The Community of Buffalo
(Putnam County)

Acts of the General Assembly of Virginia
pp. 159-60

CHAP. 232. - An ACT to establish the town of Buffalo in the county of Mason.

(Passed April 2, 1839.)

1. Be it enacted by the general assembly, That not exceeding thirty acres of land, late the property of Benjamin K. Craig, lying on the Kanawha river, and through which the Charleston and Point Pleasant turnpike road runs, in the county of Mason, as the same has been already laid off, and may be hereafter further laid off and extended into lots, with convenient streets and alleys corresponding thereto, shall be, and the same is hereby established a town, by the name of Buffalo: and that Benjamin K. Craig, Matthew D. Brown, David C. Harrison, Christopher C. Bronaugh and William A. Hereford, gentlemen, be, and they are hereby appointed trustees thereof, who shall, as also their successors in office, before they enter upon the duties of their appointment, take an oath, or make solemn affirmation before some justice of the peace for the county of Mason, to execute the same faithfully and impartially, according to the best of their skill and judgment; any three of whom may form a quorum and proceed to business under the authority of this act.

2. And be it further enacted, That from the first section thereof, all the provisions of the act, entitled, "an act to establish the town of Ripley at the seat of justice for the county of Jackson," passed December the nineteenth, eighteen hundred and thirty-two, shall apply to and be in force as to the town of Buffalo, hereby established, as fully and effectually as if the same words were herein repeated.

3. This act shall be in force from the passing thereof.


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