Turning a Mole Hill Into a Mountain

Parkersburg News
July 2, 1949

Little Mole Hill Grows Up To 'Mountain' Size Today

By Albert Woofter,
Staff Writer for The News

A colorful, carnival-like atmosphere will break the customary quietness of little Mole Hill in Ritchie county today as hundreds assemble for the long-heralded name changing ceremony.

It all began when producers of the radio program "County Fair" conceived the idea of doing what is sometimes regarded as impossible - making a mountain of a mole hill.

And that is what is in store for those who visit the little village on Route 74, some 45 miles east of Parkersburg. For today the name of the postoffice will be changed from Mole Hill to Mountain.

The idea has attracted wide attention and photographers and reporters from all over the country are expected to assemble there today to see the transformation.

The radio program will be recorded and presented a week later on the CBS network. It will be heard locally over WPAR.

Among state officials planning to attend are Governor Okey Patteson, U. S. Senator Harley M. Kilgore and Rep. Cleveland Bailey.

Those who visit the village today are in for a treat. A small-scale county fair has been set up and food and refreshments will be served by the Farm Woman's Club. Children will enjoy the affair, since a carousel as well as pony rides have been arranged for them.

The name-changing idea, among other things, has thrown the spotlight of publicity on the little town which in turn has resulted in a bit of exploration.

The official population, according to the 1940 census, was 93. There are three places of business there, a general store operates by Mr. and Mrs. Walter Parkins, he a retired Hope Natural Gas Co. employe. The other establishment is a small glass plant operated by Albert Burg and his family. They plan to have some of their production on display at the celebration today.

Mrs. J. L. Haymond, president, and members of the Farm Women's Club of the community, have been busy these last few days making preparations for the affair, and visitors will have an opportunity to sample some of their cooking today.

Member of the club included Mrs. S. V. Ridgway, Mrs. Cecil Ridgway, Mrs. G. F. McCullough, Mrs. Emerson McCullough, Mrs. R. A. Davis, Mrs. Austin Meredith, Mrs. Elza Peck, Mrs. Ray Hall, Mrs. Dale McCullough, Mrs. Leasure Maple, Mrs. J. W. Whaley, Mrs. M. E. Peck, Mrs. C. M. Cox, Mrs. Paul Riggs.

Mrs. Clifford Wilson, Mrs. O. K. Hess, Mrs. Gilbert Harper, Mrs. Robert Beall, sr., Mrs. Ora McDougal, Mrs. Hettie Wilson, Mrs. Hall McCullough, Mrs. E. E. Hess, Miss Erma Durnell, Mrs. Walter W. Perkins, Mrs. Luther Jones, Mrs. Joe Jones, Mrs. Delbert Bachelor, Mrs. Sam McCullough and Howard Crandall.


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