First Telephone Exchange in West Virginia

Wheeling Daily Intelligencer
April 21, 1880

THE TELEPHONE. - Manager Wolf, of the Western Union Telegraph Company of this city, has been industriously at work for several days obtaining subscriptions toward the establishment of the telephone exchange in this city, and by the annexed list of subscribers our readers will see that he has been fairly successful, and all who wish to encourage this convenience in our midst will leave their names at the Western Union office. It is thought that work will begin at once on the construction of the lines and by the 10th of May the thing will be in successful and complete operation.

Following are the subscribers already obtained:

Daily Register.
Franklin Insurance Company.
Greer & Laing, hard ware dealers.
C. H. Booth & Son, steamboat agents.
Henry Seamon, steamboat agent.
New McLure House.
Hobbs, Brockunier & Co.
Whittaker Iron Works.
Riverside Iron Works.
Riverside Nail Mill.
Riverside Blast Furnace.
Riverside Iron Works office, Main street.
Benwood Iron Works office, Fourteenth street.
Benwood Blast Furnace, Martin's Ferry.
Benwood Nail Mills, Benwood.
Henry Schmulbach, Market street.
Nail City Brewing Company.
Reymann Brewing Company.
Fountain Saloon and Restaurant.
H. W. List.
D. C. List, Jr., Fourteenth street, and at Fulton.
Logan, List & Co., Druggists.
Charles E. Dwight, Druggist.
Dr. George Baird.
Dr. T. O. Edwards.
Dr. B. W. Allen.
Justice Wm. Philips.
City Gas Works' Office.
City Gas Works.
A. J. Sweeney & Son's Foundry.
Wheeling Iron and Nail Company and Top Mill.

It is hoped that all the irons mills, glass manufacturers, foundries and other principal establishments will soon subscribe and thereby form a connection through the telephone exchange located in the Western Union Telegraph Office by which one subscriber can communicate with any other subscriber in any part of the city. It is so arranged by means of the exchange connection at the central office that conversations by telephone can be carried on privately. Each telephone having a separate voice of its own. Superintendent Wolff informs us that he is making good progress and expects to have at least one hundred and fifty subscribers within thirty days. He expects to have the wires and telephonic connections, and the telephone exchange in working order by the first of May.

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