West Virginia Confederate Veterans at reunion in Beckley, September 1918

Annual Reunion
West Virginia Confederate Veterans
Beckley, 1918

Raleigh Register
August 1, 1918

West Virginia Confederate Veterans Will Meet Here

Preparations Already Under Way For Their Entertainment September 5th.

Beckley is to be the concentration point of all West Virginia soldiers of the Confederacy who still live on Thursday, September 5th. The annual state encampment of the old vets is to be held here on that day. A committee, headed by C. L. Beckner, is already at work on preparations to make their visit to Beckley one of the most pleasant of any of the state encampments ever held.

A feature of the encampment will probably be a bivouac of the old soldiers on the night of the 5th. Most of the attending veterans are expected to reach Beckley on the afternoon of Wednesday, September 4th. The 5th will be spent in entertainment and the business of the gathering, and on the 6th the heroes of the lost cause will disperse for another year.

On the committee of arrangements with Mr. Beckner are Captain James H. Lemon and J. O. Freeman. William Prince, of Prince, and I. C. Prine, of Beckley, are sponsors of the encampment, and they with the arrangements committee are planning entertainments for the visiting veterans that will be both novel and pleasing.

The coming of the veterans to Beckley for their state meeting stamps Beckley as a convention city of the first water. It will be the third state convention held here this year. First, in June, came the Odd Fellows state encampment, then in July the Loyal Order of Moose state convention, and now the annual state encampment of the Confederate Veterans. Our little mountain city is to be congratulated on these meetings.

Raleigh Register
September 5, 1918

Confederate Veterans Of State Here For Reunion

Vanguard of Grizzled Gray Army Arrived in Beckley Wednesday Afternoon.

Beckley is host this week to the annual reunion of the Confederate Veterans of West Virginia, the vanguard of whom arrived here Wednesday afternoon. The business session of the reunion is to be held Thursday, but most of the time of the visiting veterans will be spent in renewing acquaintances, making new ones, and swap[p]ing reminiscences of the desperate struggle of 1861 to 1865.

The committee on arrangements, composed of C. L. Beckner, Capt. James H. Lemon, and J. O. Freeman, has done its work well, and all the visitors will be well cared for during their stay in Beckley. The entertainment features of the reunion are being provided by Hon. I. C. Prince, of Beckley, and Hon William Prince of Prince. They are to consist of a big dinnenr [sic] at the Beckley hotel at noon Thursday, and an automobile tour of the country around Beckley, including visits to some of the big coal mining plants of this vicinity.

Commander Peyton of Ronceverte, is said to be too ill to attend the reunion, a circumstance that is sure to cause widespread regret among the veterans. His adjutant, C. L. Thompson, of Huntington, a brother of Hon. W. R. Thompson, is expected to be present, however, as is also Col. McChestney [sic], of Charleston.

Reunion headquarters will be in the grand jury room of the court house. As the veterans arrive they are to be escorted to the headquarters to be assigned to quarters during their stay in the city. Private families by the score have thrown their homes open to the visitors, and they will be assigned to the various homes as fast as they come in.

Everybody is asked to extend to the veterans the hand of welcome, and to make their stay in Beckley as pleasant as possible.

Raleigh Register
September 5, 1918

Welcome Heroes of '61-'65

Beckley extends a hearty welcome to the Confederate Veterans of West Virginia, who are now gathering here for their annual state reunion, the vanguard arriving Wednesday morning in time to witness the departure of a younger company of heroes for Camp Lee to enter training for the great struggle in Europe. As the Old Boys stood and watched the young fellows march away with swinging gait there was in the hearts of all the little group a wish that they might join them in the present struggle for all that civilization holds dear.

Though they were the champions of a mistaken idea, and scarce a one but is ready to admit it now, the grizzled veterans of the war for secession are no less honored than the veterans of the north, hailed as preservers of the union.

They gallantly fought a good fight for their convictions of right, for which we honor any man or set of men. And they fought like men, not like savages. How nobly they and their chivalrous leaders stand forth in comparison with the present-day enemies of the nation and their hideous methods of warfare when we think of the charge of General Lee to his men as they prepared for the invasion of the north, "we war not on unarmed men, or on women and children," and when we remember how well his admonition was observed, we can say feelingly:

All honor to you, Heroes of the Lost Cause! Welcome to our midst, and may your stay be so pleasant as to linger in memory through the remaining years of your sojourn here.

Raleigh Register
September 12, 1918

Beckley Entertains Fine Gathering Of Confederates

Eighty Grizzled Veterans in Gray Attend Annual State Reunion Here Last Week.

The annual reunion of West Virginia Confederate veterans of the Civil War held in Beckley last Thursday was one of the most successful state gathering of the rapidly thinning ranks of gray that has been held in many a year. The register at headquarters showed that a total of eight of the remaining heroes of the lost cause living in this end of the state had journeyed for one more touch of elbows with the comrades in arms during the four terrible years when they endured untold hardships together.

That the reunion was a gladsome affair and afforded much pleasure to the old men was evident from the expressions on all their faces. The complimentary dinner served the Beckley hotel was a delightful feature not to the diners alone but to many local people who dropped in to witness the gathering. Their picture was taken grouped about the court house steps, and each man was presented with one of them.

The formal session of the vets was featured by an address by General C. C. Watts, of Charleston, in the course of which their fealty to America was again pledged. Resolutions also pledged their all to the cause of the United States in the present war, and struck out vigorously against the acceptance of a premature peace.

The resolutions follow:

"Resolved by the United Confederate Veterans of West Virginia in convention assembled in the city of Beckley, Raleigh County, West Virginia,

(1) That we look with patriotic pride and deep devotion to the record that the American solders are making and have already made of "heroism and valor" upon the bloody fields of France in the cause of liberty and humanity.

(2) That we pledge our persons and our property to the continued and vigorous prosecution of the war to final and complete victory, completing the overthrow of Prussian autocracy and righting in Berlin, the foul wrongs perpetrated upon mankind and womanhood by an insolent and brutal Germanic militarism.

(3) That we endorse the splendid and superb administration of our beloved president, Woodrow Wilson. We heartily and unqualifiedly approve his bold, courageous and Christian stand in this war, in behalf of civilization and humanity throughout the civilized world, which, "in the confidence of faith" the valor of our soldiers, we know will in due time triumph in favor of America and her allies.

(4) That we acknowledge with profound gratitude and a high sense of appreciation the splendid entertainment, generous hospitality and cordial greeting extended to us by the city of Beckley, the committee on arrangements, and the people generally of the city of Beckley and the county of Raleigh.

(5) That we recognize in the cordial fraternal greeting extended to us, a tribute of respect and affection for the cause to which we gave our all, and whose glorious memory we cherish with undying devotion.

(6) That we behold with civic pride the splendor of the city's business, educational and religious structures, as also the ample, elaborate, and artistic private residences of her citizenry.

(7) That we shall return to our homes in the different parts of the state feeling the better for having come to Beckley, and with lasting impressions of gratitude and good will toward her people and her committees both in and outside of her limits in the good county of Raleigh, as well as to those generous and devoted friends from the outside whose devotion to the cause has manifested itself in many beautiful and substantial ways.

(8) That the papers of the city and throughout the state be requested to publish these resolutions.

Respectfully submitted,

A complete list of the men attending the reunion is as follows:

T. R. WEBB, Forest Hill, W. Va., 26th Battalion, Camp Allen Woodrum.

M. C. HAYS, Ansted, W. Va., Co. K, 14th Virginia Calvary [sic].

W. M. FOSTER, Indian Mills, W. Va., Co. A, 60th Virginia Regiment.

J. B. THOMPSON, 26th Virginia Battalion, Camp Allen Woodrum, Talcott, W. Va.

W. J. SWEENEY, Ghent, W. Va., Co. D, 17th Virginia Calvary [sic[, Jenkins' Brigade.

LEWIS H. BROYLES, Red Sulphur Springs, W. Va., Lowery Battery, King's Battalion.

J. W. PUGH, Algoquin, W. Va., Co. C, 36th Virginia Battalion.

LEWIS LILLY, Mt. View, W. Va., Co. A, 36th Virginia Battalion.

G. W. SHUMATE, Bolt, W. Va., Co. C, 36th Virginia Battalion.

J. J. FULLEN, Salt Sulphur Springs, W. Va., Co. B, 26th Virginia Infantry.

PLES SLAYTON, Ansted, W. Va., 13th Artillery Battery.

A. J. HONAKER, Beckley, W. Va., Co. F, 45th Virginia Regiment.

J. A. FOSTER, Bellepoint, W. Va., Phil Thurmond's Rangers.

JNO. A. HANDLEY, Lewisburg, W. Va., Co. K, 14th Virginia Cavalry.

J. A. WIKEL, Bellepoint, W. Va., Co. C, 60th Virginia Regiment.

R. T. HILLERY, Ronceverte, W. Va., Co. B, 25th Virginia Regiment.

ALEX JOHNSON, Lewisburg, W. Va., Co. K, 14th Virginia Cavalry.

JOHN MURPHEY, Ronceverte, W. Va., Co. F, 19th Virginia Cavalry.

COL. W. H. CACKLEY, Ronceverte, W. Va., Co. F, 19th Virginia Cavalry.

GEN. C. C. WATTS, Charleston, W. Va., Co. C, Mosby's Calvary [sic].

DR. LAWRENCE CARR, Charleston, W. Va., 10th platoon Engineers.

C. L. PECK, Lick Creek, W. Va., Co. B, 37th Virginia Calvary.

C. M. FARRER, Levi, W. Va., Co. A, 36th Virginia Infantry.

M. H. SCAGGS, Ansted, W. Va., Co. C, 22nd Virginia Infantry.

WILLIAM PRINCE, Prince, W. Va., Co. C, 36th Virginia Infrantry [sic].

W. P. M'GRAW, Ansted, W. Va.

J. W. COINER, Pence Springs, W. Va., Chapman's Battalion.

T. G. CARDEN, Pence Springs, W. Va., King's Battalion.

W. P. HAYNES, Wolf Creek, W. Va., Thurmond's Rangers.

JUDGE A. N. CAMPBELL, Union, W. Va., Lowry's Battalion.

JAMES J. M'CHESNEY, Charleston, W. Va., Co. C, 14th Virginia Cavalry.

C. L. THOMPSON, Huntington, W. Va., Co. H, 22nd Virginia Infrantry [sic].

W. T. SHUMATE, Beckley, W. Va.

WILLIAM HINTON, Hinton, W. Va., Thurmond's Rangers.

T. J. HOLSTINE, Talcott, W. Va., Co. F, Edgar's Battalion.

RICHARD MARTIN, Hinton, W. Va., Co. D, 17th Virginia Cavalry.

ALLEN WISEMAN, Mingo County, W. Va., Edgar's Battalion.

J. E. HATCHER, Beckley, W. Va., 23rd Battalion.

J. H. CAMMACK, Huntington, W. Va., 31st Virginia Infantry, afterwards 20th Cavalry.

J. A. GUNNOE, Beckley, W. Va., 45th Virginia Battalion.

A. L. M'CLURE, Grandview, W. Va., Co. C, 36th Virginia Regiment.

W. J. H. FARLEY, Epperley, W. Va., Witcher's Battalion.

J. S. LESTER, Maynor, W. Va., Capt. Richardson's Co.

G. L. WILBURN, Mabscott, W. Va., Co. D, 7th Virginia Regiment (Pickett's Division).

WM. M. JOHNSON, Warden, W. Va., Co. C, 36th Virginia Infantry.

O. C. HARVEY, Sr., Beckley, W. Va., Co. I, 6th Virginia Regiment.

J. H. LEMON, Beckley, W. Va., 36th Virginia Regiment.

ELKHANNAH BRAMMER, Mabscott, W. Va., Co. I, 60th Virginia Infantry.

J. M. CREWS, Beckley, W. Va., Co. C, 36th Virginia Regiment.

G. W. GIBSON, Beckley, W. Va., Co. B, 24th Virginia Regiment.

C. B. MAHOOD, Oak Hill, W. Va., Stark's Battalion.

J. R. HUDDLESTON, Oak Hill, W. Va., 60th Virginia Regiment.

J. L. DUNCAN, Oak Hill, W. Va., Thurmond's Rangers.

T. P. SHAVER, Thurmond, W. Va., Edgar's Battalion.

P. T. BORRER, Princeton, W. Va., Davidson's Battalion.

T. C. MADDY, Talcott, W. Va., 26th Virginia Battalion.

C. R. CRAWFORD, Ballengee, W. Va., Co. F, 26th Virginia Battalion.

J. N. PREAS, Marshes, W. Va., 58th Virginia Regiment.

H. G. PRINCE, Tralee, W. Va., Co. E, 17th Virginia Cavalry.

E. D. GEORGE, Beckley, W. Va., Co. C, 36th Virginia Regiment.

J. G. ALLEN, Mabscott, W. Va., Huffman's Regiment.

J. M. REED, Glen Lynn, W. Va., Co. B, 43rd Regiment.

TAZWELL WORLEY, Beckley, W. Va., Co. G, 23rd Battalion.

W. L. SIMMONS, Jumping Branch, W. Va., Co. A, 54th Virginia Regiment.

S. C. COLEMAN, Beckley, W. Va., Co. C, 22nd Regiment.

GEORGE TAYLOR, Wickham, W. Va., 11th Virginia Regiment.

H. T. HANCOCK, Beckley, W. Va., Clark's Battalion, and 41st Virginia and Horton's Brigade.

J. D. GEORGE, Beckley, W. Va., Co. C, 36th Virginia.

H. C. THOMPSON, Mercer County, W. Va., Co. G, 24th Virginia.

CARRY LONEY, Boone County, W. Va., Co. I, 22nd Virginia.

E. B. STOVER, Sylvia, W. Va., 27th Virginia Battalion Calvary [sic].

S. B. HILL, Raleigh county, W. Va., Co. C, 45th Battalion.

G. A. KIDD, Wickham, W. Va., Co. C, 36th Regiment.

D. L. MAYNOR, Raleigh county, W. Va., Co. A, Clark's Battalion.

HUSTON DAVIS, Raleigh county, W. Va., Co. C, 36th Regiment

JAS. H. COOK, Raleigh county, W. Va., Co. A, Clark's Battalion.

T. C. TRAIL, Raleigh county, W. Va., Co. B, 37th Battalion.

ZENO GARDEN, Co. C, 24th Regiment, Kemper's Division.

B. F. LEWIS, Raleigh county, W. Va., Co. A, Clark's Battalion.

J. L. SOLESBURY, Raleigh county, W. Va., Co. A, 45th Regiment.

J. T. UNDERWOOD, Floyd county, Va., Co. A, 24th Regiment.

WILLIAM MAHOOD, Fayetteville, W. Va., 36th Virginia Regiment.

STEPHEN ARTHUR, Fayetteville, W. Va., Thurmond's Rangers.

J. H. CRAWFORD, Glen Morgan, W. Va.

JNO. W. BALL, Beckley, W. Va., Edgar's Battalion.

THOS. MEADOWS, Winding Gulf, W. Va., Co. C, 36th Virginia Regiment.

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