Annual Reunion of West Virginia Confederate Veterans

Moorefield Examiner
October 17, 1912

Praises Moorefield

Romney, W. Va., Oct. 11.

It was my pleasure to visit your town during the State Reunion of Confederate Soldiers. I was impressed with the manner you provided for and entertained those grand old gray veterans who so faithfully served their country fifty years ago It was not only commendable, but indeed an honor to the good people of Moorefield. It seemed to me, that every citizen of the town and immediate community, considered it his duty and pleasure to welcome every stranger whose good fortune it was to enter your gates. The ladies, upon whom (as usual) the responsibilities largely rested, were more than equal to the occasion, for they simply OUT DID themselves. The dining hall artistically decorated, tables loaded with all the good things the South Branch Valley affords, served by a score of competent and accomplished ladies, could not be surpassed; not even at Delmonico's. Who could ask for more Who would expect more Who was worthy of more. Every body was happy, and every body was trying to make everybody happier. It was a great day; one long to be remembered. I am sure I voice the sentiment of that vast assemblage, when I say, nothing was left undone that could have added to their welfare and comfort.


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