County School Superintendent Compilations
of Local History and Topography


Local History and Topography of Cabell County. Teachers' surveys on local history, 1927
Schools: Cox, Merritts Creek, Fairview, Watson, Davis Creek, Pea Ridge, Long Branch, Booten's Creek, Hall, Camp Branch, Nash, Smick, Hughes Branch, Dormitory, Ona Consolidated, Malcolm, Newman, Mill Creek, Union, Culloden, Charley's Creek, Myers, Beckette, Ball's Gap, Kilgore, Milton Graded, Keaton, Deal, Fisher, Tassen, White Oak, Tony Hill, Dry Creek, Lee's Creek, Hudson, Balls Branch, Chapman, Wire Branch, Shoal Branch, Yates, Irby Junior High, Hite, Harveytown, Cook, Fetty, Russell Creek, Altizer, Saunders, Walnut Gap, Mount Union, Harrison, Patton, Pleasant View, Pleasant Valley, Upper Tom's Creek, Salt Rock, Walnut Grove, Upper Madison, Ousley's Gap Primary, Mill Branch, Martha, Merritts Creek, Upper Raccoon, Lower Bowens Creek, Leith, Beech Fork, Cavil Creek, Lower Tom's Creek, Lower Heath Creek, Lower Madison, Palestine, Upper Heath Creek, Smith Creek, Upper Bowen Creek, Hickory Ridge, Lower Green Bottom, Oak Hill, Lower Cabell, Union, Pleasant View, Bryan, Deer Pen, Turner, Upper Greenbottom, Lower Creek, Hickory Grove, Barker, Locust Grove, Pine Grove, Webster View, Victor, Sky High, Nine Mile, Central, Fairview, Upper Cabell, Barboursville Independent District, Barboursville Public, Washington Avenue (African-American)

Local History and Topography of Fayette County. Teachers' surveys on local history, 1927
Schools: Romont, Backus, Wyndal, Gamoca, Dickenson, Belva, Gauley Bridge, Glen Ferris, Boncar, Boomer, Oakland, Jodie, Cannelton, Marting, Mount Olive, Rich Creek, Boomer Hollow, Carbondale, Boomer (African-American), Longacre (African-American), Gamoca (African-American), Vanetta, Cains Branch, Carbondale (African-American), Laurel Creek, Lockgelly (African-American) Cotton Hill, Fayetteville (African-American), Pendleton, Wolfe Creek, Dempsey, Kaymoor Bottom (African-American), Sulfur Springs, Kaymoor Top, South Caperton, Crooked Run, Levisey, Elerton Excelsior, Altamont, Kay Moor, Summerlee (African- American), Dun Glen, Minden, South Nuttall, Cadle Ridge, Concho (African-American), Victory, Elverton, Gatewood, Carlisle, Greenville, Cunard, Scarbro, Finlow, Whipple, Rush Run, Hilltop, Prudence, Carevile, Sun Graded (African-American), Glen Jean, Du Bois, Salem, Long Branch, Myles, Pea Ridge, Willis Branch (African-American), Oak Hill, Rock Lick, Meadow Fork, Wingrove, Harvey, Glen Jean Jr. High, Sun, Mount Hope, Kilsyth, Lee, Toney, Dothan, Lively, Long Branch, Pax, Pax Branch, Herberton, Montgomery, Eagle, Deepwater, Kingston, Kimberly, Elkridge, Columbia, Powellton, MacDunn, Kincaid, Mulberry, Pine Grove, Boonesborough, Kanawha Falls, Donwood, Ingram Branch, Page Elementry, Beards Fork, Westerly, Milburn, Simmons, Eagle (African-American), Kimberly (African-American), Powellton (African-American), Page School, Elkridge (African-American), Ingram Branch (African-American), Mayhan (African-American), Beards Fork (African-American), Milburn (African-American), Hess, Mountain Cove, Cavendish, Koontz, Lansing, Shade Creek, Sugar Creek, Dogwood, Gwinn or Mulvane, Walker, Hawks Nest, Mt. Eary, Michigan, Ansted Graded, Graydon, Legg, Minter, Ansted (African-American), Dogwood Gap, Beech Run, Adkins, Fairview, Fayette, Chestnut Grove, Divide Lookout Graded Schools, Miller Ridge, Nallen Public, Russellville, Winona Graded school, Nutall (African-American), Edmond (African- American), Winona Jr. High (African-American), Beauty, Laurel Creek Camp School, Clifty, Brackens Creek, Edmond Graded School, Flanagan, Layland Junior High, Home, Buffalo, Midway, Thayer (African-American), Claremont, Quinnimont, Sereno or Red Springs, Stone Cliff (African-American), Big Q, Meadow Bridge, Hemlock, Naoma, Export, Little Creek, Glade, Bellwood, Dunfee, Thayer Mountain, Thayer Bottom, Harvley, Thermond, Fire Creek, Fire Creek Mountain, Lady Hall, Beury Mountain, Hillside first know as Gilkerson College, White Oak, Pine Grove, Maplewood, Ebenezer, Maywood, Corliss Consolidated, Bracken's Creek, Prosperity, Shelton, Sturgeon Branch, Plum Grove, Landisberg, Sewell

Local History and Topography of Hardy County. Teachers' surveys on local history, 1927
Schools: Wardensville, North Mountain, West Mariah, Maple Grove, Grover, Sperry's Run, Link Standard, Bryan No. 24, Landacre, Sugar Grove, Trout Run, Shady Run, Baughman, Baker Consolidated, Buckhorn, Basore, Bowman, Camp Branch, Cleaver, Cullers Run, Caldwell, Frovel's Run, Gap Run, Harper, Halterman, Hinegardner, Lost City, Mathias, Miller, Mine Spring, Strawderman, Sulphur Spring, Snider Spring, Terra Alta, Topsy, Vaughan, Whitmer, Wilkins, Banner, Buckley, Chestnut Grove, Dover Standard, Glebe, Hines, Long Lick, Luxemburg, Markwood, Marshall, Moorefield Graded and High, Mountain View, Neff, New Lane, Old Fields, Pleasant Dale, Powder Lick, Power, Run, Trough, Walnut Bottom, Watts Run, Bass, Blue Rock, The Darling, Durgon, Emory, Frosty Hollow, Fisher, Henkel, Oak Grove, Oak Dale, Parran, Peru, Riverside, Toll Gate, Wallace, Nine Spring

Local History and Topography of Logan County. Teachers' surveys on local history, 1927
Schools: Stone Branch (African-American), Chapmanville, Kitchen, Big Creek, Daisy, Ed Stone, Thomas, Lane, Barker, Godby Branch, Hugh Thompson, Rocky, Caney, Striker, Tim's Fork, Three Fork, Conley, White Oak, Brown Run, Hugh Dingess, Dave Dingess, George Mullins, Buck Fork, Dalton, Bulwark, Hoover, Lower Trace, Ivy Branch, Piney, Bud Dingess, Lee Dingess, Manor, Workman, Bryant, Blair, Monclo, Lake, Trace Fork, Logan Central Grade, Crooked Creek, Rum Junction, Omar, Monaville, Mud Fork, Isom, Chambers, Peck's, Oilville, Avis, Stollings, Justice, Henlawson, Clothier, Long Fork, Sunbeam, Thompson, West Logan, Peach Creek, Stirrat, Holden Central, Copperas, Whitman Junction, J. B. Ellis, Curry, George's Creek, Slagle, Yuma, Ethel, Sanders, Sovereign, Robinette, Yolyn, Aracoma, Hughey, Browning, Switzer, Barnabus, Lyburn, Nibert, Coal Branch, Sharples, Mifflin, Gar's Fork, Chauncey, Cherry Tree, Whitman, Upper Whitman, Logan Senior High, Micco, McConnell, Davie's Branch, Dehue, Ardrossan, Rossmore, McBeth, Hatfield, Crystal Block, Logan-Chilton, Piney, Pine Creek, Laurel City, Holden, Aracoma (African-American), Ethel (African-American), Slagle (African-American), Omar (African-American), Whitman (African-American), Copperas (African-American), Micco (African-American), Yolyn (African-American), Stirrat (African- American), Sharples (African-American), Dehue (African-American), Wilkinson (African- American), MacBeth (African-American), Peach Creek (African-American), Cora (African- American), Clothier (African-American), Madison, Christian, Wilbur, Earling, Taplin, Man Public, Amherst, Mallory, Landville, Sand Lick, King Fuel, Kistler, Accoville, Braeholm, Claypool, Willowwood, Lundale, Lorado, Perry, Tony Fork, Three Forks, Stafford, Rock House, South Man, Vance, Earling, Taplin (African-American), Mallory (African-American), Proctor (African-American), King Fuel (African-American), Kistler (African-American), Accoville (African-American), Braeholm (African-American), Lundale (African-American), Lorado (African-American)

Local History and Topography of Marshall County. Teachers' surveys on local history, 1927
Schools: Cameron Central, Hick's, Rock Lick, Lowe, Terrill, Glen Easton, Sanderville, Lower Bane, Green Valley, African-American, Pierce, Martin, Rosbys Rock, Union, Riggo, Walnut Grove, Grave Creek, Round Bottom, Pioneer, Fairview, Welcome, Wayne's, Burch, Woodland Hill, Franklin, Centennial, Fredonia, Hall, Graysville, Woco, Taylor's Ridge, Nixon, Clevland, Bowman, Democracy, Mount Hobart, Cresaps, Moundsville First Ward, Third Street, Moundsville High, Washington Grammar (African-American), Hinkle, Dixon, Courtwright, Squirrel Alley, Greenwood, McDonald, Kausooth, Greenfield, Walnut Grove, Bellton Hill, Fall Run, Big Run, Tunnel Hill, Adaline, Rice, Bellton, Woodruff, Boggs Run, Hope, Lynn Camp, Games, New Bethel, Upper Bowman, Rock Dale, Gorby, Victory, Nauvoo, Meighen, Dallas, Oak Hill, Lower Sand Hill, Alley, Locust Grove, Viola, Britt, Center Benwood, Paw Paw, McMechen, Sherrard Consolidated, Union Grade, North Benwood, Circle (A) Middle Grave Creek, Washington District Consolidated, Tom's Run, Glen Dale, Willowdale, Central Moundsville, Pleasant Valley Consolidated, Upper Wolf Run, Hazel Dell, Cross Roads, Oak Dale, Rosenberger, Mount Hope, Mount Claire, Number Fourteen, Laurel Point

Local History and Topography of Mason County. Teachers' surveys on local history, 1927
Schools: Three Mile, Greene, Smoky Mountain, Monroe, Bird, White Pine, College Hill, Verndale, Pine Grove, Dunlavy, McCausland, Hartzell, Hazel Valley, Hambrick, Pleasant Dale, Isaac Fadeley, South Side Star, Henderson, Pine Grove, Fairview, Wyoma, Fadeley, Crab Creek, Mulberry, Mud Run, Millstone, Buckle, Shady Hill, Woods, Jerry's Run, Salt Creek, Mount Union, Beale, Bateman, Plain View, Mountain Rose, White Hall, Stevens, Morning Star, Maywood, Myrtle, Pleasant Ridge, Fife Fork, Sizemore, Lock Eleven, Valley Ridge, Leon, Hill, Wood, Yauger, Huff Run, Bug Run, Mountain Flower, Franklin Hall, Roanoke, Rocky, Forked Pine, Red Mud, Hopedale, Letart, Board, Flat Rock, Reyburn, Union, Eight Mile, Ambrosia, Plain Valley, Gill, Thomas, Eagle, Oak Grove, Excelsior, Green, Bear Wallow, Howell, Harmony, Bachtel, Graham, Beach Grove, Upper Flatts, Union, Broad Run, Vernon, Little Forest, New Haven, Graham District High, Sunnyside, Mount Olive, Glenwood, Rocky Fork, Eighteen Valley, Beech Grove, Town Hall, White Oak Grove, Mason Valley, Daisy, Oak Hill, Bussy (?), Starkey, Mount Pleasant, St. Joe, Mount Flower, Champion Rose, Burning Flat, Hannan District High, Guyan, Heights, Hickory Chapel, Harmony, Miller, Gibbs, Point Pleasant High, Sebrell, Beech Grove, Morning Star, Clay Lick, Mission Ridge, Mammoth, Dixie, Midway, Fairview, Forest Hill, Cloverdale, Yeager, McDermitt, Big Spruce, Rockcastle, Rising Sun, Elmwood, Arbuckle, Grant, Locust Grove, Morning Star, Lone Cedar, Calispell, Crown Point, Union, Warner, Waterloo, Valley City, Clifton, West Columbia, Spilman, Locust Grove, Fairview, Mason Independent, Hartford Independent, Wahama High,

Local History and Topography of Pendleton County. Teachers' surveys on local history, 1927
Schools: Propstburg, Broad Run, Brandywine, Oak Flat, New Erection, Locust Grove, Rough Run, Enterprise, Dale Hill, Valley, Mitchell Mountain, Egypt, Hopewell, Circleville, Teter Gap, Hawbush, Dry Run, Hammer, Hunting Ground, Cherry Grove, Mount Joel, Hinkle, Fairview, Pine Grove, Briery Run, Franklin Graded, Hammer, Ruddle, Buffalo Hills, Friends Run, Smith Creek, Mount Olive, Harper, Propst, Dickenson Mountain, Cedar Knob, Oak Grove, Upper Reeds Creek, Cave, Fleisher, Sandy Ridge, Goshen, Franklin (African-American), Huffman, Dahmer, Palestine, Creek, Conrad, Upper Tract, Kile, Alt, High Rock, Schmucker, Mount Zion, Mount Clifton, Dunkle, Borror, Maple Dale, Lough, Pretty Ridge, Greenawalt Gap, Mowery, High Ridge, Tract Mountain, Brushy Run, Valley, Shreve, Lone Poplar, Sugar Grove, Stony Run, Brushy Fork, Gambel, Pitsenbarger, Lone Oak, Laurel Hill, Sinnett's Lane, Mitchell, Brooklyn, Mount Hall, Wilfong, Westburn, Moatstown, Harper, Carr, Seneca, Harper Gap, Cave, Germany, Dixie, Dolly, Mallow, Tanyard Gap, Brushy Run, Onego, Roaring #1, Roaring #2, Boggs, Spruce Mountain, Miller, Smith Mountain, Keyl Spring, Kellerman, Huffman

Local History and Topography of Pleasants County. Teachers' surveys on local history, 1927
Schools: Belmont, Calf Creek, Eureka, Oak Dale, Oak Grove, St. John, Pleasants, Horseneck, Henry Camp, Rush Run, Ruckman, Star, Schultz Fork, Spice Run, Schultz, Hebron, Dry Knob, Fairview, Oak Grove, Shawnee, Pleasant Oak, Rock Run, Walnut Run, Nine Mile, Cloverdale, Bond, Centervalley, Jackson Hall, Jonestown, Oak Hill, Wiley, Willow Island Run, Union Mills, Wasp, Arvilla, Brown Hill, Clay Point, Sugar Valley, Locust Knob, Twiggs, Mount Carmel, Pleasant Ridge, Raven Rock, River View, Walnut Hill, Wolf Run, Point Lookout, Grape Island, St. Marys Public

Local History and Topography of Summers County. Teachers' surveys on local history, 1927
Schools: Sandstone, Pleasant View, Ellison, Penical, Kirby, Tempa, Pleasant Farley, Claypool, Wolf Creek, Mandeville, Indian Mills, Spruce Run, Forest Hill Consolidated, Cleveland, Buffalo, Harvey, Bull Falls, Lick, Williams, Packs Ferry, Sandsprings, Woodrumtown, Powleys Creek, Foster, Bennett, Kincaid, Elk Knob, Little Wolf Creek, Keatley Springs, Rock Island, Wimmer, Meadow Creek, Hurley, Red Springs, Victor, Locust Dale, Wheelertown, Elton, Chestnut Mountain, Tug Creek, Payne, Harrison, Providence, Rocky Bottom, Bryan, Gilpin, Beech Run, Leatherwood, Cave Ridge, Sycamore, Lilly, Fall Rock, Suck Creek, Dunn, Josiah Lilly, George Meador, Toliver Meador, Marrying Spring, Birchfield, McLaughlin, Streeter, Mount View, White Oak Lick, Jack Duds, Jumping Branch Graded, Rocky Ford, Flat Top, Panther Knob, Sunrise, L. A. Meador, Pipestem Creek, Pleasant View, Knob Ridge, Pipestem, Green Sulphur, Farley, Sulphur Springs, Barker, Junta, Casher Hill, Hill Top, Crumps Bottom, Cane, Harman, Browns Chapel, River Ridge, John Williams, Hilldale, Cross Roads, Upton, Talcott Junior High and Graded, Haynes, Crockett, Brooks, Gravly Point, Clayton, Grapevine, Fox, Mountain View, Davis, Spice Lick, Greenbrier Springs, Pence Spring, Beech Grove, Riverview, Boyd, Lowell, Glenray

Local History and Topography of Taylor County. Teachers' surveys on local history, 1927
Schools: Rock Union, Sand Hill, Harmony Grove, Meadland, Middleville, Corbin, Taylor, Linn, Carden, Tappan, Hammond, Pleasant Valley, Gray Goble, Simpson, Wendel, Webster, Woodford, Shelby, Long Run, Sand Lick, Buck Run, Gabes Fork, Flag Run, Bartlett, Riverside, West Hill, Thornton, Blueville, Wick Wire, White Day Glades, Coffman, Haymond, Brown, Westerman, Roderick, Laurel Run, Keener, Maple Run, Hardman, Wilson, McConkey, Leach, College Hill (Flemington), Flemington Central, Astor, Cather, Rosemont Grade, Robinson, Lincoln, Mount Pleasant, Jones, Rosier, Robinson, Millerville, Glade Run, Rock Branch, Mount Airy, Park View, Pruntytown Independent

Local History and Topography of Tucker County. Teachers' surveys on local history, 1927
Schools: Fork Mountain, Parsons, Holly Meadows, Black Fork District High, Otter Creek, Moore, Porterwood, Hambleton Graded, Mount Zion, Cross, Godwin, Brushy Fork, Murphy, Pifer, Wolfe, Ervin, Beckner, Davis Public, Canan, Pleasant Vale, Flanagan Hill, Wolford, White, Laneville, Harr, Courtland, Douglas, Claylick, Central, Chestnut Grove, Hannahsville, Limestone, Macedonia, White Ridge, Robinson Hill, Valley, Hobson, St. George, Close Mountain, Mount Hope, Horse Shoe, Pine Grove, Sugar Land

Local History and Topography of Wetzel County. Teachers' surveys on local history, 1927
Schools: Knob Fork, Anthem, Brookside, Dewey, Endicott, Fairview, Green Valley, Silver Hill, Hayes, Kodol, Morris Run, Steels Run, Littleton, Carney, Rush Run, Burton, Cottontown, Hundred, Rock Camp, Oliver, Oak Tree, Cosgray, Pine Grove, Smithfield, Folsom Public, Jacksonburg, Burchfield, Pricetown, Arches Graded, Bane, Four Mile, Mobley, Morgan Run, Stout Run, Tunnel, Merrifield, Barker, Oak Grove, Richwood Run, Upper Run, Fallen Timber, Deadfall, Big Run, Hickory Knob, Gilbert, Utts Ridge, Pride of Green, Otter Den, New Mount Morris, Eight Mile, Atwood or Barter, Chisel Finger, Ross, Minnie, McKimmie Ridge, Porters Falls, Noland, Piney Ridge, Piney, Reader, Morgan Ridge, Paden City, Doolin, New Martinsville, Vennon, American Ridge, Gravel Bottom, Greenlee, Mount Jacob, Limestone, Pleasant Valley, Rockport, Union, Midcap, Highland, Fan Light, Woodland, Friendship, Antioch, Granview, Mount Olive, Green Valley, Rock Port, Des Moines, New Lynne, Riverview, Marion, Hemlock, Williams Valley, Scheidler, Mountain Tea

Local History and Topography of Wirt County. Teachers' surveys on local history, 1927
Schools: Cedar Hill, Cool Spring, Bell, River View, Two Run, Brushy Fork, Calm, Vincent Run, Lick Run, Flatwoods, Parish Fork, Pine Twist, Nelson, Flint Run, Elizabeth, Lynn Camp, Two Ripple, Palestine, Oil Rock, Black Hill, North Point, Elizabeth Joint District High, Newark, Rising Sun, Oak Hill, Greaves Run, Thorns Run, Rock Valley, Mayberry, Hope, Buffalo, Pee Wee, Two Lick, Lucile, Hope, Mount Solon, Corbitt, Creston, Sanoma, Hill Grove, Glendale, Center Valley, Pleasant Hill, Hickory Grove, McKinley, Sugar Grove, Savage Point, Valley Bell

Local History and Topography of Wood County. Teachers' surveys on local history, 1927
Schools: Leachtown Graded, Muddy Cut, Red Hill, Murphytown, Davisville, Kites Run, Winding, Lower Stillwell, Loomis, Oak Grove, Fairview, Cedar Grove, Newport, Belville, Sheep Gap, New England, Big Champion, Humphrey, Thomas Run, Pleasant Hill, Willow Run, College Hill, Wadesville, Ford, Flinn, Oak Valley, Glendale, Little Champion, Whetstone, Lubeck Graded, Marrtown, Washington, Cogger, Cathern, Fankhauser, West Point, Ball, River Hill, Lauckport, Byrd Ridge, Homewood, Nicelyville, Society Hill, Fairview, Slate, Mudlick, Chesterville, Leafy Glen, Bogal Ridge, Sunny Side, Seven Pines, Saulsbury, Last Chance, Valley Belle, Rockport, Pond Creek, Buck Run, Mount Hope, Lowdell, Wigal, Monitor, Stephen's Fork, California, Morning Star, Centennial, Gate's Ridge, Rising Sun, Mentor, Jerrys Run, Oak Grove, Fairview, Pettyville, Locust Valley, Green Valley, Hope Hill, Locust Ridge, New Era, Fairplains, South Side, Pleasant View, Shady Hill, Sycamore, Tygart Valley, Social, Shiloh, Tallyho, Zoar, Valley Mills, Lower Darling, Upper Darling, Pumpkin Knob, Maple Glen, Rising Sun, Middle Ridge, Mount Olivet, Waverly, Walker, Green Hill, Stillwell, Pleasant Valley, Hannen Ridge, Oak Grove, Rocky Knob, Progress Ridge, Walker Creek, Volcano, Pleasant Hill, Fairview, Mount Flower, Dewey, Mount Carmel

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