Snow Hill Salt Company

Acts Of The Legislature Of West Virginia

Snow Hill Salt Company

I, Charles Hedrick, secretary of the state of West Virginia, hereby certify that an. agreement duly acknowledged and accompanied by the proper affidavits, has been this day delivered to me; which agreement is in the words and figures following:

The undersigned agree to become a corporation by the name of the "Snow Hill Salt Company," for the purpose of buying or leasing salt and coal property, mining, shipping and selling coal, manufacturing, shipping and selling salt, soda ash, bromine, and other chemical products, from brines and bitterns, the manufacture, use and sale of barrels and boats, the running of steam boats and barges, for freighting, towing and other business; the purchase and sale of goods and supplies, and for such other operations as may be necessary to the economical and successful working of the enterprises named . which corporation shall have its principal office or place of business at Charleston, in the county of Kanawha, West Virginia, and it is to expire on the first day of September, eighteen hundred and ninety-six.

And for the purpose of forming the said corporation we have subscribed the sum. of five hundred dollars to the capital thereof and have paid in on said subscription the sum of five hundred dollars, and desire the privilege of increasing said capital by sales of additional shares from time to time to fifty thousand in all.

The capital so subscribed shall be divided into shares of one hundred dollars each, which are held by the undersigned respectively, as follows, that is to say:

By Mordecia Levi, of the city of Charleston, West Virginia, one share;

By Richard Channing M. Lovell, of Covington, Kentucky, one share;

By Philipp W. Morgan, of Charleston, West Virginia, one share;
By William A. Quarrier, of Charleston, West Virginia, one share;
By John P. Hale, of Charleston, West Virginia, one share.

And the capital to be hereafter sold is to be divided into shares of the like amount.

Given under our hands, this twenty-fifth day of October; eighteen hundred and seventy-six.


Wherefore, the corporators named in the said agreement, and who have signed the same, and their successors and assigns, are hereby declared to be, from this date until the first day of September, eighteen hundred and ninety-six, a corporation by the name and for the purpose set forth in said agreement.

Given under my hand and the great seal of the said state, [G. S.] at the city Wheeling, this thirtieth day of December, eighteen hundred and seventy-six.

Secretary of the State.


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