901, it was for many years a social center for Fayette and adjoining counties. Recently it had been leased to C. J. McKinney and E. H. Marrs. Mr. McKell owned the building and fixtures both, and both were covered in the $100,000 estimated loss, made at Thurmond this morning.

O. F. McCoy, of the McKell Coal and Coke company, this afternoon said he was unable to estimate the amount of the loss and that he was unable to say whether or not the hotel would be replaced. William McKell, president of the concern, could not be reached.

Falling debris was responsible for the injury to Mr. Thomas. His arm was cut but not seriously, it was reported this morning. He remained at Thurmond. Mr. Richardson was still in the hospital today, where he was reported to have sustained severe electric burns from coming in contact with the live wire. One leg was burned it was reported at the hospital today.

Earl Nichols grocery and soft drink store in the basement of the hotel was also destroyed and was a total loss.

It could not be learned today whether Mr. McKell plans to rebuild or not.

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