Adkins Bankruptcy Case

Charleston Gazette
December 12, 1907

Judge Sentences 10 Conspirators

Four in Atkins Case Get 2 Years Others 18 Months in the Pen

The ten defendants who were convicted in the federal court for conspiring to defraud R. P. Douglas, a receiver in bankruptcy, who was appointed by the U. S. district court for the southern district of West Virginia, in the matter of Margaret Adkins, bankrupt, were sentenced by Judge Keller yesterday morning, four to two years, and the other six to eighteen months in the state penitentiary at Moundsville.

They had been defended by two of the ablest criminal lawyers in the state of West Virginia, whio fought this case to the last moment, trying with all their skill and ingenuity to have the verdict of twelve men set aside.

District Attorney Northcott made only a brief reply, and when Clerk Edwin M. Keatley, said: "Fred Adkins, Albert Adkins, Man Adkins, Albert Davis, Willard Fleming, John Fleming, Bob Fleming, Charles Brumfield, William Brumfield and John Adkins to the bar," ten strong men faced the judge and with bowed heads heard his words that will confine four of them the first four named, to the penitentiary for two years, and the other six to the penitentiary for eighteen months.

Judge Keller was not as severe in delivering his sentence as some supposed he would be. He showed his thorough knowledge of the case on the occasion, and while the defendants will remain away from their loved ones for the time set by the court, for good behavior their time will be lessened.

After the sentence had been pronounced and while the judge was passing the sentence, the wailing of women and children was pitiful. The mean were allowed time to see their wives and sisters, and the farewells were touching in the extreme.

The sentence also carries with it the cost of the prosecution, and as several of the defendants have property the government will experience no difficulty in collecting the amount of costs, which are very heavy.

Deputy Marshals Cunningham, Davis and Summers will take the men to the penitentiary this morning.

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