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John G. Morgan Collection

Descriptive Summary

Title:John G. Morgan Collection
Span Dates: 1939-1982
Bulk Dates: 1959-1982
ID No: Ms2014-009
Creator: John G. Morgan
Extent: 2 boxes (Ms2014-009); 1 box photographs (Ph2014-009)
Language: English
Repository: West Virginia State Archives, Charleston, WV
Abstract: This collection consists primarily of notes, articles, personal correspondence, and papers of Charleston Gazette newspaperman John G. Morgan. Mr. Morgan was born July 28, 1919 in Putnam County, served in the Coast Guard during World War II, was a graduate of Morris Harvey College, and spent his career working as a writer for the Gazette. Recipient of the Reid Fellowship which took him on a 18-month research trip to India and Pakistan, Morgan also authored a book on the governors of West Virginia from Arthur Boreman through Cecil Underwood (first term). Morgan died on October 11, 2013.
Administrative Information

Donors: Sarah Morgan
Transfers: Museums
Preferred Citation: [item, collection number], John G. Morgan Collection, West Virginia State Archives, Charleston, WV.
Contents List:

Box 1
1:1 "A Gazette Reporter Abroad" (1 of 2)
1:2 "A Gazette Reporter Abroad" (2 of 2)
1:3 Charleston Gazette Stories, 1959
1:4 Charleston Gazette Stories, 1960
1:5 Frontier Warfare, Notes and Drafts (1 of 2)
1:6 Frontier Warfare, Notes and Drafts (2 of 2)
1:7 Reporting from State Capitol
1:8 Notes and Drafts on India
1:9 Miscellaneous Articles, 1950 and 1952

Box 2
2:1 The Whiskey Ring - Fayette County
2:2 State Administrative Organization in WV, by Albert L. Sturm, 1952
2:3 Morris Harvey College, class schedule for second semester, January-June 1940
2:4 Selected readings on Indian and American relations, 1957
2:5 Itinerary, 1952 press tour of Kentucky
2:6 Associated Press of West Virginia, 3rd place certificate, Writing Public Service Features in Series Form, 1952
2:7 Manuscript, Jay Rockefeller's second term as governor
2:8 Questionnaire, Lafe Ward
2:9 Questionnaire, Bobby Nelson
2:10 Questionnaire, Carl Gainer
2:11 Questionnaire, Alan Susman
2:12 Questionnaire, John Poffenbarger
2:13 Questionnaire, Mario Palumbo
2:14 Questionnaire, Frank Deem
2:15 Questionnaire, Chester Hubbard
2:16 Questionnaire, Jim Moreland
2:17 Questionnaire, W. T. Brotherton
2:18 Questionnaire, J. C. Dillon
2:19 Questionnaire, John Pat Fanning
2:20 Morris Harvey College Bulletin, May 1939
2:21 "The Court and Its Judges," Judge Frank C. Haymond, Supreme Court of Appeals
2:22 Research tax filings, West Virginia legislators
2:23 First brick pavement
2:24 Investments, State of West Virginia
2:25 Manuscript, "A Child of the Rebellion"
2:26 Research Notes, Alcohol Beverage Control
2:27 John G. Morgan articles on legislature
2:28 Research notes for articles on legislators
2:29 Senator Chester Hubbard
2:30 Roll call forms, West Virginia Senate
2:31 Charleston Gazette letterhead
2:32 Battle of Point Pleasant Bicentennial
2:33 Lead plate
2:34 Transcripts, Governor Arch Moore's news conferences, 1974-1976
2:35 Brochure, West Virginia State Capitol
2:36 West Virginia State Capitol Master Plan, 1966
2:37 West Virginia Governors book
2:38 Facsimile of Gubernatorial Signatures, Boreman-Underwood

Box 3
3:1 Banking industry
3:2 Craik-Patton House
3:3 Newspaper articles, general, state
3:4 Governors
3:5 Grave Creek Tablet
3:6 Health
3:7 Jennings Randolph
3:8 Kanawha State Forest
3:9 Legislature
3:10 Local government
3:11 Mining, gas, energy
3:12 Miscellaneous
3:13 Morgan Family
3:14 Oral History of Appalachia Project
3:15 Point Pleasant history
3:16 Public Service Commission, including taxi strike
3:17 "The Other One-Tenth" (mental health)
3:18 "How State Money Flows," 1975
3:19 "Highway Crunch," 1977
3:20 "Beckley Traffic," 1977
3:21 "Rolling Thunder," 1978 (trucking industry)
3:22 "Wheels of Justice," 1980 (jury selection)
3:23 "Order in the Court," 1981
3:24 "Justice Under the Board," 1981
3:25 Land ownership, 1981
3:26 "Sweet Land of Poverty," 1981
3:27 Probate reform, 1982

Box 4
4:1 Regarding pensions for state officials found guilty of crimes in office
4:2 Impeachment of Circuit Judge George C. Sturgiss, Morgantown, 1919
4:3 Harry G. Hoffmann to John Morgan, September 6, 1947, offering him employment with Charleston Gazette
4:4 Legislative roster, 1981-1982
4:5 "Storehouse of Treasures," Archives and History pamphlet
4:6 Business card and press card, John Morgan
4:7 Pamphlet, West Virginia's Independence Hall
4:8 National Register nomination, Craik-Patton House, note from Jennings Randolph
4:9 Executive Message #2, Arch Moore, July 26, 1976
4:10 Better Farming Methods, May 1959, article and cover photograph, John Morgan
4:11 Press kit, Pakistan
4:12 Christmas and New Year's cards from India
4:13 Correspondence, incoming
4:14 Correspondence, outgoing
4:15 William T. Brotherton vs. C. A. Blankenship
4:16 John G. Morgan Diary, 1954
4:17 Address Book, India
4:18 Miscellaneous Notes
4:19 Newspaper articles by John Morgan, 1967
Scrapbook, Reporter Abroad, 1954-1955
Scrapbook, Birth of a Century

Box 5
5:1 Brochure, Oglebay Park
5:2 John G. Morgan, Outgoing Correspondence, 1973-1975
5:3 Articles on Highways, 1963
5:4 Clarence Elmore, ABC Commissioner
5:5 John Alexander Williams, Bicentennial History
5:6 Materials regarding Reid Fellowship Grant
5:7 James Sprouse, Libel Case
5:8 Program, West Virginia Association, Future Farmers of America, Jackson's Mill, July 19, 1959
5:9 Program, West Virginia State Capitol Dedication, June 20, 1932
5:10 Programs, Oil and Gas Festival, Sistersville, 1970-1972
5:11 Report Cards, Putnam County/Kanawha County/Morris Harvey College
5:12 Better Farming Methods, May 1959
5:13 Mountain State Vignette, Number 1, 1977; Number 3, 1979
5:14 "Grafton Station News," November 15, 1943
5:15 Certificates of Baptism, John Morgan and Rita Morgan
5:16 Research, West Virginia State Treasurer/Banking
5:17 West Virginia Legal Services Plan, Press Kit
5:18 PresScene, May 2, 1979
5:19 Notes for Editorial on West Virginia Statehood
5:20 Research Notes, Second Half of Twentieth Century
5:21 Miscellanceous Articles, 1960s and 1970s
5:22 Scepticism of Santayana
5:23 John G. Morgan, Report on India and Pakistan, 1956
5:24 Report on India and Pakistan
5:25 Reporter's Notebooks (1 of 3)
5:26 Reporter's Notebooks (2 of 3)
5:27 Reporter's Notebooks (3 of 3)
5:28 "The Uncrowned Queen of the Temperance World," Louise Bing

Folder containing:
Certificate, American Press Institute, John G. Morgan, 1968
Retirement card, John G. Morgan
Retirement drawing, "Quothe the Morgan, Nevermore!"
Kendall Vintroux drawing, The Fair Tax, March 1, 1961
Drawing, Burying Lead Plate
Drawing of John Morgan by Taylor Jones, 1982
Certificate, West Virginia Soil Conservation District Supervisors Association
Citation, West Virginia Association of Soil Conservation Supervisors, November 5, 1969

1:1 Arthur Jackson
1:2 Man inside bank vault
1:3 Cars parked at Capitol
1:4 John Morgan with Hulett Smith
1:5 Charleston area, proposed I-64
1:6 Ned "The Enforcer" Watson
1:7 Bernard Smith, Logan County, former Commissioner of Welfare
1:8 Early explorations and explorers
1:9 William H. Maginnis
1:10 Dr. Robert Franklin Maddox
1:11 Prisoner William Hollie Griffith
1:12 Arch Moore
1:13 Former governors
1:14 Okey Patteson, New Year's party
1:15 C. A. Rothrock, L. C. M. Reddy, M. F. Kent, K. S. Raghavachary, N. C. Patel, State Road Commission, Planning Division, June 26, 1947
1:16 Fort Randolph
1:17 John and Rita Morgan, with art of Indian children, Charleston, January 2, 1954
1:18 John Kelly
1:19 Houston G. Young, 1975
1:20 Coal River Railroad, Alum Creek to Alcolt
1:21 Walter Ferguson
1:22 Kentucky Press Tour, 1952
1:23 Governor Cecil Underwood with John Morgan, reading West Virginia Governors
1:24 West Virginia Association, Future Farmers of America
1:25 John G. Morgan working at Capitol
1:26 West Virginia State Capitol
1:27 T. P. Bagavantaraj, Pakistan, June 13, 1952
1:28 Unidentified
Four oversized images of construction of Culture Center

Transferred to Miscellaneous Newspapers Collection:
Centennial edition, Charleston Gazette-Mail, June 16, 1963
Complete set, series of articles on governors of West Virginia

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