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Health Care Task Force

Box 1
Robert Wood Johnson Foundation Task Force Materials

Health Policy Questions
Minutes of Meetings, June 1, 1992-Sept. 25, 1992
Minutes of Meetings, Oct. 7, 1992-Mar. 26, 1993
Extra Copies of materials
Outgoing Correspondence, 1992-1993
Incoming Correspondence, 1992-1993
Financial quarterly and progress reports
Signed minutes June 1992
Questionnaire responses
Minutes from Legislative Committee
Special Meeting Summary Report
Report to Health Care Planning Commission - draft and final Nov. 11, 1992

Box 2

Rural Health Care
Office of Planning - Health Care Planning Commission briefing material
Report - Health Reform in WV: A Public Process May 1991-June 1993
Public Meeting transcripts Oct.-Nov. 1992; Canaan meeting transcripts Feb. 21-22, 1994
Boards - Manual for WV Boards of Local Health draft Oct. 1993
Misc. Health Care Planning Commission - Huntington meeting agenda and report, Sep. 1991; various presentations and reports;
Symposium Dunbar Mar. 22, 1990
Survey of Health Insurance Coverage among WV Businesses by WVU Feb. 1993
Status Reports to Governor

Box 3
Health Care Planning Commission

Minutes Oct. 9, 1992
Minutes Nov. 30, 1992 in Jan 13, 1993 cover
Background material for planning commission
Task Force Final Report Sep. 1992
Background materials and June 12, 1991 minutes
Minutes Nov. 11, 1992
Clippings Feb-Mar. 1993
Minutes Feb. 11, 1993
Minutes and Records, Finance and Cost Control Task Force

Box 4
Health Professions Task Force

Meetings on Public Education and Promotion of Health Careers, Mar-May 1992
Meetings on Primary Care Team Model, May 1992
Meetings on Health Professions Education Mar-May 1992
Meeting of Task Forces Jan 6, 1992
Bibliography of recruitment research
Southern WV Health Education and Training Center info
Health Professional shortage areas 1992
Minutes Health Professions Task Force Jan-Jun 1992
Primary Care Team report
Obstetrical Care/Midwifery - includes background info, Midwives Alliance Philosophy, Local Availability project
Medical education & residency training background info and clippings
Kellogg Project - minutes, notes, correspondence, reports

Box 5

Quality of Care task force 1992
Licensure and Accreditation
Long-Term Care Task Force - minutes, notes
Long-Term Care reference, reports
Developmental Disabilities reference, reports
1982 Proposed State Health Plan Acute Care
Long-Term Health Care Task Force report
Health Policy Questions Jan 1993
Application for Robert Wood Johnson grant & supporting information
Lewis Presentations and material 1991-92

Box 6
Health Care Planning Commission

Task Force membership
Task Force membership and background material
Minutes, May 28, 1992
Minutes, May 14, 1992
Minutes, April 13, 1992
Minutes, Sep. 14, 1992
Minutes, June 26, 1992
Minutes, June 2, 1992

Box 7
System Task Force

Meeting Feb. 13, 1992
Comprehensive School Health Program
Recommendations/Reports - report and transparencies
Minutes, Mar. 12, 1991
Notes, primary care group
Robert Wood Johnson Foundation Grant Mar. 2, 1992
Task Force notes
Minutes, Basic Services Task Force Feb. 13, 1992
Health Service System Task Force Feb. 13, 1992
Overview of collaborative strategies Mar. 1992
Overall attendance figures as of Feb. 25, 1992
Press packet Sep. 1991
Articles on effectiveness
EMS System Task Force recommendations summary
Graphs & charts about problems with health care
Graphs & charts Pursuing Economic Discipline in WV by Lewin Aug. 1991
Minutes, Health Service System Task Force Mar. 12, 1992
Regional Planning Idea
Individual ideas July-Aug 1991
Transparencies, Health Service System Task Force
Inpatient care Methodology Committee report Sept. 1992
EMS charts & graphs
EMS and inpatient care final report June 1, 1992
Beatrice Burgess personal statement Dec. 18, 1991
Survey questions and results
Survey questions and results
Completed surveys
Elderly and Disabled Services Committee report
WV Statewide birth scoring system
Pamphlet on adolescent pregnancy and prevention
Reports on adolescent pregnancy and prevention
Basic commission information
Health Education Disease Prevention committee report Feb. 20, 1992
Adult Primary Care and Behavioral Health Committee report Feb. 20, 1992
Research materials
Cost report from DHHR

Box 8
HCPC Meetings

Minutes, July 8-9, 1991
Minutes, Aug. 13, 1991
Minutes, July 26, 1991
Minutes, Aug. 22-23, 1991 (2 folders)
Minutes, Sep. 12, 1991
Minutes, Sep. 23, 1991

Box 9

Financial & budgets, minutes and agendas, notes and research (1994) for meetings for Rural Health Networking project - funding from Robert Wood Johnson Foundation & Claude Worthington Benedum Foundation
Rosenberg File - consultants on Community Care
Reports on developing Primary Care Network
Family Resource Networks
PEIA requests for managed care, studies 1994
Region V Health Services
EMS Task Force report 1991
Report by Renate Pore on access to medical care, 1994
Acute Care Report 1992
Information, the Public's Health, 1992
Materials on Healthy School project
Task Force comments 1992
Minutes, committee on proposed new health care system, Nov. 11, 1992
Dr. Wallace's personal remarks June 16, 1992
Grant applications for Rural Health Policy
Reply from Essential Access Community Hospital/Rural Primary Care Hospital EACH/RPCH grant program and final report

Box 10

Certificate of Need (CON) Task Force - reference materials on cardiac catheterization
Correspondence from hospitals and insurance plans about CON task force proposals
Specialized Technology Task Force - open heart surgery correspondence
Task Forces Membership Listings
1982 Statewide Health Coordinating Council Report
1990 FY annual report Health Care Planning Council
Health Care Planning Commission briefing documents and reports on the Health Care Planning Council
Cost Base Rate Review Task Force Nov-Dec. 1991 agenda and notes
Health Care Reform in WV Our Options
WV Health Care Planning Commission Issues and Options #2 Mar. 17, 1993
WV Health Care Planning Commission Proposals for Reform
Health Care Reform in WV A Shared Responsibility Dec. 1992
For the Health of WV A Report to the Governor and Legislature Nov. 1991
15 chapters WV State Health Plan, 1982

Box 11
Meeting Materials and Reports

Nov. 15, 1991
Nov. 4, 1991
Mar. 6, 1992
Mar. 30, 1992
Jan. 30, 1992
Feb. 11, 1992
Feb. 24, 1992
Dec. 5, 1991
Dec. 16, 1991
Jan. 6, 1992
Jan. 27, 1992
Oct. 10, 1991
Oct. 23, 1991

Box 12
Renate Pore Presentations

Ideas for press releases, speeches, transparencies and reports for various presentations

Box 13
Health Care Planning Commission

General information on commission and notes for slide presentation
Notebooks of minutes for Health Care Planning Council (1989-91) and Commission (1991-93)

Box 14
Linda Holup's Finance Materials - Finance Subcommittee on Health Care Financing

Options plans & drafts
Minutes, July 13, 1992
Minutes, July 23, 1992
Minutes, Aug. 12, 1992
Minutes, June 24, 1992
Minutes, July 7, 1992 (2 folders)
Minutes, Mar. 30, 1992
Minutes, Apr. 16, 1992
Minutes, May 14, 1992
Minutes, Sep. 1, 1992
Minutes, Feb. 22, 1992
Minutes, Jan. 27, 1992
Minutes, Feb. 3, 1992
Correspondence of subcommittee
Lewin materials to task force members - includes correspondence (2 folders)

Box 15
Finance Task Force

Presentation by Finance Task Force
Correspondence of task force
Minutes, Jan 27, 1992 of full task force Financing and Cost Control
Proposal to Provide Health Care Consulting Services to the WV Health Care Planning Commission by Lewin/ICF June 3, 1991
Working papers for finance and organizational development
Finance and Cost Control Report Sep. 1992
Master copies of handouts
Finance report discussion draft
Working drafts of handouts
Final report Finance Task Force
Minutes, Mar. 30, 1992
Minutes, July 13, 1992
Minutes, Sep. 1, 1992
Minutes, Aug, 5, 1992
Press information
Mailing lists
Attendance sheets and proxies
Issues and resources, Feb. 1992
Minutes and Records Finance & Cost Control Task Force II, Summer 1992
Minutes and Records Finance & Cost Control Task Force III, Summer 1992

Box 16
Certificate of Need Task Force

1993 Legislation
WV Health Care Reform Act executive summary
Public comments on health care 1992
Transcripts of hearings before Health Care Planning Commission
Certificate of need planning and reports
Certificate of need handouts & drafts
CON Report Sep. 21, 1992 and supporting documents
CON book Dec. 1992

Box 17
Draft/Revised Task Force Recommendations

Draft reports, Aug. 1992
Final reports, Sep. 1992
Notebook of materials on the 6 task forces including reports of all task forces to WV Health Care Planning Commission - Health Services System Task Force report Apr. 9, 1992, minutes Feb. 13, 1992, Jan 6, 1992; Basic Services Task Force; Rural Elderly Task Force; Task Force on Finance and Cost Control; Health Professions Task Force; Task Force on Quality of Care and Practice Liability

Box 18
Health Care Legislation 1993-1995 Box 1

Summary of 1993 bill and legislative notes
Summary Comparison of House and Senate bills
Action Team Reports
Legislative Resource and Information Book 1993
Legislative Information Book 1994
Legislative Information and Activity Book 1995
Agenda Plan-Oct. 18, 1994
Draft Bill
Miscellaneous Information for Legislation

Box 19
Regional Health Advisory Council

Member Listings and Information for all 11 Regions
Minutes and handouts-Sept, 28, 1990
Agenda-Oct. 9, 1992
County Commissioner's appointments to Advisory Council
Maps and Concerns from each Region
General Correspondence of Council
Member Information

Box 20
Financial Cost Task Force

Finance Sub-Committee Information

Report-Citizens Health Care Reform Commission
Wellness Program Information
School Health Information
Medicaid Report by Health Services research
Report by Legislative Task Force on Uncompensated Health Care and Medicaid Expenditures
Cost Control
Basic Cost Proposal
Finance and Cost Control Report-Sept. 1992
Financial Reports

Box 21
Public Meeting Information and State Health Plans

State Health Plans 1982-Volumes 1&2
1990 State Health Plan
Report on Insurance Companies-1988
Draft Reports-1992
Certificate of Needs Standards
Statewide Perinatal Task Force Report-8 parts
Study on WV Health Care Experiences-May 1992
Plan for Implementation of Senate Bill # 576-Sept. 1, 1989
Health Policy Symposium Agenda-Mar. 22, 1990
Public Survey Results
Public Meetings Reports

Huntington Planning Meeting Information and Report-Oct. 2, 1991
Correspondences on Presentations by Health Care Planning Commission
Health Services System Correspondences
Minutes from Meetings
Chapter 7 of Quality of Care and Practice Liability fro HCPC report-Nov 13, 1992

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