Dixie Stacy Collection

Letter, George Joachim to Wife and Children
April 16, 1862

Dear Wife and Children: I am feeling in the mood to write. I have written already 2 letters to you dear wife and have received no answer. I am healthy again. It is very comfortable here in the hospital and a nice big building nicer than in Pomeroy. Each week one time washing gathered beds changed and clothing, good eating and drinking do we receive also, but it is still not like home. I wished I could be with you all for one whole week but it canít be. General Halleck gave orders that no one gets a vacation pass for more than 7 days. I could only come home and turn around again, and would cost $20.00. That is not worth it. Our battalion is now in Feumifen? I do not know how I will get to them. I hope that you and the children are well. I am sending you a song that you can ___ and the little one nothing will happen to them. Write to me soon. Write me too if you heard from grand Haddam and son and my brother Martin, if you have received something from them. I received the knife and I thank you very much for it. It is very pretty. Write to me soon and I hope it is nothing but good. Kiss the children for me and give all friends, and every body who asks about me.

Your husband
George Joachim

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