Sentencing of Mercer County Counterfeiters

Bluefield Daily Telegraph
June 15, 1911

Alleged Counterfeiters Arrested at Northfork

Hundred Silver Dollars Found in Pockets of Trespassers Didn't Have Right Jingle.

R. R. Foland, of Crane Creek, and M. M. Leonard, of Ruth, alleged counterfeiters, were arrested at Northfork yesterday morning by Officer Belcher, according to a report received here last night.

Belcher, it is claimed, had arrested the men for trespassing on the Elk Ridge coke yards, and when he searched them found one hundred silver dollars, but when the officer stuck these in his pocket he discovered they did not have the right jingle.

When questioned the prisoners claimed they bought them from a man, whose name they refused to give, at Iaeger for five dollars. Little credence was given this story by the officer, and accompanied by Detective Phaup Officer Belcher went to Leonard's home at Ruth and there, it is said, found several pounds of babbit metal, which, it is claimed, was used in making the "queer." A thorough search of the premises was made but no dies or molds were found.

The prisoners will be taken to Welch today, and will be given a preliminary hearing before the United States commissioner.

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