Division of Forestry


Box 1

State Forestry Administration, by William J. Stahl
Forest Management Tool Kit, Conservation Commission of West Virginia, Division of Forestry, list of landowners (total acres), 1954, for purpose of enforcing 10-acre fire assessment
Forest Conservation: A Forest Service Guide in the Social Studies, United States Forest Service, 1937
Farm Forestry Plan for West Virginia, August 1939
West Virginia State Planning Board, Report of the Coordinating Committee on Forest Resources in the Field of Conservation and Recreation, November 1, 1963
West Virginia Centennial Program
Clippings, 1987 Fire Season (worst fire season since 1964)

Box 2

Correspondence and photographs regarding felling of large white oak tree in Fayette County, 1952
West Virginia Conservation Commission Manual, circa 1941
Conservation Commission, Division of Forestry, Administration Manual, September 23, 1946
Wyoming County Forest Fire Prevention Program, 1964-1970
Annual Reports, Central West Virginia Fire Protective Association, 1926, 1927, 1928, 1930, 1931
Official Records, West Virginia Forest Council, 1952-1965

Photographs (not yet accessioned - ask archivist)

Two photographs, felling of Old Fayette, 370 year-old white oak tree in Fayette County, March 6, 1952

Transferred to State Documents:
Wonderful West Virginia, February 1984
West Virginia Conservation, November 19, 1954
Annual Report, West Virginia Department of Natural Resources, 1964-1965
Annual Reports, Game and Fish Commission of West Virginia, 1921 and 1922
Annual Reports, Conservation Commission of West Virginia, 1937-1938, 1938-1939, 1939-1940

Transferred to State Museum:
Two cloth flyers, to prevent forest fires, Department of Forestry, Game and Fish, Belington, September 1, 1915

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