John Hardy

Wheeling Daily Register
October 13, 1893

M'Dowell Criminal Court

John Hardy Found Guilty of Murder in the First Degree

Special Telegram to the Register.

WELCH, W. VA., October 12. - At 8 o'clock this morning the jury in the case of the State against John Hardy, colored, for the murder of Thomas Drews, colored, at Eckman, this county, in January last, brought in a verdict of guilty of murder in the first degree. The trouble arose over a game of craps and was a cold blooded crime. Motion has been made for a new trial with but small hopes of success on account of the Criminal Court Judge's indisposition. A recess has been taken until Monday morning.

The celebrated Lewis Hall murder case will be begun on Monday, the 23d inst.

J. M. Brown, for malicious shooting with intent to kill Fred Dorsin at Powhattan, to-day plead guilty. The shortest sentence which can be given him is two years in the penitentiary. Sentence has not yet been pronounced.

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