Thomas Jonathan "Stonewall" Jackson

Thomas J. Jackson to J. M. Bennett, 25 February 1862

My dear Colonel,

I telegraphed to you last week that Major Jackson had resigned from my staff; and requested you to say whether you would be willing to take his place with the rank of Major, but have not heard from you. You must not understand from my request, that I desire you to give up your present position for the sake of coming into the field. But Capt. Jackson told me that he would not be surprised should you decline a reelection. And should you do so, the thought struck me that you might desire active service with this Army. The position of Adt General is one of great labor and requires much study, and an entire ignoring of personal ease. As it is the chief staff position its head should be an example of military adherence to Regulations. Please let me hear from you soon, and either accept or decline. My opinion is that you would make an admirable Adjt General.

The letter written to you respecting Alfred please destroy. As you had been instrumental in getting him the position, it was proper that you should know the objection to him; Apart from the request made by me of you in the letter. Alfred expects to bring his old company back into service, and I hope that he will secure distinction in the field.

Your much attached friend

T. J. Jackson

This was written to J. M. Bennett, Auditor of Virginia,

Feb 25- 1862

Civil War

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