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Jennings Randolph Collection


Box CL1

Articles either about or authored by Jennings Randolph
Illinois Public Works
Institute of Scrap Iron and Steel, Inc.
Independent Petroleum
International Fire Fighter
The Interscholastic
Light Saber
The Lion
McNaught’s Monthly
Mining Congress Journal
Modern Maturity
Mountain State Forest Festival program, 1968
National Aeronautics
The National Air Review
1972 NCAA Basketball Championship Program
National Limestone Institute
New Jersey Building Contractor
National Transportation Institute
The New York Times
New York Times Magazine
Outdoor-West Virginia
Parents Magazine
Personnel, Administration
Petroleum Independent
Phoenix Quarterly
Piedmont Airlines Magazine, “Pace,” November-December 1984
Plain Talk Magazine
Popular Aviation
Postmasters Gazette
Postmasters Gazette
The Quarterhorse Journal
Re-Elect Jennings Randolph to Congress
Regional Technical Meetings of American Iron and Steel Institute, 1967
Resource Recovery and Energy Review
Right of Way
Sabbath Recorder
Scientific American
Success Unlimited
Social Science
Superhighway News
“The Older Veteran,” National Legislative Bulletin, March 1976
The Story of Roads, James T. Jenkins, Jr.

Box CL2

Miscellaneous Clippings
Jennings Randolph, 1952-1954
Education, General
Department, Army Engineers, Flood, Part II
Department, Army Engineers, Guyandotte River Basin
US News and World Report
Veterans Speech Material
Petroleum in the United States: West Virginia Coal Produces Liquid Fuels, by Jennings Randolph
1980 Campaign
Jennings Randolph, Retirement
Elections, November 1982

Box CL3

1959-1969 Miscellaneous
Women, Clash in Ranks of Women
Welfare, cutoff of union welfare benefits to coal miners
Will, John B. Kelly will written in green ink
Maxwell, Robert
Raleigh County
Randolph County
Ritchie County
Roane County
Summers County
Taylor County
Tucker County
Tyler County
Upshur County
Wayne County
Webster County
Wetzel County
Wirt County
Wood County
Wyoming County

Box CL4

1963 (1 of 2)
Appointments, Judge
Appalachian Governors
Appalachian Mountain Development Program
Aid to Dependent Children and Aid to Dependent Children of the Unemployed
Ash, Harrison O., organizer of New Kanawha Industrial Corporation and Ash-Craft Co.
Aged, Medical Care
Air Pollution
Appalachian Regional Commission, Comments, Etc.
Area Redevelopment Agency Comments
Aviation, Federal Aviation Agencies Communications Flight Center
Airport, Kanawha County
Airline Service, Huntington
Airport, Elkins-Randolph County
Airlines, Comments, Etc.
Buck, Pearl S., West Virginian of the Year
Brinkley, David
Byrd, Robert C.
Barron, W. W.
Blue Laws
Canal, Monroe Worthington Article on Midland Canal Tunnel
Cass Railroad
Centennial, West Virginia
Centennial, West Virginia
Congress, West Virginia Delegation, Votes on Bills
Congress, 88th, Comments
Cloture Filibuster
Contracts Awarded to Industries
Cuba Comments
Kennedy, President John trip to Charleston for Centennial
Centennial Train
Chamber of Commerce
Churchill, Winston
Commodity, Surplus Foods to State Welfare Agencies
Cranberry Glades
Cybernation, Automation
Congressional Records, cost of reprints to taxpayers
Civil Rights, Racial Issues
Civil Rights, March on Washington (complete newspapers)
As to Politics, Bob Mellace
Columnist, Chet Huntley
Columnist, “It May Interest You,” by Bill Hart
Columnist, Harry Hoffman
Columnist, Thomas Stafford
Columnist, Dr. Robert M. Hutchins
Columnist, Washington Watch, Phil Hirsch
Columnist, Harry Ernst
Columnist, Harry Ernst
Columnist, Washington Scene, by George Dixon
Columnist, Allen M. Smythe, Star Special Writer
Columnist, Washington Merry-Go-Round, Drew Pearson
Columnist, Henry Morrow, Spirit of Jefferson Advocate
Columnist, George Lawless, The Gazetteer
Columnist, Bob Adi’s Column
Columnist, Holmes Alexander
Columnist, L. T. Anderson, Gazette-Mail
Colleges, Marshall
Colleges, Miscellaneous
Colleges, West Virginia University
College Aid Bill
Coal, Exports
Coal, Exports of Coal
Coal, Cut-Rate Coal
Coal, Art in United Mine Workers Journal
Coal, Pipeline, Slurry
Coal, Competition Held Aid to Coal
Coal, Exports, Jim’s Material
Coal, Research
Coal, “Project Bootstrap”
Coal, Editorial, “Who is Coal’s Somebody”
Coal, Char Oil Energy Development
Coal, Gasoline from Coal Plant to be in Cresap
Coal, Miscellaneous Comments
Defense Supply Agency
Drought Relief
Defense Spending: “Overkill Arms Race”
Deaths, 1963
Dedications, Miscellaneous
Dams and Reservoirs
Dams and Reservoirs, Rowlesburg Dam, Cheat River Basin
Dams and Reservoirs, Justice, Guyandotte River
Dams and Reservoirs, Appropriations and Projects
Dams and Reservoirs, Burnsville, West Fork and Steer Creek Reservoir, Little Kanawha River
Dams and Reservoirs, Opekiska
Education, College Aid Bill Passed
Education, Regarding School Aid, Etc.
Education, Miscellaneous
Electric Power System Grid
Electric Power, AEP
Education Improvement Act of 1963
Education, School Counseling, Kanawha County
Education, School Ratings, Statistics, Levies
Electric Power, VEPCO
Economy, West Virginia
Forest Festival
Federal Buildings
New York World’s Fair
Foreign Aid
Farland, Joseph S.
Flood Control
Peach Festival
Buckwheat Festival
Food Stamp

Box CL5

1963 (2 of 2)
Forest Service, Resort Construction
Monongalia National Forest
Projects Approved, Monongahela and George Washington National Forests
Forestry Lab, WVU
Forest, Fishery
Grants and Loans
Grants and Loans, Park Program, Bluestone, Twin Falls, Hawks Nest, Blackwater, and Canaan
Governors Conference
Green Bank
Galis Electric and Machine Company
Humane Treatment of Animals
Harpers Ferry National Monument
Hospitals, Davis Memorial
Hospitals, Loans, Expansion, Etc.
Honey and the Rock
Hunting Season
Harrington and Richardson, M-14 Rifle
Hatchery, Federal, Leetown
Health Center
Hospital, Boone County
Highways, Regarding Appalachian
Highways, Articles by John G. Morgan
Highways, Good Roads Bond Issue, White Sulphur Springs
Highways, Regarding Bonds
Highways, Allegheny Parkway
Highways, Scenic Highway, Monongahela National Forest
Highways, Rex Whitton
Highways, Rapid Transit National Capital Transportation
Highways, West Virginia Turnpike
Highways, West Virginia Turnpike
Highways, Beckley-Weston Industrial Highway
Highways, Interstate Superhighway System
Highways, Material
Highways, Pan-American
Highways, Beverly
Highways, State Road Commission Trip to Florida
Highways, Rex Whitton States the Federal Specifications
Highways, Financing
Highways, I-64, I-77, I-79
Highways, Outdoor Advertising Along Interstate
Highways, Interstate, Charleston Area
Highways, Rex Whitton, Federal Highway Admininstrator
Highways, Miscellaneous
Industry, Shinnston Tank Factory
Industry, Miscellaneous Comments on New Factories
Industry, Hardwood, Elkins
Industry, Wood Industry in Randolph, Pocahontas and Tucker
Industry, Belington Lumber Corporation
Industry, Art by Walter Windsor
Industry, Melpar-Fairmont
Industry, Wells Industries Corp., Charles Town
Industry, Salem Glass Plant, Grafton
Industry, J. W. Ruby, Morgantown Ordnance Works
Industry, Armstrong Furniture Company
Industry, Wood, Raygold Industries
Industry, Hercules Powder Company, Rocket Center
Industry, American Car and Foundry Division, Huntington
Industry, Reidboard Plant, Elkins
Industry, Cohart Refractories Company, Buckhannon
Industry, FMC Ordnance Division, Charleston
Industry, Steel
Johnson, Lyndon B., trip to Welch
Johnson, Lyndon B., comments
Jobs, 35 Million in 10 Years
Koontz, Arthur B.
Kennedy, John F., comments
Moore, Arch, regarding vote on Area Redevelopment Admininstration
Moore, Arch
Mine Safety Laws
Mergers, Airlines and Railroads
Mines, Mineral and Fuels Production
Mines, Miners, Miscellaneous
Middle Island Creek, Recreational Development
Mergers, Miscellaneous
Manpower Development and Training Act
Nuclear Power
Norstad, General Lauris
O’Donnell, John A.
Philippine Damage Act
Oil, Tax
Peterson, Esther, US Department of Labor
Public Works
Poverty, Comments
Past 80 Party
Prayer, US Supreme Court Decision
Parade of Flags
Post Offices
Public Works, Accelerated Program
Political Comments
Political, Democrat
Political, Young Democrats Convention
Political, Republican
Political, Senators off on deluxe junkets
Political, Salaries Senators pay aids beneath legal limit
Political, Charleston Young Democratic Club
Parks, Tourist Attractions
Parks, 24 million dollar Federal loan for park development
Parks, Bluestone State Park
Parks, Blackwater Falls
President, Kennedy, John F. Assassination

Box CL6

West Virginia, Industrial Growth, 1963
West Virginia, Don Marsh article on state’s future
Welfare, D. C.
Watershed Project, Big Ditch Run, Webster County
West Virginia, Comments
Watershed Projects
Welfare, West Virginia
West Virginians, Who’s Who in America, 1963
Women, Mingo County Sheriff
Women, 1963 Federal Woman’s Award
Welfare Department, regarding rent via “Oral” pack
Harold Wilson, Next Prime Minister?
Water Pollution
Youth Science Camp, Green Bank
Youth, Miscellaneous
Youth, employment bill
Youth, Charleston community, 1963
Harpers Ferry, Miscellaneous, 1964
Hillbilly, Democratic Convention
Health Center
Hillbilly, West Virginia Calendar
Housing Projects
Highways, I-64, I-77, I-79
Highways, Roads and Trails for National Forest
Highways, Asphalt Pavement
Highways, Blatnik Report
Highways, Bond Issue
Highways, Truck Mail Bus Crash on Turnpike
Highways, Allegheny Parkway
Highways, West Virginia Turnpike
Highways, Miscellaneous
Highways, Miscellaneous during election
Highway Bill, Press
Highways, Interstate Routing in Charleston
Highways, West Virginia Transporter, Convention Issue, September 1964
Highways, Better Roads Amendment Vote in General Election
Highways, Clarksburg Expressway
Industry, Pittsburgh Plate Glass Company
Industry, Miscellaneous
Industry, FMC Corporation
Industry, Ravens-Shinnston Corporation
Industry, FMC Strike
Industry, Glass
Industry, Sterling Strike Settled
Industry, Hazel-Atlas Glass Company
President Lyndon Johnson
John F. Kennedy Memorial
Senator Ted Kennedy
Abraham Lincoln
Library Services and Construction Act, 1964

Box CL7

1965 (1 of 2)
Thomas Stafford, The News in Politics, Affairs of State
Harry W. Ernst, Washington Watch
Bill Hart, It May Interest You
Harry Hoffmann, Politics
Bob Mellace
Drew Pearson, The Washington Merry-Go-Round
Coal, Miscellaneous
Coal Research, Water Pollution
Coal Research
Desalting Process
Dropouts and Drop-ins
Dams and Reservoirs, Appropriations
Jackson Reservoir
Dams, Ohio River
Dams and Reservoirs, Rowlesburg
Excise Tax, C&P Telephone
Congressional Election
Education, Miscellaneous
Economy, West Virginia
Economic Opportunity, Job Corps Camp
Economic Opportunity, Project Headstart
Economic Opportunity, Job Corps Training Work Camps
Economic Opportunity
Bloomington Dam
Justice Reservoir
Federal Buildings, post offices
Joseph Harland
Foreign Contracts by West Virginia Firms
Forest Festival
Festivals in West Virginia
Food Stamp Program
Grants and Loans
Grant, McDowell County
Harpers Ferry
Health Center
Ken Hechler
Highways, Miscellaneous
Highways, Appalachian Aid Program
Highways, Appalachian Way Through Ohio
Highways, North-South Highway
Highways, I-64
Highways, Road Bond Issue
Highways, Turnpike
Highways, East-West
Immigration, comments
International Trade
Industry, Lockheed Georgia Aircraft
Industry, Marbon Chemical
Industry, Miscellaneous
Industry, Williamson Model Experiment Business to Close
Industry, Glass
Industry, FMC Corporation
Industry, Wood
President Lyndon Johnson
Lake Erie-Ohio River Canal, comments
Library, comments
Robert P. McDonough, comments
Acid Pollution Strip Mine
Judge Robert E. Maxwell
Buck Martin, miscellaneous editorials
Dr. Paul Miller, On Junior Colleges
William Casey Marland, miscellaneous items
Senator Wayne Morse and Celebreze
Migration Plan for Unemployed
Marlane MacLane
Morgantown, “Fabulous Showcase”

Box CL8

1965 (2 of 2)
West Virginia Legislature, comments
Welfare, D. C.
West Virginia Young Democrat Club
Youth Science Camp
Youth Opportunity Centers
Zinc Imports
1965 Clippings
Clippings, 1965
West Virginia Pavilion, World’s Fair
West Virginia Society of D. C.
Weirton and Wellsburg 4th of July Parades
West Virginia Abolishes the Death Penalty
Democratic Women Meet in Huntington
West Virginia, Miscellaneous
West Virginia, regarding poverty, US News and World Report
Water Pollution
Water in Those Hills
Wood Manufacturing
Veterans, regarding hospitals, reserve units, National Guard, etc.
Vietnam, comments
Water, Miscellaneous
Jennings Randolph, West Virginian for 1964
Jennings Randolph, Hillbilly Articles
Mary Randolph, Jay, and Frank
Jennings Randolph, Article from Wheeling Intelligencer
Sheriff’s Bureau, clippings from 1961
Governor Hulett Smith
Small Business Administration
Carl R. Sullivan
Miles C. Stanley
Senator Margaret Chase Smith in Morgantown
Sugar Grove
Training School, Morgantown
Tariff, Glass, Etc.
Pictures of Jennings Randolph in magazines and pamphlets
Jennings Randolph, pictures from papers
Jennings Randolph, miscellaneous clippings

Box CL9

1966 (1 of 4)
Appointments, 1966
Academy, Navy
Apple Growers
Apportionment, comments
Appalachia, comments
Airports, Aviation
Airports, Charleston and Huntington
Robert C. Byrd, comments
Beautification Program, highways, etc.
Crime, comments
Cherry River Navy
Civil Rights, comments
89th Congress, comments
Central Intelligence Agency (CIA), comments
Charleston and Kanawha County, comments
Contracts, government
Jim Comstock
Coal, Consolidated Coal and Continental Oil
Coal Research, nuclear power, electrical power
Coal, Miscellaneous
Coal, Research
County Chairmen, 1966

Box CL10

1966 C-L (2 of 4)
Columnists, Harry Ernst
Columnists, Tom Stafford
Columnists, Carl McCardle
Columnists, Holmes Alexander, regarding War on Poverty
Columnists, Harry Hoffman
Columnists, Bob Mellace
Columnists, Bill Hart
Columnists, Don Daniels
Columnists, Drew Pearson
Columnists, Charles Ryan
Colleges, miscellaneous grants and scholarships
Colleges, Bethany Collegiates visit Washington
Colleges, Fairmont State College
Colleges, Salem College
Colleges, West Virginia University
Colleges, Marshall College
Stonewall Jackson Reservoir
North Mountain Dam, tourist facility, Wild Rivers Bill, regarding Potomac and Cacapon
Dams and Reservoirs, Ohio River
C. C. Elmore, regarding trip abroad and editorial
Education, miscellaneous
Economic Opportunity, comments
Economic Development Association, office to be located in Huntington
Electric Power
Food Stamp Program
Flooding, Ohio River Valley
Federal Buildings
Postmasters, appointments
Girls Nation
Goodwill nominee George Spurlock visited Jennings Randolph
Grants and Loans
Grans, miscellaneous
Ken Hechler
Harpers Ferry, regarding railroad station
Harpers Ferry, comments
Head Start
Highways, road hazard aid
Highways, Route 88, comments
Highways, I-470, comments
Highways, Miscellaneous
Highways, clippings to file
Highways, regarding Turnpike
Highways, Cinders
Open Housing
Immigration and Naturalization
Industry, Wheeling area, new plants
Industry, Varney Wood Processing Plant, Mingo County
Industry, Lockheed-Georgia Aircraft Plant, Martinsburg
Industry, Ravens-Shinnston Corporation
Industry, Wheeling Corrugating Co.
Industry, Miscellaneous
Industry, General Motors, Martinsburg
Industry, Power Plant, Marshall County
Job Corps, Women
Job Corps, Miscellaneous comments
James Kee
Libraries, grants, etc.
Poverty Programs, comments
James R. McCartney receives Consol post

Box CL11

1966 (3 of 4)
Political, Campaign
Small Business Administration
Steel Industry
Training School, moved to Morgantown
Television Cable, regarding FCC
Mary Randolph, Jay Randolph, Frank Randolph
Jennings Randolph, pictures and articles in magazines
Sewage Problem, Jefferson County
Ski Industry
Thomas F. Stafford
Harley Staggers
Hulett Smith
Mrs. Hulett Smith
Political Comments, Francis J. Love
Political, Jay Rockefeller
Political, Voters Guide Questionnaires
Parks, Miscellaneous Comments
Matthew A. Reese
Rehabilitation, articles by Tom Sawyer
Residual Oil
Jennings Randolph, miscellaneous clippings
Jennings Randolph, material for quoting
Jennings Randolph, pictures in newspapers
Primary Election, Returns and Comments
Democratic Women, Campaign Conference, Washington
Political Comments
Political, Proposed White House Ball Money-Raising Plan
Political, Democratic Party squabbles, Angotti and Ann Hearst
Political Comments, Arch Moore
Political, Republicans
Political, Harold Cutright
Political, William M. Kidd, Sutton
Political, State Democratic Campaign Headquarters
Political Ads, used before the primary election, November 8, 1966
Jennings Randolph, miscellaneous clippings on his campaign activities
Political, comments after election
Political, Jennings Randolph
Political, Endorsements of Candidates
Political, Election Expenses
Political, comments regarding Lyndon Johnson
Political, speech material
Mines, Miners
Minimum Wage Bill
Buck Martin, Editorials from Martinsburg Journal
Milk Fund, School Lunch Programs
Dr. Paul A. Miller, President of West Virginia University
Pollution, Air and Water

Box CL12

1966 (4 of 4)
Political, Miscellaneous
Chuck Yeager Luncheon, Washington, April 20, 1966
Youth Corps
West Virginia Centennial
Voting Fraud
Veterans GI Bill, Post-Korea Veterans
Water, Watersheds, Pollution
West Virginia State Society
Wild Rivers
Clippings to File
Tax Credit
Airmail Pickup

Box CL13

Newspapers, etc., marked by Jennings Randolph to file, not clipped, 1966
Clippings to file, 1966
Clippings to file, political, 1966
Clippings, 1967
Clippings to file, 1967

Box CL14

1967 (1 of 2)
Air Pollution
Atomic Energy
Jetport, Midway, editorials regarding FAA bond campaign
Jet Airport, comments

Box CL15

1967 (2 of 2)
Point Pleasant Bridge Disaster
Airports, Lake Central
Airports, Miscellaneous
Airports, Elkins
Aviation, Supersonic Transport
Flyover by Planes
Air National Guard
Air Freight
Robert C. Byrd
Highway Beautification, Billboards, Etc.
Virginia Brown, Interstate Commerce Commissioner
Bank Mergers
Wally Barron
Representative Cleveland Bailey Memorial
Christian Science Monitor
Clarksburg Housing Program
Cherry River
Congressional Group from West Virginia
Chamber of Commerce
Civil Rights
Coal, Miscellaneous
Coal, Article by George Love
Harry Ernst
Bill Hart
L. T. Anderson
Harry Hoffmann
Drew Pearson
Bob Mellace
Howard K. Smith
Colleges, Miscellaneous
Honorary Degrees
Lieutenant Colonel Deatrick Morgantown
Dams and Reservoirs
Cyrus S. Eaton
Elkins, Miscellaneous
Election Returns, Mayor and Council
Economy, Growth
Buck Martin, Editorials
Farmers Home Administration
Flood Control
Food Stamp Program
Post Office
Glass Tariffs
Grants and Loans, Miscellaneous
Highways, Miscellaneous
Harpers Ferry
Hospitals, Hill-Burton
Ken Hechler
Vice President Hubert Humphrey
Cutback in Highway Funds
Head Start
Glass Industry

Box CL16

Appalachian Power Company, huge plant near Moundsville, 1967
Chemical Industries
Veneer Corporation Plant
Lockheed General Motors
Job Corps
William Manchester, “Death of a President,” comments
Robert and Ted Kennedy, Miscellaneous
Crowned Prince of Laos
Dorothy McCardle
Mines, Miscellaneous Articles
Thurgood Marshall
Thomas E. Millsop
Henry Morrow
Dr. Paul Miller
Charges against West Virginia Marine stationed in Vietnam
Missile Protection Plan
Mother of the Year
King and Queen of Nepal Visit Washington
OEO, Upward Bound, Head Start, etc.
Senator Charles Percy, slush fund
Prediction by Jeane Dixon
Poverty Comments
Political, Republican
Political, Miscellaneous
Walter P. Reuther
Religion and Politics
Report of Redistricting for All States
Congressional Redistricting
Jennings Randolph in Magazines
Jennings Randolph, newspaper clippings
Mary, Jay, and Frank Randolph
Randolph Pictures
State Road Commission, comments
Hulett Smith
Steel Industry
Carl Sandburg
Manpower Training and On-Job Training
Taxes, Miscellaneous
Truth in Lending Bill
Cyrus R. Vance
Voting Age
West Virginia Society
Wheeling, Miscellaneous
Water Systems, West Virginia
Water Pollution
Wild Rivers
General William Westmoreland and Vietnam
Articles on Wars
Chuck Yeager
Youth Corps Programs
Jefferson-Jackson Day Dinner, Charleston, 1967
Rockefeller, 1968
Job Training Program, 1968
Jackson’s Mill
John H. Kamlosky
Martin Luther King
Eartha Kitt
Robert and Ted Kennedy
“My Thousand Seconds with John F. Kennedy,” by Donald Roberts
Land Deal, Sprouse
Sam MacCorkle
Colonel McClung
Mines, Miscellaneous
Senator Edmund S. Muskie
Mixed Marriages
Marine Honored, G. W. Martini
Senator Edmund Muskie for vice president
Motor Vehicle Department, West Virginia vs. Woodrow Yokum
Mingo County
Magazine Articles and Pictures of Jennings Randolph
Judge Robert Maxwell
After the Primary (1968)
Arch Moore
George Wallace
Hubert H. Humphrey
Republican – Moore, Underwood, et al
Jim Sprouse

Box CL17

B, 1968
Coal, 1968
Corps of Engineers, 1968
Congressional Districts, 1968
C, 1968
D, 1968
E, 1968
F, 1968
G, 1968
H, 1968
Jim Harris, 1968
Highways, 1968, Turnpike
Highways, 1968, Miscellaneous
Imports, 1968
J, 1968
Lyndon Johnson, Messages to Congress, 1968
Following the Primary
Randolph – clips
Randolph Music Hall – Salem College
Randolph – Pictures
Salem Water System
John Slack
Miles Stanley
College Riots
Sewage Plants & Water Treatment
Sterling Faucet Co
Governor Hulett Smith
Sugar Grove Project
Summersville Lake
Rep. Harley O. Staggers
Alpine Festival, Blackwater Falls
Small business
State Road Commission
State Road Commission, miscellaneous comments
Television Shows
Use of Trucks on Highways
Taxes, miscellaneous
Tariff, Kennedy Round
Cyrus Vance
Visitor Center Bill
Votes Made by House & Senate Members from WV
West Virginia Society of D.C.
Dummy Firm Deal – Smith Aides
West Virginia Legislature
WV Progress Report
Willard Hotel
Youth Programs
Woodrow Yokum – federal indictments
Airline Officials, 1969 Addresses
Robert C. Byrd, 1969
County Officials, 1969
County Chairman, 1969
Coal, 1969
Hubert Humphrey, 1969
Jim Harris, 1969
Judge Clement Haynsworth, 1969
Allegheny Airlines, reference material, 1969
Aviation, 1969
Aviation, Airports, 1969
Jennings Randolph, clippings and pictures
Frank and Jay Randolph
Jennings Randolph, miscellaneous releases
Jennings Randolph, magazine articles
Stock Market
State Road Commission, fired workers seek welfare
Moratorium, comments
Mine Disaster, Mannington
Black Lung Article
Mine School at WVU
Judge Robert Maxwell
Ray Martin
Steam Engine Museum, Randolph County
John M. Slack, Jr.
William S. Ritchie, Jr., new state road commissioner
Steel Imports
Sewage Problem
Hulett Smith
Spruce Knob
The Era of Clean on the Way Back
Television Violence
Tax Sales
United Mine Workers of America
Dr. Hawey A. Wells
West Virginia State Legislature
Water Systems
West Virginia, miscellaneous
Youth Club, Parkersburg
Youth Center, Morgantown
Miscellaneous Youth Training
Water and Wildlife Pollution
Rapid Transit System
Richard Royce
Racing Commission, Joe Condry
Rivers, Miscellaneous
J. W. Ruby, Morgantown
Marriott Motor Corporation
Jay Rockefeller
New Martinsville
Ralph Nader
Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty
President Richard Nixon
Non-Proliferation Treaty
Office of Economic Opportunity, grants for West Virginia
Statistics regarding attendance in parks
Pipestem Park
Philippi Community Award
Politics, 1970-1972

Box CL18

Poverty Programs (1969)
Pay Increase for Members of Congress
Bud and Ruby Bailey, Parkersburg
Arch Moore
Mines, Buff, Nader, Hechler, Titler, et. al.
1970 Clippings, not filed
Miscellaneous Clippings, 1970
1970 Papers, not clipping
Clippings to paste
Miscellaneous Clippings, 1971
Miscellaneous Clippings, 1971

Box CL19

1971 (1 of 2)
Alcohol and the Congress
Bill Anderson
Aviation and Airports
Huntington Airport
Huntington Tri-State Airport
Allegheny Airlines
Bill Hart and the Gooney Bird Association
Morgantown Airport
Benedum/Clarksburg Airport
Aged Citizens
Senator Robert C. Byrd
Senator Robert C. Byrd
More Clippings, Senator Robert C. Byrd
Clippings, Senator Robert C. Byrd
W. W. Barron
Blue Ridge Project
Bright of America
Crime, Capitol Hill
Charles Colson
Senator Frank Church
Colleges, Miscellaneous
Colleges, Harvard Address
Federal Courts
Cass Scenic Railroad
Congressional Members, Miscellaneous Comments
Charles Wendell Colson
Throwaway Bottles and Cans
US Capitol Bombing
Charles W. Colson
Bob Mellace
Don Daniels
Bob Brunner
James Dent
Jack Anderson
Ben Franklin
Fanny Seiler
Holmes Alexander
Bill Hart
Buck Martin
Ray Martin
L. T. Anderson
John F. Quigley
Charles Ryan
Craig Ammerman
Page Burdette
Democratic Executive Committee, West Virginia
Angela Davis
Drug Problem
Death Penalty
Dams and Reservoirs

Box CL20

1971 (2 of 2)
Pathway Magazine
Parks, Pipestem
Pollution, Carbide Installs Precipitator
Privy to These
Public Works Committee
Political Comments Regarding 1972 Election
William S. Bryant, Summersville
Political, Miscellaneous
Revenue Sharing
Recreation Areas
John D. Rockefeller
Jennings Randolph, Pictures
Jennings Randolph
Jennings Randolph, Awards
Political Comments
Jennings Randolph, Bureaucrat Award
Jennings Randolph, Magazine Articles
Jay, Frank, and Mary Randolph
Rent a Senator
Voting Record
Strip Mining
Environmental Birthday Party
Hulett Smith
Social Security
Steel Imports
Alice and Duncan Thecker
Trucks and Buses
Training Center, Martinsburg
Voting Scores
Voting Age
Voting Age
Vocational and Education Centers
Jerry West
Water Projects
Youth Corps
Youth Protesters
Youth, Miscellaneous
Youth, Article

Box CL21

1972 (1 of 2)
Health Center, Miscellaneous
Jim Kee
Kennedy Center
Louise Leonard
Burton F. Miller
Mines and Miners
Mental Health Facilities
Mrs. Arch Moore
Jim Manchin
Arch Moore
Newcomen Society
New River Expedition
Ralph Nader
Bradley Nash
Obscene Christmas Cards
Otter Creek
Police Comments
Polls Regarding Jennings Randolph
Air and Water Pollution
Potomac Highland
Peace Corps
Public Television
Pornographic Film
Interstate Compact
Political Candidates for 1972
Jay Rockefeller
Jennings Randolph
Jennings Randolph, Pictures
Jennings Randolph
Jennings Randolph, Political Comments
Jay, Frank, and Mary Randolph
Jennings Randolph, Magazine Articles
Ski Resorts
Strip Mining
Vietnam War
Youth Forum

Box CL22

1972 (2 of 2)
Jack Anderson, 1972
Holmes Alexander, 1972
Craig Ammerman
Bob Brunner, Kanawha Valley Leader
James Dent
Don Daniels
Bill Hart
Ray Martin
Bob Mellace
Charles Ryan
Elmer Fike
Fannie Seiler
Mary Walton
Harry Hoffmann
Dams, Reservoirs, and Lakes
Federal Buildings, Post Offices
Oil, Coal, Etc.
Dr. Jim Glasscock
Grants and Loans
Hechler Withdraws from Senate Race
Ken Hechler
Health Education and Welfare
Vice President Spiro Agnew
Alcoholic Drinks sold at colleges
James Allen Jr.
Airports, Miscellaneous
Aviation, Airlines, Miscellaneous
Airports, Charleston and Huntington
Senator Robert C. Byrd
Buses, Miscellaneous
Richard Benson
Computer Story
Clear Cutting
College, West Virginia University
College, Salem
Colleges, Miscellaneous
Clear Cutting
Ben Franklin
Harry Hoffmann
Logan County Disaster, Flood
Miscellaneous, 1972
Miscellaneous, 1972
Miscellaneous, 1972

Box CL23

1973 (1 of 2)
Strip Mining
Marshall Medical School
Richard Nixon, Watergate
Peace is Very Near
Public Works, Miscellaneous
Ruth McGraw
Russell Means
A. H. Motley
Mines and Miners
Arch Moore Inauguration
Arch Moore, Miscellaneous
Handicapped, Miscellaneous
Hammon Family
Harpers Ferry, Reference Materials
Lyndon Johnson
Grants and Loans
Gallagher President’s Report
Ken Hechler
Jack Anderson
Jim Haught
L. T. Anderson
Charles Ryan
Harry Hoffmann
Don Daniels
Mike Causey
Y Dixon
Bob Mellace
Henry Mitchell
Bill Gold
A. L. Hardman
Marjorie Wells
Paul Martin
Dams and Reservoirs
Editorial Comments on Watergate
Education, Miscellaneous
Environmental Protection Agency
Wendell Hampton Ford
Jane Fonda
Fuels and Energy
Federal Buildings
Fuels and Energy
Appalachian Regional Commission
Bay Area Rapid Transit Train
Dick Benson
Black Lung
Senator Robert C. Byrd
Bright of America
Capitol Hill News Service
Centennial Celebration
Congressional Comments
Cleanup Campaign, Salem
Coal News
Mining Congress Journal
Airports, Benedum
Airports, Miscellaneous

Box CL24

1973 (2 of 2)
Newspaper Clippings
Religion, 1973
J. W. Ruby Estate, 1973
Jennings Randolph, Miscellaneous, 1973
Jennings Randolph, Magazine Articles, 1973
Jennings Randolph, Honorary 4-H Program, 1973
Congratulations to WVU Football Team, 1973
Governor Nelson Rockefeller, 1973
Jennings Randolph, 1973
Randolph-Sheppard Act
Strip Mining, 1973
Salem Cleanup Campaign, 1973
Smoking, 1973
Clement Stone
Clement Stone Donations, 1973
Smokers, Smoking
Hulett Smith
Mrs. Herman Talmadge
Governor Cecil Underwood
Vote, 18 to 20 year olds
Watermelon Time, Preston County
West Virginia, comments
Wall Street Journal Articles
Wilderness Areas
Chuck Yeager

Box CL25

Impeachment, comments, 1974
Senator Henry Jackson, 1974
John Jones, Weirton
Robert D. Johnson, Wine Scheme
Bob Kay
Danny Klayman
William Loy
Letters to Editors
The Marriott Corporation, Clips of Interest
Metro System
X-Rated Movies
Miscellaneous Items
Senator Edmund S. Muskie, Energy
Magazine Articles
Arch Moore
Marshall Medical School
Rose Martin
Mines and Miners
Judge Robert Maxwell
Postal Service
Political Comments
Nelson Rockefeller
Jay Rockefeller
Nelson Rockefeller
Jay Rockefeller
Jennings Randolph
Jennings Randolph, regarding Elkins state office
Jennings Randolph, Magazines
Jennings Randolph, in papers
Jennings Randolph, in papers
Secretaries and Telephones
Steel Jobs in Peril
Senate Building Expansion
John Slack
Jay, Frank, and Mary Randolph
Clement Stone
Salem College
Stock Market
Salem Herald, last issue
West Virginia Textbooks
Television Violence
Cecil H. Underwood
Vandalism in Schools
Voting Record for Senate
Veterans Administration
Willard Hotel
Woman’s Conference
Wilderness Areas
West Virginia Quality of Life Study

Box CL26

1975 (1 of 2)
American Road Builders Association
The Dirigible: A Comeback?
Allegheny Airlines
Mohawk 298
Airports, Miscellaneous
Edythe Brown
Robert C. Byrd
W. W. Barron
Bright of America
Peter Beter
Busing for Students
Child Abuse
Coal Con Plant
Industry Contracts
Congressional Comments
Cass Scenic Railroad
Robert Kelly
Charles Kuralt
Joseph McCaffrey
Harry Hoffmann
Buck Martin
Don Daniels
Fanny Seiler
Charles Ryan
John Brown
Don Oakley
Rosalie Earle
George Hohmann
Jack Anderson
Bob Mellace
Robert Brunner
John C. Veasey
Paul Glover
James J. Kilpatrick
Harry Hamm
A. L. Hardman
Davis and Elkins
Lakes, Dams, Reservoirs
Elderly and Aged
Energy Cuts and Industry
Energy Use Standards
Edwin F. Flowers
Federal Buildings Post Office
President Gerald Ford
Glass Factories
Hand Crafted Glass
Grants and Loans
Ginseng and Other Herbs
Natural Gas Shortage
Gasoline Price
Historic Register
Greenbrier School of Osteopathic Medicine
Harpers Ferry
Elizabeth Hallanan
Highway Safety Poll
West Virginia Highlands Conservancy
Senator Hubert Humphrey
Dr. K. Duane Hurley
Judges Control Decorum
Judge Miniskirted
Judgeship Nominations
Danny Klayman
John Kelly
Long Hair Causing Whiplash
Rose Martin
Miners Trip to Washington
A. James Manchin
Miners from West Virginia to Washington
Arch Moore
Judge Robert E. Maxwell
Sam T. Mallison
Surface Mining
Multiflora Rose
Senator Mike Mansfield
New River Gorge Park
Richard M. Nixon
Miscellaneous Newspaper Clippings
Justice Richard Neely
Pie Thrower
Ron Pearson
Pay Television
Postal Forum
Nelson A. Rockefeller
Jay Rockefeller
Randolphs of Virginia
Jennings Randolph, Miscellaneous Clippings

Box CL27

1975 (2 of 2)
Jennings Randolph, Magazines
Jennings Randolph, Pictures
Jay Randolph
Speed Limit
Snowshoe Resort
Salem Herald
James M. Sprouse
School Bus Accidents
Salary Cut Proposed for Lawmakers
Speech Material, Education
Ski Resorts, Snowshoe
Salem College
Strip Miners
Ties, Almost Heaven
Tennessee Valley Authority
Larger Trucks
Table Talk
Vinyl Chloride Ban
Vandalism in Schools
Welfare Rolls Growing
Frank C. Wimer
Willard Hotel
West Virginia Turnpike
Unclipped, 1975
Unclipped, 1975

Box CL28

Miscellaneous Newspapers, 1981-1984

Box CL29

Unclipped Miscellaneous

Box CL30

AFG Technologies
Air Transportation

Jennings Randolph Collection

West Virginia Archives and History