Newspaper War in Wetzel County

Sistersville Daily Oil Review
August 16, 1912

Highland And Yost Are The Victors

Have Succeeded in Tying up the Wetzel Tribune indefinitely.

Peculiar Situation

Newspaper War Has Reached Crisis Stage - Starbuck Will Publish New Paper.

The newspaper war in Wetzel county has resolved itself into one of the most interesting and amusing in the history of the state. The "master hand," Cecil B. Highland, still holds the winning cards, but no man knoweth what may flash upon the scenes next.

We stated in a recent story concerning the muddle in the Wetzel county newspaper world that the Mack and Mackens were doing all in their power to secure an injunction to restrain Yost the purchaser of the Tribune lease, from issuing a paper. This they finally accomplished, Judge Lynch, of Clarksburg, giving the necessary paper. The writ of injunction came too late to prevent Yost and Highland from getting one edition of the Tribune in the mails, however their joy was doomed to be short lived, nevertheless, no sooner had they been restrained from issuing the paper than active steps were taken to hold up work on the part of the other faction.

The Mack and Mackens prepared their copy and set up the type preparatory to printing the Tribune this week, evidently believing all things lovely; this edition was to be a "hummer" but lo! Highland as usual was on the scene and the thing actually couldn't be made to "hum." Pete Yost, the real proprietor, by virtue of a purchaser's right, considering the action of the McIntire- McCaskey faction rude and undignified, to say the least, prepared a cross bill answer praying for a counter injunction against the plaintiff. Judge Willis granted the injunction and the Progressives were literally throttled in the very midst of their attempt to get out the Bull Moose organ.

It is stated that Jim McIntire and Jim McCaskey were in the very act of printing the editorial section of the Tribune when the constable notified them of the restraining order. The action of Yost and Highland came as a thunderbolt to the Moosemen, who had pust [just] about scored a victory over the Regulars.

Starbuck, who as former proprietor of the Tribune, sold his lease and publishing right to Yost, thereby setting the Macks out in the street, so to speak, has arranged to publish another newspaper in the city. The initial copy will be off the press within a few days. It is to be known as the Bald Hornet and we have been told will be a "wet" sheet launched in the interests of the saloon element. If this is true, we do not need to glance to see its finish in a county that knows the saloon curse as does old Wetzel.

The Wetzel Tribune is now tied up indefinitely and may not be issued at all, in which case the Wetzel Republican, Highland's official organ and the one which will shape the destinies of Wetzel county Republicanism unless something can be done, will assume control of the situation.

Highland seems well pleased with the success of his generalship and is wearing a grin which actually won't come off.

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