The Community of Buffalo
(Putnam County)

Extracted From
Rambles in the Path of the Steam Horse
p. 116

Buffalo, the most important town in Putnam County, is a flourishing place on the north bank of the Great Kanawha River. It is three hundred and forty miles in a direct line from Richmond and twenty- one miles from Point Pleasant and the mouth of the Kanawha River. It has unsurpassed facilities for trade and manufactures, although no noticeable progress has been made of late years. There are located here two or three fine flour mills, which turn out on the market excellent and well-known brands of flour. The place has a hotel, several flourishing stores, churches, etc., and with its present means of transportation by river in connection with the proposed facilities by rail, will soon be placed in the front rank of the towns of the Kanawha Valley. The town has as yet neither money-order nor telegraphic facilities, but both will doubtless speedily follow the railroad. The Adams Express Company transport all freight. Population, about 1,000.


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