Treasurer's Office Impeachment Proceedings


Box 1

Jack Fuller mentioned in impeachment testimony
Jack Fuller Gainer documents
Jack Fuller retriever run from deposition
Miscellaneous correspondence and documents
Certification for Fuller and Poole
Jim Lees work file
Other Lees work files where Fuller mentioned
Fuller impeachment testimony and summary
Craig Slaughter

Box 2

J. L. Bates
State documents mentioning Salomon
Zack Snow
Denise Cumby
Robert W. Smart
Betty Mah

Box 3

Arch Moore - Board Minutes
Ben Bailey
Arch Moore - Newspaper Articles
Agreed upon procedures
Impeachment testimony excerpts
Arch Moore - Legislative Auditors Report
Board of Investments
Annual Report
1985, 1987, 1988
Impeachment testimony
Housing Development Fund minutes, 1986-87

Box 4

Larrie Bailey
November 10, 1986 - Kathy Lester/Peter Gibson - 11:31
November 14, 1986 - Kathy Lester/Margaret Lane - (no time)
November 13, 1986 - Kathy Lester/Frank Coulson/Tom Pura - 12:02:32
November 24, 1986 - Kathy Lester/Mary Hudson - 8:31:56
November 25, 1986 - Kathy Lester/Frank - 14:24:25
January 2, 1987 - Kathy Lester/Asa 11 o'clock
January 13, 1987 - Kathy Lester/Harry - 9:31:26
February 12, 1987 - Kathy Lester/Debbie - 15:34:16
February 19, 1987 - Kathy Lester/Marion - 4 o'clock
March 2, 1987 - Kathy Lester/Lenny - 12:25:33
March 3, 1987 - Kathy Lester/Debbie Tustin - 14:14:54
March 3, 1987 - Kathy Lester/Ben Bailey - 15:11:15
March 4, 1987 - Kathy Lester/Debbie Tustin - 9:25:04
March 4, 1987 - Kathy Lester/Ken deRegt - 15:47:07
March 5, 1987 - Kathy Lester/ Ben Bailey's office - 11:07:52
March 5, 987 - Kathy Lester/Janice (Ben Bailey's office) - 12:38:09
March 5, 1987 - Mary Hudson/Kathy Lester - 15:48:34
March 5, 1987 - Kathy Lester/Ben Bailey - 16:15:06
March 10, 1987 - Kathy Lester/Debbie Tustin - 9:29:55
March 10, 1987 - Kathy Lester/Jack - 09:49:52
March 10, 1987 - Kathy Lester/Lenny Barshack - 14:25

Box 5

Auditors, Depositions, Work File, Legislation
Sue Bing
Charles Capet
Board of Investment Minutes/Report
Impeachment Testimony
Bobby Ludwig
Eli Katz
Lenny Barshack
Michael Sizemore

Box 6

IPC Charts
Expert Reports
Expert Reports

Box 7 - Deloitte and Touche Ross

Box 8

Impeachment Transcripts, John Bailey, Charles Capet, Jack Fuller, Glen Gainer, Dorothy Gillespie, Joe Hatfield, Mary Hudson, Delores Humbles, Kathy Lester
Impeachment Hearing Transcripts, Arch Moore, Allison Patient, John Pratt, Jerry Simpson, Michael Sizemore, Zachary Snow, David Widner
Impeachment Hearing Testimony, Summaries
Impeachment Hearing Transcript Outlines
Impeachment Hearing Exhibits, Volume V, Exhibits, 12-31
Impeachment Hearing Exhibits, Exhibit II, Volume III
Impeachment Hearing, Exhibit II, Volume IV

Box 9

Audit Report, State Board of Investments, 1987
Audit Reports, State Board of Investments, 1984, 1986, and 1988

Box 10

Documents Produced by SALI

Box 11

House Judiciary Documents
Lees Workfile
Gainer, mentioned in other impeachment testimony
Gainer, newspaper articles
Gainer, retriever runs
Gainer, censure
Glen Gainer
Glen Gainer

Box 12

Impeachment Transcripts, John Bailey, Charles Capet, Jack Fuller, Glen Gainer, Dorothy Gillespie, Joe Hatfield, Mary Hudson, Delores Humbles, Kathy Lester
Summaries of Impeachment Testimony
Impeach Transcripts of Mary Jane Lopez, Machel, A. James Manchin, Arnold Margolin
Impeachment Hearing Transcripts, Arch Moore, Allison Patient, John Pratt, Jerry Simpson, Michael Sizemore, Zachary Snow, David Widner
Impeach Hearing Exhibits, Volume II

Box 13

Impeachment Hearing Exhibits, Volume 1, Exhibits 1-10
Impeachment Hearing Exhibits, Exhibit 10
SEI 220009-0010, Impeachment Hearing Exhibits, Volume II, Exhibit II, Adams
SEI 220009-0010, Impeachment Hearing Exhibits, Volume III, Exhibit II, Adams
Impeachment Hearing Exhibits, Volume IV, Exhibit II, Adams

Box 14

State of West Virginia vs. Morgan Stanley
County NatWest Documents, received February 13, 1991
Donaldson, Lufkkin & Jenrette

Box 15

Encil Bailey
Charlie Brown
Dorothy's Annual Report Data, 1986-1987

Box 16

Board of Investments, Annual Reports, 1984-1988
Roger Summerfield, SOWV30B6
Marty Gargano
Housing Development Fund
Subpoena/Grand Jury

Box 17

Kanawha County Board of Education vs. A. James Manchin,
House of Delegates
House of Delegates, Lees Report

Box 18

A. James Manchin
Expense Records/Personnel Files
Signature Cards
Corporate Resolutions
Board of Investments Meetings
News Releases
Investors Monthly Statements
Correspondence with Auditor and Finance and Administration
Lees Impeachment Investigation
Correspondence with Wismer
Correspondence with Investors
Treasurer's Office Inter-Office Memos
Agreements with Brokers
Correspondence with Governor
Correspondence with Attorney General
Testimony before Finance Committee, February 3, 1987
Simpson/Williamson/Hudson Memos
Snow Grand Jury Material
Correspondence with Brokers
Housing Development Fund
Requests for Proposals
Legislative Auditors Materials
Deloitte, Haskins, and Sells
Touche Ross
Correspondence with Investment Advisors
Newspaper Articles

Box 19

Board of Investments, Meeting Minutes, 1984-1988
Audit Evaluation Committee
Housing Development Fund, Shelter Company Project
Purchase of Ten Years in November 1986
SEI Fund Evaluation Reports
Board of Investments Meeting, December 29, 1986
Board of Investments Meeting, June 26, 1985
Board of Investments Meeting, September 27, 1985
Board of Investments Meeting, October 28-29, 1985
Board of Investments Meeting, November 25, 1985
Sayles Loomis
Board of Investments Meeting, March 31, 1986
Board of Investments Meeting, May 14, 1986
Jobs Development Corporation Projects
Board of Investments Meeting, July 24, 1986
Kathy/Mary, Kathy/Arnie, Ben Bailey's Office, Other, 1987
Manchin Cross-Examination
Kathy Lester Impeachment Testimony
Impeachment Transcripts of Mary Jane Lopez, David Machel, A. James Manchin, Arnold Margolin

Box 20

Arnie Margolin
State of West Virginia vs. Morgan Stanley, Solomon Brothers and Goldman, Sachs
Exhibit 358
March 5, 1987, 16:15:06
March 8, 1987, 09:04:33
Exhibit 365
Exhibit 364
Exhibit 363
Deposition Exhibit #105
Exhibit 332
March 10, 1987, 08:17:40
Exhibit 489
Board of Investments, Meeting Minutes
Corporate Resolutions
News Releases
Apportionment Memos
Lester Notes
Impeachment Hearing

Box 21

Wismer Calculations and Reporting Conventions
State of West Virginia Cassette Index
West Virginia State Board of Investments, Annual Reports, 1985-1987
Deloitte & Touche
Greg Icenhower
Tape Transcripts, Kathy Lester/Mike Maher
Wismer Associates
Wismer Deposition Prep
Deposition Witnesses
TEDDI Loan Program
Second Set of Interrogatories
Status of Interest Earnings, 1985-1988
Monthly Portfolio and Apportionment Statistics, 1985-1988
FOIA Requests
1987 Salomon Letter and Response
Board of Investment Task Force, 1989
Legislation, 1989
Investment Earnings Reports, 1985-1988
Comparative Earnings Analysis, 1985-1988
Arnold T. Margolin, 1987
Local Government Statistics, 1986
Profit/Loss Reports
Amortization of Loss Proposals, 1989
Lawsuit, City of San Jose

Box 22

Hearing, West Virginia Board of Public Works, October 29, 1987
Proposal to Provide Actuarial Consulting Services to the West Virginia State Teachers Retirement Board, Milliman and Robertson, October 29, 1987
West Virginia State Teachers Retirement Board, Proposal for Actuarial Services
West Virginia Public Employees Retirement System
West Virginia Public Employees Retirement System, Quinquennial Experience Study for July 1, 1981-June 30, 1986
West Virginia Board of Public Works
West Virginia Teachers Retirement Board
YMCA Youth in Government
West Virginia Public Employees Retirement System, 1987
West Virginia Public Employees Retirement System, 1988
State Building Commission
Public Employees Insurance Board
Testimony of Joe Hatfield
State of West Virginia v. Morgan Stanley, Goldman Sachs, Chase Securities
Settlement, Salomon Brothers
Chase PUT Tape, March 6, 1987
Minutes, Board of Investments
Salomon Discussion, Meeting of, November 9, 1990
Board Orders
Board of Investments, 1989
Broker Transactions, 1986-1988
Memos and Correspondence, Mary Hudson, 1989
RFP, 1989
Touche Ross
News Releases
Letter from A. James Manchin to Governor Arch Moore, April 16, 1987
Committee Report on Losses, December 12, 1988
Workers Comp Transfer, Request and Response, 1988
Apportionment Memos, 1989

Box 23

Investment Objectives
Monthly Portfolio and Apportionment Statistics
Gross Interest Earning Worksheets
Investment Classification Codes
Wise Users Group Conference
Attendance at Board Meetings per Manchin
Lees Material
Lees Report
Gillespie Retriever Runs
Brian DuBois Documents
Impeachment Testimony Mentioning Gillespie
Gillespie Impeachment Hearing Testimony and Summary
Revised Specifications for State of West Virginia, When-Issued Securities Tracking system, Wismer Associates, December 31, 1986
Wismer Associates Documents
Audit Report, State of West Virginia, 1987

Box 24

Research Project, Investments
Code, Constitution
AIS, Request Sheets
Bibby Street, Miscellaneous papers from apartment
Terrace Park East Apartments (info)
Setting up new apartments
Imperial Towers Apartments
American Office Systems
B&O Tax information
BOI, Agency List
Chase, 3rd Party Appeal, Supreme Court Decision, Moore, Gainer, Manchin
Civil Action Number 89-C-3700
Deposition Schedule
WA Conflict Hearing, February 1992
Morgan Stanley
Settlement Totals
Shuttle Schedule
Staff Meeting Notes, Board Of Investments
Marsha Stigum
Supply Request Forms
Tape Index, WA # and Our Tape #s
Tape Index, Chase Tape Duplicate for Davis Polk
Tape Index, Who's Who/Calendars
Tape Index, Morgan Stanley, King, Betts and Allen
Tape Log, Computer Run
Time Sheets
T-2's, Samples
Cassette Tapes
Miscellaneous Fax Sheets
Cindy's Fax Sheets
Wolff Ardis

Box 25

Investment Inventory, March 16-March 31, 1987
Investment Inventory, April 1-April 15, 1987
Investments Outstanding, March 16-March 19, 1987
Investments Outstanding, March 20-March 27, 1987
Investments Outstanding, March 30-April 1, 1987
Investments Outstanding, April 3-April 9, 1987
Investments Outstanding, April 10-April 15, 1987
Original Exhibits

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