Burning of Sutton

Official Records
Series I, Volume V

DECEMBER 29,30, 1861.-Capture of Suttonville [Braxton Court-House], and skirmishes in Clay, Braxton, and Webster Counties, West Virginia.

Extract from "Record of Events," return of the Department of Western Virginia, for the month of December, 1861.

On the 29th, Suttonville, garrisoned by one company [Rowand's] First Virginia Cavalry, was attacked by 136 rebel guerrillas. The company retreated to Weston, and the guerrillas burned the town and what commissary stores were there. Colonel Crook, with four companies, went in search of the same gang from Summersville, encountered the flying rascals in Clay and Braxton, killed 6, and chased and scattered them into the mountain towards the Glades.

On the 30th, Colonel Anisansel, with three companies of the First Virginia Cavalry and three of the Third Virginia Infantry, marched to punish the marauders, and pursued them into the Glades in Webster County, killed 22 and burned 26 houses, thus breaking up their nest.

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