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Anderson Brown Collection

Descriptive Summary:

Title: Anderson Brown Collection
Span Dates: 1905 – 1986
Bulk Dates: 1950 – 1980
ID No.: MS 85 – 185
Creator: Anderson Brown
Extent: 16 Boxes (MS 85 – 185); 1 Folder Oversized For Rent & For Sale Signs; 1 Oversized Folder Floor Plans and Elevation Drawings; 1 Oversized Scrapbook
Language: English
Repository: West Virginia State Archives, Charleston, West Virginia
Abstract: Correspondence, realty & business records, financial records, and other materials of Anderson Brown and his family. Anderson Brown was a prominent realtor, Civil Rights activist, and member of the First Baptist Church in Charleston, West Virginia. He was one of the petitioners in the landmark case, Brown vs. Board of Education (Kanawha County). His daughter, Della Brown Taylor, was also a realtor while his son, Willard L. Brown, was a lawyer.

Administrative Information

Preferred Citation: [item, collection number], Anderson Brown Collection, West Virginia State Archives, Charleston, WV.
Processor: Aaron Parsons

Box 1
Charleston City Council, 1967
City of Charleston Office of City Collector Fire Service Fee, 1964-1978
Deeds, Lot 44 Kanawha Addition Wertz Avenue, Lot NE Corner Washington Street, Shrewsburg, 1970-1972
Department of Home Missions, Church of the Nazarene Property, Dunbar Street, Institute, 1960 – 1971
First Baptist Church Property 424 Shrewsburg Street, 1967
First Baptist Church Property 1203 Crescent Road, 1965 – 1972
First Baptist Church House, 815 7th Street, 1968-1974
First Baptist Church House, 908 Rugby Street 1964-1971
First Baptist Church Property, 1534 Hansford Street, 1963-1974
First Baptist Church Parsonage, 903 Thompson Street, 1967-1973
First Baptist Church, Miscellaneous, 1967-1969
First Baptist Church, Promissory Note, Kanawha Banking Trust, 1967
First Baptist Church Trustees, 1965-1970
Alexander and Betty Ann Fortson, 7025 Chesapeake Avenue, Saint Albans, 1972-1974
Harry G. Frame, 404 and 406 Donnally Street, 706 Young Street, 1965-1971
Lelia Freeman, 7429 Early Street, 1952-1973
Joseph Fulkner, 16 Alice Street, Saint Albans, 1961-1967
Sanitary Bills, Justice’s Summons in Civil Action, 1973
Wade H. Sheffey, Accounts and Estates, 1964-1968
Mrs. Della Brown Taylor, 1339 Washington Street East, 1962-1973
Mrs. Della Brown Taylor, 1304 Second Avenue Property, 1964-1965
Mrs. Della Brown Taylor, Personal 1977
Mrs. Della Brown Taylor, Loan to (For Renovation of Cambridge Property), 1970-1974
Oliver Taylor and A.L. Brown, Lots 5 and 6 in Block 3, West Dunbar Addition, 1964
Cora Terry and Bertha Book Case 1958-1967
Gardner Buick, Inc., 1964-1966
Mrs. Dorothy Gatherwright, 1967-1974
Dorothy B. Hawkins, 753 Crotona Park, North Bronx, New York 10457, 1967-1968
Dorothy B. Hawkins, 753 Crotona Park, North Bronx, New York 10457, 1970-1974
Henry Harvey, 824 Crest Drive, 1972
Mrs. Ammie H. Hopkins, Cedar Grove, West Virginia, 1961-1972
James Hamilton Suit, August 12, 1967
Incineration Bills and Incineration Lien Releases, 1962-1976
Mrs. Clara Washington Jones, 300 Rhoads Place, Columbus, Ohio 43205, 1959-1973
William I. Johnson, 1331 Lewis Street Sales Contract, 1968-1969
Lien Releases - Sewer Bills and Fire Fees, 1961-1972
Charles Logan, 1316 Washington Street East Distress Warrant, 1965-1969
Vandy Leonard, 413 Shrewsbury Street, 1965-1966
Mr. James McNeil / Mrs. P.N. Arnold, 82 Tuckerman Street, N.W. Washington D.C., 20011, 1967-1974
Mrs. Cecile M. McCormick, 5122 ½ 20th Street, Apartment #1, Los Angeles, California 90016, 1962-1965
Reverend Moses Newsome, 1009 Second Avenue, Charleston, West Virginia, 1963-1966
Property Certificates, 413 Shrewsbury Street; 1314 and 1316 Washington Street East; 1340 Washington Street East; 407 Bradford Street; 1312, 1314, and 1316 Second Avenue, September 15, 1971
Relocation of Graves, Spring Hill Cemetery, 1964-1970
Rose-City Press, 513 Capitol Street, Charleston, West Virginia 25301 – Mr. Bill Reishman/ Tenant Keith Kinkaid, 501 Eagan Street (Lease Enclosed), 1968-1971
Redemption of Lands Memo, 1960-1962
Mr. J.A. Shelton, P.O. Box 314, Welch, West Virginia 24801, 1963-1969
Dr. L.M. Solomon, 1000 Washington Street East, MandS Pharmacy, 1953-1970
Carrie and Fred Zodorozny, Route 6 Box 45, Charleston, West Virginia, April 11, 1962
492 and 494 Sentz Street Option, 1969

Box 2
Mrs. C.H. Woody, R. D. #6 Carlisle, Pennsylvania 17013 / Alyce D. Woody, 516 Forgo Road, Carlisle, Pennsylvania, 1974-1977
Reverend C.H. Woody, R.D. #6 Carlisle, Pennsylvania 17013, 1960-1974
White Advertising Company, Inc., P.O. Box 217 Lake Village, Indiana, 1965
Walter E. and Margaret B. Wilkinson, 1967-1973
Brown’s Park - Chew Chat Inn / Beer Parlor / Barbeque Stand, 1968-1976
Sam Scott Transaction / Sale of Piedmont Property/Releases, 1959-1964
1304 Second Avenue, 1975-1978
D.B.T. (Della Brown Taylor) Personal Folder 1, 1975-1976
D.B.T. (Della Brown Taylor) Personal Folder 2, 1975-1976
1004 Washington Street East, Option to Sell Property / Letter from Mr. F.W. Pauley, 1969
A.H. Brown (Personal) – Charleston National Bank, 1969-1971
Brown’s Building, Washington and Shrewsbury Streets - Correspondence and Option, 1968-1969
West Dunbar (Mrs. Alise Jenkins House, Formerly Carl Watson’s – Sold to Walter E. and Margaret B. Wilkinson), 1965-1967
Brown’s Park, West Dunbar (Formerly Pool Room – Mrs. Mildred Drew Tenant), 1973
1207 B Bel Air Court, 1965-1974
West Dunbar, Robert Burnell/Lee Dudley, 1965-1984
West Dunbar, Milton Irving (Formerly Lottie Carter, Deceased), 1965-1971
West Dunbar, A.L. Brown, 1967
501 Eagan Street, Rose City Press Property, 1971
Electrolux Sweeper (Guarantee), January 25, 1972
405 Jacob Street - Rooming House, 1965-1974
Mr. John V. Facinoli, Accounting Services, April 4, 1969
405 Jacob Street, 1975-1977
1331 Lewis Street, 1965-1969
Miscellaneous, 1968-1976
426 Shrewsbury Street, 1972-1977
Washington and Jacob Streets, Brown Building, 1316 Washington Street East, 1967-1975
Mrs. C.L. Saunders, 753 Crotona Park, North Bronx, New York 10457 Folder 1, 1966-1975
Mrs. C.L. Saunders, 753 Crotona Park, North Bronx, New York 10457 Folder 2, 1957-1971
1316, 1314, and 1312 Washington Street East, 1975-1977
413 Shrewsbury Street - Rooming House, 1965-1973
1304 Second Avenue, 1965-1974
1308 Second Avenue, Mrs. L.W. Thomas, 1965-1971
1310 Second Avenue, Mary Richardson, 1965-1974

Box 3
1312 Second Avenue, Charleston, West Virginia, Louise Wesley (Moved), Sylvia Wesley Taylor, 1965-1974
1314 Second Avenue, Mrs. Jennie Hearn, (Note: Property Bought from Red. William Ricks November 25, 1969), 1964-1974
1316 Second Avenue, 1965-1974
502 Shrewsbury Street, 1973-1974
422 Shrewsbury Street, 1972-1974
413 Shrewsbury Street, 1975
Fire Estimate and Expenses, Washington and Jacob Streets, 1965
Carl L. Watson, 1962-1968
Note Collection, Bank Statements, 1963-1971
Note Collection, Bank Statements, 1961-1974
Tax Statements from Kanawha County Sheriff and Treasurer, 1971
Correspondence, 1964-1974
Correspondence, 1962-1969
Correspondence, 1962-1971
Insurances, West Virginia Agency and Others A.A.A., 1968-1974
401 ½ Second Floor Plan, Brown Building, Washington and Jacob Streets
Real Estate Sales (Sales of Property), 1962-1977
Property Tax, 1964-1968
Mr. A.H. Brown File, Illness/Hospital Confinement (A) Charleston Memorial (B) St. Francis Hospital, 1970-1974
1308-1310 Second Avenue, 1974-1975
Rent Account of Tenants, 1968

Box 4
Rent Account of Tenants, 1964-1970
Mrs. E.L. Powell, 6436 Emlen Street, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 19119 Folder 1, 1965-1972
Mrs. E.L. Powell, 6436 Emlen Street, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 19119 Folder 2, 1959-1971
Property Tax, 1963-1974
Union District Taxes (Paid January 13, 1970), 1969-1970
Insurances, West Virginia Agency and Others A.A.A., 1959-1974
Correspondence, 1963-1967
Trust Deed, Roy Workman, Dunbar, West Virginia, 1958
Liberty Baptist Church, Note on “A Gospel Attraction,” 1966
Receipts, 1971
J. Robert Beach Investments Letter, 1971
Rent Receipt Book, 12253-12500, September 13, 1971 - December 30, 1971
Rent Receipt Book, 11001-11252, October 3,1970 - December 1, 1970
Rent Receipt Book, 11753-12000, April 5, 1971 - June 22, 1971
Rent Receipt Book, 10253-10500, April 24, 1970 - June 16, 1970
Rent Receipt Book, 10501-10752, June 15, 1970 - August 7, 1970
Rent Receipt Book, 10753-11000, August 7, 1970 - October 3, 1970
Rent Receipt Book, 10001-10252, February 26, 1970 - April 23, 1970
Rent Receipt Book, 12001-12252, June 22, 1971 - September 13, 1971
Rent Receipts, 13253-13493, November 7, 1972 - March 5, 1973
Strip Mining for Coal Booklet, 1971

Box 5
Mrs. Aileen W. Harris, 917 L. Street Northeast, Washington, D.C., 1962-1966
Appraisals, Simon Meyer, Letter to George Medley for the Sale of Brown Property, 1973-1975
Masterpiece Studios, 1971-1980
Attorney John T. Keenan – Reference to Executive Towers, Inc., 1974
Mutual Savings and Loan Company (Stock Holders), Zoning Review for Building Permit, 1970-1973
E.L. James, Sr., Mutual Savings and Loan Company, 1961-1972
James R. Hairston, Option and Agreement of Purchase and Sale, 1972
502 Shrewsbury Street, Repair Work, 1974
Federal Enterprises, Inc., 1973-1974
Ryder Truck Company, 1973
Contract - Nowling Service, 1973
Rent Account of Tenants, 1964-1976
Personal Correspondence, 1964-1978
Lease, Rhodes - St. Clair Buick, Inc., 1973
A.H. Brown Revocable Trust, 1974
Building Permit for 405 Jacob Street, Agreement Between Mr. and Mrs. Tom Walker to Purchase 824 Crest Drive, 1974
Willard L. Brown, Simon Meyer, and L.E. Williams – Hamilton V. Brown Case, Cummins Engines of West Virginia, Inc., Etc., 1970-1971
(1) Hertz Rent-A-Car Accident (2) Pile Hardware Truck Accident, 1974
Closing Statement for Sale to Diversified Mountaineer Corporation, 1971
Sugar Creek Property, 1973
Receipt Booklet, 1962-1980
Account of Checks Sent to Charleston National Bank Trust Department (Notes - Receivable), 1974
James Hamilton Case, 1972-1974
Letter from Wilberforce University (Rembert E. Stokes), Abstract of Judgement - George Jackson, 1974
1970 Mercury Automobile Information, 1973-1974
Dr. Dennis Smith’s Obituary, 1974
Elvin Hardman Account, Spencer Sharp, Proposal to Repair House in West Dunbar, 1974
(1) Notice of Intention to Sell Lodge Property (2) Notice of Resolution, 1972-1973
(1) Home Mortgages, Inc. (2) Copies of Letter to C.W. Dickenson from Charleston National Bank (3) Appraisals - A.H. Brown Properties by Simon Meyer (4) Information from Charleston National Bank (5) Don Ray Roofing Proposal for 405 Jacob Street, 1973-1974
505 Eagan Street, Deed and Charleston Urban Renewal Proposal, 1972-1975
Charleston National Bank, Account Statements, 1974-1975
Gifts from Mr. Brown, 1972-1974
426 Shrewsbury Street, Notice of Filing of Application for Condemnation, 1973
Hamilton V. Brown Case, Reply of Appellee, 1973
James Burdette, 1974
Rent Receipts, 00601-00852, October 2, 1975 - June 5, 1976
Rent Receipts, 15253-15500, September 2, 1975 - June 8, 1976
Rent Receipts, 13001-13252, July 21, 1972 - November 7, 1972
Rent Receipts, 14501-14752, July 16, 1974 - January 6, 1975
Rent Receipts, 00353-00600, February 1, 1973 - October 2, 1975
Rent Receipts, 14001-14236, November 5, 1973 - March 6, 1974
Rent Receipts, 13753-14000, July 21, 1973 - November 5, 1973
Rent Receipts, 14253-14500, March 7, 1974 - July 16, 1974
Anderson H. Brown Funeral Registry, 1974

Box 6
City of Charleston, Ward Boundaries Map, 1973
West Virginia State College, Report of the Registrar to the President of the College, 1941-1942
Beautiful Homes and Home Sites at Institute, Kanawha County, West Virginia
Register and Directory of the Public Schools Members of the Board of Officers, Teachers, and Janitors, 1926-1927
Photographs, c.1940-1965
Directory of Minority Organizations, Business, and Churches in West Virginia, 1973
New First Baptist Church Publication, c.1970
Illustrated Story of Beautiful Kanawha Valley, 1923
Affidavit of Willard Brown Regarding Land Sale from Della Brown to A.H. Brown, 1960
Al(fred) and Thelma Crawford, Contract With, 1955
Willard and Juanita Brown, Membership Certificate for Charleston Federal Saving and Loan Association, 1961-1965
Theodore and Helen James, Note on Loan to, 1959
Nelson L. Mason, Cancelled Contract Between, 1970
Deed for Lots 3,4, and 5 on Block 21 in Dunbar, West Virginia, Purchased from Catherine and George Logan, 1946
Tom and Daisy Idell Walker, 1970
Deed of Trust Between Louella and Hal Wesley Isaac and Charles D. Smith, 1947
A Brief Report on the Title of Anderson H. Brown and William. T. Lively to Lot 196, Block 2, Riverview Addition, 1924
Allied Building Credits, Inc., 1947-1950
Bob Hess, Inc. Lincoln Mercury, Amalie Bonded Mileage Guarantee for New Cars, 1957
R.H.W. Meadows, 1937
City of Charleston Sewer Assessment Certificate, 1939-1940
Sanitary Board of the City of Charleston, West Virginia, Release of Lien for Sewer Charges, June 24, 1964
Post Office Application for Domestic Money Order, 1932
The National Life and Accident Insurance Company (Nashville, Tennessee), Client Inspection Forms, 1930s
Crown Remedy Company, Coupons
Kanawha County Clerk’s Office, Justification of Surety, 1966
Hilburn Corporation, Release for A.H. Brown, 1954-1962
Income Tax Information for Year Ending December 31, 1935 (Envelope is Empty)
Hal W. and Louella H. Isaac, Record of Debt to Roy West, 1947
Supreme Liberty Life Insurance Company, Document for Miss Sylvia Humbles, c. Late 1930s
Mrs. Lucy Phelps, 1526 ½ Simms Street, Charleston, West Virginia, The Constitution of the Mattie V. Lee Home for Working Girls
A.H. Brown and D.L. Brown Papers and Letters for Cambridge, Massachusetts House, 1905-1930
Radford Paint Company, 1938
Mutual Savings and Loan Company, Letters to and from Attorneys, 1936-1937
Edward and Beautinuia(?) Davis, Rent Contract
Roy Higginbotham, Declaration of Trust, 1950
Receipts for Items Sold to Mutual Savings and Loan Company (and Board Members), 1936-1938
Charleston National Bank, Returned Paid Checks, 1931
City of Charleston Building Permits, 1954-1967
Receipts, Disbursements, and Deposit Papers, 1964
Checks, Receipts, Disbursements, and Deposit Papers, 1967
A.H. Brown Vs. Mr. and Mrs. Ferguson Meadows, Abstract of Judgement, 1948
A.H. Brown Vs. Jimmie Bouldin, Abstract of Judgement, 1957
A.H. Brown Vs. Joe Hall, Abstract of Judgement, 1962
Ethel and Eugene Roberson Case, 1964
A.H. Brown Land Assessment Values, May 23, 1966
Burden, Holland, and Clark Land Descriptions
Papers of 4-6 Worcester Street, Cambridge, Massachusetts, 1905-1930
Fred Brown, Affidavit of Heirship and Quit Claim Deed of Heirs, 1931
Anderson Hunt Brown, Charleston National Bank Deposit Book, 1936-1946
The Buckeye Savings and Loan Company, 1949-1964
Anderson H. Brown, Della Brown Taylor, and Faith Taylor Travel Documents, 1964
Certificates for Shares of Capital Stock, 1924-1942
1957 Mercury Automobile Documents, 1957
Letters to Mr. Anderson H. Brown, 1946-1966
Letter to Honorable R.C. Andrews, December 5, 1936
Department of the Interior, Suggestions to Homesteaders and Persons Desiring to Make Homestead Entries, 1921
W.M. Claytor, Redemption Order for Lots 3,4, and 5 on Block 21 in West Dunbar, West Virginia, 1946
Richard Claytor, Property of, 1948-1954
William and Ruth Mae Ricks, Charleston National Bank Payment Slips, 1956-1958
General Insurance Service, Inc., Agreement With, 1946
Charleston Federal Savings and Loan Association, Letter From, 1962
Southern West Virginia Automobile Club, Annual Dues Notice, 1959
City of Charleston, Permit 3A1829, 1954
Charleston National Bank, Letter to A.H. Brown Concerning Release of Deed of Trust, October 4, 1962
West Virginia Building and Loan Association, Note and Release for A.H. Brown and Insurance, October 3, 1962
Schedule of Real Estate and Mortgages Payable, May 1, 1956
List of Property, April 29, 1955
Rent Statements, 1950-1958
Correspondence Letters Mailed, 1956-1957
The New First Baptist Church, Installation Programs, June 15,16, and 18, 1972
The National Bank of Commerce, Charleston, West Virginia, 1950-1957
Charles H. and Patricia Chamberlain, 1956
Coleman Vs. Garrett, Court Costs, 1938
Andrew, Billy Lee, and Milton Thompson, Hourly Charge Sheet, June 3, 1958
A.H. Brown, Personal Letters, and Documents 1934-1957
Letter from the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP) Concerning Lifetime Membership, March 3, 1955
Improved Property Tax Receipt, 1953-1955
Excelsior Insurance Company/George A. Giles and Son, 1950-1952
Willard M. Wilson and Joel Thomas, 1955
W.L. Clark and A.H. Brown, 1949-1954
Incinerator Fees and Department of Sanitation Records, 1949-1956
Joseph Webb, 1952-1953
Expenses (Property, Donations, Etc.), 1953-1954
Willard Brown, 1954
Atlantic Management Corporation, Interest to Purchase Mutual Savings and Loan Company, 1971
Masterpiece Studios, Inc., 1974-1977
West Virginia State College, Account of Della Brown, 1943
Outstanding Bill Slip, 1969
Loans and Discounts and List of Names, 1968
C.E. Hylton., Letter from, 1969
Letters from the Commissioner of Banking, 1967-1970
Patterson, Bell, and Crane Company, Fire Insurance Renewal, 1970
Complaint by Circuit Court of Kanawha County, West Virginia, 1978

Box 7
Agreement, Ethel Moon and Joseph Smith (Of New York), Abner Smith, Mildred Brown Gallion, Dora Brown Mickey, Helen Brown, James Watson, Anne Watson, Carl Watson, Earl Watson, and Gladys Watson (Photocopy), 1938
Abstract of Judgement, Lottie B. Scott Vs. Mr. and Mrs. Hobart L. Walker, September 8, 1942
Trip to Baltimore Expense List, October 12, 1946
Justice’s Summons in Civil Action, June 21, 1944
Releases, Mutual Savings and Loan Company, 1922-1925
Willard L. Brown, West Virginia Birth Certificate (Unrecorded)
James Alexander Carr, 1943
Church of the Hills, Notice for Memorial Service for Dr. Thomas Lewis Mitchell, 1964
Invitation, Christmas Part of the Young Women of Dawson Hall, 1936
Brochure, R. Nathaniel Dett and African-American Music
Program, Anniversary Recital, First Baptist Church Choir, February 2, 1943
Program, “A Tribute of Respect for Great Service: Anderson H. Brown, E.L. Powell, W.W. Sanders, T.G. Nutter, and C.E. Kimbrough, Sr.”
Charleston National Bank, Receipt Book, 1940-1941
N.L. Ferrell and Clara Byer, Marriage Certificate, June 14, 1943
Willard L. Brown, Daily Reminder Book, 1942
Admission Tickets, Amateur Contest, Garnet High School, April 30, 1948
Constitution of the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers
Holiday and Thank You Cards
By Laws of Burial Fund, Local Union Number 760 United Mine Workers Association (UMWA), Laing, West Virginia, 1934-1938
Envelopes, 1936-1963
Bank Books, 1930-1942
Correspondence, Gordon Herring, 1942
Correspondence, 1919-1963
Willard L. Brown, Business Correspondence, 1938-1939
General, Miscellaneous
General, Loose Page
The Mitchie Company, Law Book Publishers, Charlottesville, Virginia, 1945
The Mi-Valet, Inc., Booklet on Stocks and Shares
Speech Manuscripts
Municipal Planning Commission, Charleston, West Virginia
Mutual Savings and Loan Company, Financial Statement, December 31, 1942
Farmer’s Building and Loan Association, RE: Loan #4286, 1944
War Department, The Adjutant General’s Office (Concerning Lieutenant Tyler Hill), 1942-1944
Willard L. Brown, Blank Letterhead
Program, Annual Masonic Banquet, December 27,1943
Bachelor Benedict Club, 1936-1943
Constitution, By Laws and Code of Ethics of the West Virginia Bar Association, 1917
Photo Negatives
Objects and Purpose of Kanawha County Gasoline Retail Dealer’s Association
Stock Certificates, 1917-1941
Business and Membership Cards
Willard Brown, Blue Print of Property in Institute, 1941
Notes, Property II and Sales
Handwritten Notes
Scavenger Hunt, Sandy Burr Country Club, Wayland, Massachusetts
Article, “The Mountaineer Who Tamed Texas,” State Magazine, October 25, 1964
The Kanawha Review, Fall 1972
Bridge Tally Cards
By Laws, The Bee Hive, Washington Lodge Number 6 A F and A M
Flyer, Boycott Doc Wheeler Dance, Armory, Charleston, October 17
The Washington Observer, Washington High School, London, West Virginia, December 1927
Ticket, Boyd Science Club, Ham Giveaway, May 10, 1946
“Some Facts About West Virginia,” 1923
Flyer, Sculpture of Black African (February 6-April 2), Huntington Galleries, Huntington, West Virginia
West Virginia State Alma Mater
Flyer, Republican Rally, Institute Elementary, April 28
“A Report on the Title of George and Susie Vaughn to Lot 2 and Part Lot 3, Block 25 South Charleston Addition, Kanawha County, West Virginia,” Made by Willard L. Brown
“Suggested Constitutional and Statutory Amendments Relating to Trial by Jury Actions for Wrongful Deaths and Immunity of the State from Suit,” Address by Juliane Douchelle, White Sulphur Springs, October 16, 1941
Invitation, Wedding of Ouida Althera Barnett and Anderson H. Brown, Huntington, West Virginia, August 12, 1928
Tax Receipts, 1936-1946
Receipts, 1926-1974
Checks, 1942-1973
List of Grand Jurors, Books 21-24, c.1930s
Handwritten Notes, Notebooks
Court Filings, 1932-1961
Deeds, Deeds of Trust, Releases, Etc., 1937-1974
Insurance Policies, 1911-1947
Discrimination at New Municipal Auditorium Exposed
Charleston NAACP, 1943-1954

Box 8
Newspaper Clipping Scrapbook, 1969-1972
A Tribute to Mrs. Fannie Cobb Carter, Charleston, West Virginia, On the Occasion of her One Hundredth Birthday Celebration, 1972
413 Shrewsbury Street, Floor Plan
James “Sparky” Rucker Business Card
State of West Virginia Real Estate License for Anderson H. Brown, 1968-1969
Tony Brown’s Journal, July/September Issue, 1983
James Brooks, West Dunbar, 1963-1965
401 ½ Jacob Street, 1975-1978
Letters to A.H. Brown, 1964-1965
The American Society for African Culture, Check and Letter to Della Brown Taylor for AMSAC Journal Article, February 4, 1965
First Baptist Church, Bulletin and Documents, 1981-1985
International Business Machines, Inc. (IBM), 1978-1981
Alex Haley Exhibit and Panel, 1963-1979
Champion Map of Charleston, Kanawha County and Vicinity, c.1960s
Article, “Brown’s Passing an Irreparable Loss,” West Virginia Beacon Digest, October 8-November 8, 1974 Issue
The Yellow Jacket, West Virginia State College, Vol. 30, No. 6, February 5, 1982
Photographs, Clippings, Cards, and Postcards, 1921-1953
The Buckeye Union Insurance Company, 1975-1981
Westchester Fire Insurance Company, 1974-1979
Granger Mutual Insurance Company, 1976-1979
Aetna Insurance Company, 1974-1978
West Virginia Agency Company, Insurance, 1976-1981
Beer Parlor, Brown’s Park, Chew Chat Inn, and Fire Insurance Companies Note
Box of Vinyl Records of Jeanette MacDonald Favorites

Box 9
Michael Gallion, 1981-1986
Thomas Clark, 1970-1985
Roy A. Lawson, 1985
James K. Jr. and Jo Beth Thomas, 1980
Blue Creek Farm (Cassius H. Toon), 1977-1979
Mrs. Synetha Anderson, 1975-1978
Mrs. Sally Armstrong and Helen Gunn, 1977-1982
A. Lauretta Brown, 1981-1983
Clifford Austin, 1979-1980
Wiley, Jr. and Darlina R. Hubbard, 1979
Thelma O. Freeman, Residential Appraisal Report, 1979
Charleston Federal Savings and Loan Association, Real Estate Commission (Phillip Balderson) Check Slip, June 2, 1978
Gertrude Brown, Baines Street, 1980-1981
Dwight and Debra Rothrock, 1979
Louise Dent, Roanoke, Virginia
Arthur O. Fisher, 1981
Anne Maud Fullwood, 1979
Ada German, 1323 1/2 Frame Street, 1984
Dodie Louise Griffin, 145 Scott Lane, Scott Depot, 1984
Edward James, Property Rental, 1979-1980
1312 Second Avenue, 1976-1978
Emily I. Hamler, 1978-1979
Sadie D. Jacobs, 1981
Chester Kinney, 1960-1978
Edward Leonard, 1978-1980
Judi Clark Lombard, RE: Sale of Cambridge Properties, 1976-1982
J.C. Campbell, Etc., 1976-1982
Margaret Lonesome, 1977-1981
Marshall Hairston, Faith House, 1983
Mrs. Margaret Howell and Mrs. Helen Lonesome, 1983
Gracie Blanche “Harris” Matthew (Mrs. Frank R.), 1981-1982
Carrie McCarthy, 904 Richard Street, Charleston, West Virginia, 1926-1977
Carrie and Stanford McKinney, 1938-1980
Gertrude Cain Ridge, 1981
Margaret Robinson, 1976-1980
Alphon Smith, 403 Dennison Drive, 1981
Douglas and C. Smoot, 1982
Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Tyson, 1316 Second Avenue, 1983
Garnett Ross Wallace, Coal Branch Heights, 1962-1976
Max G. Wells, 1984
Adrian Dion White
Agents/Workers Section:
Alverta Williams, 1978-1986
Ernestine Cooper, 1984-1985
Charles Drumheller, 1978
Willie Barnes, 1977-1982
Ronnie Ward Internship Form
Mr. and Mrs. Bruno Yanish, 1981
David A. Scott, 1975-1980
Selectform, Inc.
Mrs. Frances Jackson, 1982
James and Bathsheba Burkes, 1536 Hansford Street, 1979-1984
Frances Lydia and Sammie Lee, 1981-1984
Taylor Realty Company, 425 Shrewsbury Street, 1984
Mr. Al Summers, RE: Flagg Property, 1980
Advertising, Real Estate, 1973-1982
Appraisals, Blank Forms
Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD), 1971-1978
Kanawha Valley Board of Realtors, 1958-1983
National Bank of Commerce, Account Statements, 1984-1985
Blank Lease Forms
Correspondence for Copier and Typewriter, 1972-1979
Office Bills, 1977-1982
Order Books and Forms, 1972
Paint Color Samples, 1975
Real Estate Forms, 1950-1984
Blank Statement Forms
Mutual Savings and Loan Company, 1951-1972

Box 10
Mrs. Margaret A. Mills, 1594 Jackson Street, 1975-1980
Mrs. Margaret A. Mills, 926 Kanawha Boulevard and 605 Margaret Street, 1974-1977
Mrs. Margaret A. Mills, 1003 Second Avenue, 1972-1980
Mrs. Margaret A. Mills, 2402 Washington Street East, 1976
Georgina Mosley, 2878 West 4th Street, West Dunbar, West Virginia, 1973-1974
Oak Hill – Neighbors / Agee, 1915-1978
James H. Nelson, 1409 Lewis Street, 1976
Mrs. Ruth Newsome, 1974
Charles Pankey, 1304 Second Avenue, 1980
James and Joyce Phillips, 1976
Clara Pierson, 1975
Ronald Pope, 5112 Elaine Drive, Charleston, West Virginia, September 12, 1975
Othella (Anderson) Rogers, 1981-1986
Jesse Rose, 405 Jacob Street, 1976
Gartha Rutherford, 1952
Henry Searcy, 1979-1980
B.F. Starks, 1973
Mrs. Catherine Streater, 1971-1973
Inez Strickland, 407 Jacob Street, 1977-1978
Mrs. D.E. Smith, P.O. Box 862 Grambling, Louisiana, 1970-1975
Ernest Smith, 1976
Spears, Estate Property, 1976-1977
Sergeant Joseph Turner, 1979
Faith E. Taylor, 1316 Second Avenue, 1974-1977
Buddy Taylor, 1308 and 1310 Second Avenue, 1973-1982
4529 Washington Avenue Southeast, 1972-1981
413 Shrewsbury Street, 1974-1977
502 Shrewsbury Street, 1974-1977
William Tinsley, 635 North 27th Street, Richmond, Virginia 23223, 1973
Coston and Gertrude (Brown) Walker, 1952-1975
William Walker (Executor of the Estate of Gertrude Brown Walker), 1948-1964
Tom and Daisy Walker, 1970
John A. White, Jr., 1972-1978
Mrs. Alyce Woody, 1952-1977
Paul E. Waller, 1976-1977
Julius Wehrle, 1975
Delinquent Taxes, 1977

Box 11
Mutual Savings and Loan Company, 1918-1980
Blank Option Forms and Receipt, 1975
Options, Listing Contracts, and Sales Forms, 1968-1973
Mutual Savings and Loan Company, 1958-1970
Veteran’s Administration Real Estate Correspondence, 1978-1982
Mutual Savings and Loan Company, 1967-1980
Townhouses and Apartments, 1973-1978
Kanawha County Multiple Listing Service, Inc., 1975-1984
Real Estate Office Meetings
Appraisals, 1980-1984
1316 Washington Street East, 1975-1977
A.H. Brown, West Dunbar Correspondence, 1977-1979
Ricardo Martin, 4527 Washington Avenue East, 1984
4527 Washington Avenue Southeast, 1951-1985
Faith Taylor, 1316 Second Avenue, 1978-1985
1304 Second Avenue, 1978-1982
Taylor Tab Section:
1536 Hansford Street, 1976-1984
1339 Washington Street East, 1972-1984
413 Shrewsbury Street, 1975-1984
1311 MacCorkle Avenue Southeast Apartment A and Apartment B, 1972-1984
502 Shrewsbury Street, 1975-1984
Management Tab Section:
Margaret Mills, 1003 Second Avenue, 1981-1984
Office Telephone, 1981-1984
2 Worcester Street, Cambridge, Massachusetts, 1972-1982
Oak Bluffs, Massachusetts, 1973-1980
Farm: Davis Creek, John C. Taylor, 1972-1979
Willard L. Brown and Della Brown Taylor, Property Jointly Owned by Will of A.H. Brown

Box 12
West Virginia Agency Company Insurance, 1975-1980
Mr. Lee Alexander, 1975
Bel Air Court, 1981
Baskerville House, 1979-1981
Alex Blantor, 1978-1979
Grace Doylene Brandon, Box 465 Dunbar, West Virginia, 1976
Madison Broadnax, Letter to Della Brown Taylor, July 21, 1978
Ernestine Brown, 1978
Mrs. Grace Brown, 1972-1973
Juliette Gregory Brown, 7026 East Fourth Street, St. Albans, 1977-1979
Jerold Burns, Grant Street Sale with Home Finders, Inc., 1976
Theopis Burnside, 1950-1976
Brown’s Park - Chew Chat Inn, 1976-1981
Mary Ruth C. Calhoun, 1975-1977
Herbert W. Cooley, 1973-1975
Bernice E. Crawley, 1977
Barry Cunningham, 1974
Mrs. Thomasina (Thomasene) Davis, 1980-1982
Paul Delong, 1959-1973
Doug Depree, 1976-1978
Alvin Dickerson, 9408 Vernon Avenue, Chicago, Illinois 60619, 1974
Attorney C.W. Dickerson, Map of Subdivision of Property Owned by the Heirs of Cornie Robinson,” November 13, 1972
Miss Mary Jane Dunlap, 1929-1975
William and Ollie Evans, 1976
Albert Evans, 1979-1982
Henry Flagg, 1946-1980
Mrs. Mary Gray, 1981-1982
Dr. Vance E. Gray, Appraisal, August 8, 1979
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Hargis, 1974-1976
Dorothy Hawkins, 1974-1976
Carolyn Hicks, 1980-1981
Sondra James Hunter, 1973
Sale of Property, Washington and Jacob Streets, 1978-1981
401 1/2 Jacob Street, 1975-1980
Mr. Charles James, 1981-1984
Mr. Harvey Jennings, 1976
Estate of Eugene Jones, 1977-1980
Poindexter / Bradford Appraisal, March 9, 1981
117 Columbia Street, Cambridge, Massachusetts 02139, 1971-1982
2 Worcester Street, Cambridge, Massachusetts, 1977 Work
6 Worcester Street, Cambridge, Massachusetts, 1963-1980
Douglas Miller, 1974-1976
926 Kanawha Boulevard, 1977-1985
Mrs. Margaret Mills, 1003 Second Avenue, 1983-1985
Mrs. Pearl N. McKenney, 1975-1978
Charleston National Bank, Letter to Della Brown Taylor from Kenton H. McGraw, Jr. Concerning Chew Chat Inn Sewage System, January 27, 1981
St. Paul African Methodist Episcopal Church, Charleston, West Virginia, Letter from Josephine Morris Rayford and Evelena Royster Williams Concerning Sixth Annual Women’s Day Celebration, February 1, 1981
Penn Mutual Fire Insurance Company, Insurance for 4527 Washington Avenue Southeast, 1981-1982
General, Miscellaneous

Box 13
Legal Documents, Trust Deeds, A, 1960
Legal Documents, Trust Deeds, B, 1921-1952
Legal Documents, Trust Deeds, C, 1922-1941
Legal Documents, Trust Deeds, D, 1922-1958
Legal Documents, Trust Deeds, E, 1941
Legal Documents, Trust Deeds, G, 1922-1961
Legal Documents, Trust Deeds, H, 1923-1955
Legal Documents, Trust Deeds, J, 1918-1970
Legal Documents, Trust Deeds, K, 1925-1934
Legal Documents, Trust Deeds, L, 1915-1965
Legal Documents, Trust Deeds, M, 1916-1951
Legal Documents, Trust Deeds, N, 1926-1946
Legal Documents, Trust Deeds, O, 1918
Legal Documents, Trust Deeds, P, 1924-1952
Legal Documents, Trust Deeds, R, 1925-1965
Legal Documents, Trust Deeds, S, 1921-1963
Legal Documents, Trust Deeds, T, 1925-1956
Legal Documents, Trust Deeds, W, 1923-1954
Trust Deeds Notes, 1936-1955
Legal Documents, Notice of Trustee’s Sale, November 12, 1941
Legal Documents, Agreements, 1917-1946
Legal Documents, Contracts, 1917-1967
Legal Documents, Listing Contracts, 1961
Legal Documents, Bills of Sale, 1921-1962
Legal Documents, Options, 1920-1961
Legal Documents, Leases and Rental Contracts, 1925-1961
Legal Documents, Releases, 1911-1961
Legal Documents, Abstracts of Judgement, 1926-1957
Legal Documents, Abstracts of Title/Abstracts of Property, 1919-1928
Legal Documents, Power of Attorney for Malvin Brown, 1963
Legal Documents, A.H. Brown’s Will, 1932-1949
Legal Documents, Will of Rhoda Williams, 1923
Legal Documents, Notes, 1929-1963
Legal Documents, Statement of Delinquent Taxes, West Virginia Auditor’s Office, 1939-1940
Legal Documents, Affidavits, 1949-1955
Legal Documents, Unfinished Oath, 1929
Legal Documents, Assignments, 1936-1957
Legal Documents, Mortgages
Legal Documents, Bonds, 1916-1924
Legal Documents, Consent to Transfer Titles, 1952-1958
Legal Documents, Closing Statement for Sale by A.H. Brown of Property at 1312 Washington Street East to Baker Equipment Engineering Company, Inc., July 30, 1954
Legal Documents, Complaint Against Flem Hanna and Jordan Taxi Company
Legal Documents, A.L. Harris Vs. P.L. Hargrove Case, 1942
Electrical Equipment Company Vs. N. Bernard Maderia (?) Case, 1943
John E. Amos, Incomplete Form for Divorce Suit, Kanawha County, West Virginia
Certificates of Redemption of Lands, 1914-1946
Reports on Titles/Reports of Trustee Sales, 1923-1960
Kanawha County Circuit Court, Answer of A.H. Brown to Complaint by Jennie G. Lewis, 1931
Survey Map, Frankie Stant, One Acre Tract in Woodchute Branch of Porters Branch, Loudan District, Kanawha County, West Virginia, May 25, 1921
Survey Map, H.L. Murray House and R.D. Webb House (Piedmont Road and Brooks Street), April 5, 1922
The Charleston National Bank, Amos L. and Bessie Motley, Note Balance Slips, 1956-1957
The Charleston National Bank, Carl L. and Elaine W. Watson, Note Balance Slips, 1956-1958
A.H. Brown Travel/Introduction Documents, 1922
Mutual Savings and Loan Company, Loan Payment Booklet, 1941-1948
Mutual Savings and Loan Company, Stock Investment Agreements, 1931-1939
Statement of Rents Collected and List of Monies Expended, 1935-1936
Statement of Charles and Henrietta Collier of Rents Collected from August 2, 1930 to August 2, 1931
A.H. Brown Property List and Statement of Account, 1939-1941
Statements of Accounts, Property Assessments, Furniture Lists, Statements of Receipts and Disbursements, Etc.
State of West Virginia, Department of Free Schools, Short Course Certificate to Nellie M. Brown, 1918
City of Charleston Assessment Certificates, 1918-1947
Stock Certificates, Guaranty Investment Company, 1932
Stock Certificates, The Digest Publishing Company, Inc., 1944
Stock Certificates, Service Loan and Investment Company, 1926-1928
Kroger Grocery and Banking Company, Lease Renewal, November 25, 1927
Expenditures on Charles Collier Properties, 1932-1935
Statement of Loan Number 5942 – Jessie Snodgrass with the Lincoln National Life Insurance Company, Fort Wayne, Indiana, December 24, 1927
Insurance Policies, 1922-1938
Commercial Investment Trust, Inc., 41 East Forty-Second Street, New York, New York, 1926-1927
Buckeye Savings and Loan Company, 1945-1954
Office of Price Administration, Employee’s Notice of Efficiency Rating to Anderson H. Brown, May 14, 1943
Notice of Constable’s Sale at 1219 ½ Washington Street East, January 1936
William Lawrence, 1928-1929
Capital City Loan and Investment Company, 1945-1949
Charleston Building and Loan Association, Loan Agreement with D.D. Brown, November 10, 1941
George Meadows and Florence G. Banks, 1921
Carrie Bell Magby, Note of Payments Received of, June 12, 1941
Fee Bill for A.H. Brown Vs. Clarence Johnson Case, February 20, 1936
Valley Insurance Company, Endorsement, January 4, 1943
Title, Mortgage, and Discount Company, Purchase of 120 Notes from A.H. Brown, July 1, 1924

Box 14
Legal Documents, Deeds, A, 1922-1960
Legal Documents, Deeds, B, 1915-1972
Legal Documents, Deeds, C, 1908-1972
Legal Documents, Deeds, D, 1906-1960
Legal Documents, Deeds, E, 1946-1954
Legal Documents, Deeds, F, 1910-1945
Legal Documents, Deeds, G, 1917-1937
Legal Documents, Deeds, H, 1916-1964
Legal Documents, Deeds, I, 1952
Legal Documents, Deeds, J, 1918-1965
Legal Documents, Deeds, K, 1914-1946
Legal Documents, Deeds, L, 1916-1950
Legal Documents, Deeds, M, 1919-1961
Legal Documents, Deeds, N, 1917-1946
Legal Documents, Deeds, O, 1922
Legal Documents, Deeds, P, 1919-1956
Legal Documents, Deeds, R, 1918-1951
Legal Documents, Deeds, S, 1920-1959
Legal Documents, Deeds, T, 1916-1972
Legal Documents, Deeds, V, 1947
Legal Documents, Deeds, W, 1921-1958
McKesson-Huntington Drug Company, 1930
Central Trust Company, 1930
“Side Talk” Public Speaking Publication, 1919
Rosa Thompson, 1924
Mr. C.S. Taylor, 1918-1924
Della and A.H. Brown, Cambridge Property, 1930
H.L. Cabell, Notice of Motion Against A.H. Brown, June 30, 1930
Ephraim Williams, 1918-1930
Eph Williams, Title Guarantee Policy for Lots 19 and 20 in Botsfords Boulevard Subplot Section 3,38,14, in CCI, 1919
Deposits on Eph Williams Rent, Audits Given on Check, 1932-1935
Report of Eph Williams Property Held by The Mutual Savings and Loan Company of Charleston, West Virginia, 1935-1937
Eph Williams, Estate of, 1937
Receipts for Charles Collier’s House, 1931-1932
Checks and Bank Notes, 1922-1946
Handwritten Notes and Documents
General, Miscellaneous

Box 15
Charleston National Bank, Statements of Principle Transactions, 1975-1976
Charleston National Bank, Returned Paid Checks and Banks Statements for A.H. Brown and Mutual Savings and Loan Company, 1972
Charleston National Bank, Returned Paid Checks and Banks Statements for A.H. Brown and Mutual Savings and Loan Company,1973
Charleston National Bank, Returned Paid Checks and Banks Statements for A.H. Brown and Mutual Savings and Loan Company, 1974
Charleston National Bank, Returned Paid Checks and Banks Statements for A.H. Brown and Mutual Savings and Loan Company, 1975
Charleston National Bank, Returned Paid Checks and Banks Statements for A.H. Brown and Mutual Savings and Loan Company, 1976
Charleston National Bank, Returned Paid Checks and Banks Statements for A.H. Brown and Mutual Savings and Loan Company, 1977
Charleston National Bank, Returned Paid Checks and Banks Statements for A.H. Brown and Mutual Savings and Loan Company, 1978
Charleston National Bank, Returned Paid Checks and Banks Statements for A.H. Brown and Mutual Savings and Loan Company, 1979
Notice to University Salaried Employees, 1958
Clara B. Mabgy, Notice of Stock Deposit and Note Balance, February 5, 1944
Executive Office of the President-Office for Emergency Management/Office of Price Administration, 1942
Harvard Trust Company, Cambridge, Massachusetts, Mortgage Notice, April 8, 1930
Instruction Slip, Preparation for Intravenous Pyelography, 1968
Notice, RE: Estate of John A. Wilson, April 7, 1943
West Virginia Agency Company, 1942-1964
Provident Life and Accident Insurance Company, Chattanooga, Tennessee, 1940
National-Ben Franklin Fire Insurance Company of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, Thomas D. Robertson, January 26, 1941
Hanna Insurance Company, Inc., Beer Bond, 1546 Third Avenue, Charleston, West Virginia, June 30, 1943
North American Accident Insurance Company, Chicago, Illinois, John and Eugenia Dickinson, March 26, 1942
Eugenia Dickinson, Deed to Lot 383 Perry Township, Salem Heights, Ohio, 1960-1966
Marriage Certificate, John Dickinson and Eugenia Barnett, 1915
Wedding Invitation, Mr. and Mrs. Willard L. Brown to the Wedding of La Verne Jackson and Oscar Adolphus Moore, 1942
Midland Bank Unlimited, “Britain’s Money” Booklet
First Baptist Church, Charleston, West Virginia, Weekly Offering Envelopes. 1973
Photographs, 1958
Constitution and By-Laws of the Charleston Business and Professional Men’s Club, Inc.
List of Money Expended on Houses at 418, 418 ½, and 420 Shrewsbury Street
Okolona College, 1952
Stock Certificates, 1908-1959
Pritchard and Skidmore Inc., /American Equitable Assurance Company of New York, 1944
Baltimore Office and Supply Company, 1944
A.H. Brown’s Address Book
Colored Day Nursery and Child’s Shelter, Inc., 1944
Annual Memorial Service Program, Omega Psi Phi Fraternity, March 7, 1943
Agreement of Incorporation, The Charleston Business and Professional Men’s Club (Ripped)
Farmer’s Building and Loan Association, RE: Loan Number 4286 to Willard L. Brown, February 18, 1943
Correspondence, 1917-1968
Bank Correspondence and Documents, 1933-1964
Charleston National Bank, W.H. Sheffey Account Book, 1953-1957
Charleston National Bank, A.H. Brown Account Book, 1960-1961
Union State Bank Checkbook
Kanawha Banking and Trust Company, Non-Payment of Note of Frank Jackson, April 18, 1927
Willard L. Brown, Post Office Return Slip, 1942
Eugenia Dickinson, Obituary/Memorial Piece
J.T. and E.L. Dickerson (Dickinson), Taxpayer’s Record of Payment, March 25, 1958
A.H. Brown Property Tax Receipts, 1974
Business Cards
Membership Cards
Bachelor Benedict Club, 1942-1943
Earnest E. Jewett, “Energy: For Those Who are Climbing,” 1900
Mr. Odell Hairston, 1964-1965
“Instructions for Silvering Mirrors,” 1909
First Baptist Church Black Heritage Cultural Series Presents the Charleston Symphony Orchestra (Leon Thompson, Guest Conductor) in “Two Hundred Years of Music by Black Composers,” February 22, 1976
Guy B. Johnson, “Southern Offensive,” 1944
Lightening Wallpaper Cleaner Manual
Newspapers, The West Virginia Beacon Digest, 1974-1985
Returned Checks and Bank Notes, 1916-1971
Save Supply Company, Receipt, September 16, 1942
Order Receipt, United Shoe Repairing Machine Company, March 17, 1921
Handwritten Notes and Documents
Emmanuel R. Racine, Letter Concerning Hotel Rates (From Scrapbook), February 11, 1950
Pamphlet, “A Study of What Factors Motivate the Home Buyer and Seller: How to Discover Them, How to Deal with Them” (From Scrapbook)
Paper Manuscript, “The Cog City” (From Scrapbook)
A.H. Brown, Della Brown Taylor, and Faith S. Taylor, Travel Forwarding Addresses (From Scrapbook), 1964
Anderson Brown, Et. Als. Vs. The Board of Education of Charleston Independent School District, Public Library Use for African Americans (From Scrapbook)
Insurance Documents (From Scrapbook)
A.H. Brown, “Buy Good Real Estate” (From Scrapbook), 1920
Minutes of “Les Chereheuses” Club in Memory of Ouida Barnett-Brown (From Scrapbook), November 1928
Mailer, “The Original Silas Green from New Orleans” (From Scrapbook), April 22, 1936
Hotel Inglaterra, Habana, Cuba, Blank Letterhead (From Scrapbook)
Clippings (From Scrapbook)
Birthday and Thank You Cards (From Scrapbook)
Postcards (From Scrapbook), 1952
Letter to A.H. Brown from John D. Rockefeller IV (From Scrapbook), August 27, 1967
Personal Letters (From Scrapbook), 1918-1967
Memorial Obituaries and Remembrance Cards (From Scrapbook), 1959-1967
Business Cards (From Scrapbook)
New First Baptist Church Pamphlets (From Scrapbook)
Returned Checks and Bank Notes (From Scrapbook), 1981-1921
First Baptist Church, Annual Homecoming Dinner-Dance Documents (From Scrapbook), 1968
Handwritten Notes (From Scrapbook)
Program, Testimonial Banquet Honoring Ms. Mary L. Williams and Mr. Willard L. Brown, Sponsored by the Charleston Business and Professional Men’s Club and The Charleston Branch of NAACP (From Scrapbook), November 17, 1967
Commencement Program, Charleston High School, Class of 1967 (From Scrapbook), May 31, 1967
First Baptist Church, “The Little Minister” (From Scrapbook), February 1943
Program, Testimonial Banquet for Leon H. Sullivan at the First Baptist Church (From Scrapbook)
Capitola (Capitolia) Brown, Handwritten Obituary (From Scrapbook)
Photographs (From Scrapbook)

Insurances - Life, Automobile, Etc., 1968-1973
Anderson H. Brown, Insurance, Social Security Card (Insurance Policies)
Anderson H. Brown, Social Security Card and Information, 1951
Anderson H. Brown, Passport, 1959
(1) A.H. Brown Medical Bills (2) Receipt for Mr. Brown’s Check (Returned) (3) Guarantee Reserve Life Insurance Company, 1974-1975
Employer’s Quarterly Federal Tax Return, 1958-1967
Quarterly Federal Tax Return and Gross Sales Tax, 1963-1973
Quarterly Federal Tax Return and Gross Sales Tax, 1968-1971
Salary Notes, 1962-1972
Income Tax Statements and Withholding Tax Statements, 1966
Withholding Tax Statements and U.S. Declaration of Estimated Tax for Individuals, 1959-1965
Explanation of Deductions for Depreciation, 1957
City Business and Operation Taxes, Optional Wage and Tax Statements, and Tax Forms (W-2 and W-3), 1967-1968
Internal Revenue Service and West Virginia State Tax Department Notices and Documents, 1969-1979
Annual Return of Taxable Property – Mutual Savings and Loan Company, 1967
Federal Income Tax, 1964-1971
West Virginia State Income Tax
Gross Sales Tax Documents, 1961-1973
Rental Property Tax Documents, 1957
Rental Property Tax Documents, 1958
Rental Property Tax Documents, 1959
Rental Property Tax Documents, 1960
Rental Property Tax Documents, 1963
Rental Property Tax Documents, 1964
Rental Property Tax Documents, 1965
Rental Property Tax Documents, 1966
Rental Property Tax Documents, 1968
A.H. Brown Property Tax Slips, 1922
Income Taxes, 1936-1945
Tax Documents, 1939-1943
Tax Documents, 1943
Tax Documents, 1965-1967
Tax Documents, 1968
Tax Documents, 1969
Tax Documents, 1970
Tax Documents, 1971
Tax Documents, 1972
Tax Documents, 1973
Tax Documents, 1974
Tax Documents, 1975
Tax Documents, 1979
Tax Documents, Miscellaneous
A.H. Brown, Individual Income Tax Documents, 1937-1940
Sam Scott, Employer’s Tax Return, 1941
West Virginia Business and Occupation Privilege Tax, The Pool Room, 1942
Faith E. Taylor, Income Tax Documents, 1975
Applications for Employment, Carbide-Carbon Chemicals Corporation, Institute, West Virginia
Income Tax Statements, Etc., 1941-1955
Mutual Savings and Loan Company, Various Documents, 1969-1970
City of Charleston, Business Occupation Tax, 1979
City of Saint Albans, Business and Occupation Tax Estimate, 1979
Employer’s Tax Guide, 1979
U.S. Corporation Income Tax Return, 1974
Blank Employer Quarterly Federal Tax Return Forms, 1975
West Virginia Department of Employment Security, Notices of Contribution Rate, 1978-1979
Political Cartoon, “G.O.P. – It’s My Turn Now-Let’s See if You Can Take It!”

Photograph Scrap Book (Contains Family Photographs, Photographs from Business Trips and Travel, Postcards, Photographs Pertaining to Anderson Brown in the Civil Rights Movement, Newspaper Clippings, Personal Documents, and Business Cards)

A.H. Brown Real Estate For Rent Signs
A.H. Brown Real Estate For Sale Signs
A.H. Brown Realty Company, Structural Elevation and Floorplan Drawings

Manuscript Collections

West Virginia Archives and History