Alexander Messer Letters

Charles Allen Reed Collection

Alexandria Messer to Haynie Pratter
October 7, 1901

Eddyville Ky. Oc 7th 1901
Mrs Haynie Prather

Dear Daughter

i seat myself to let you know that i am just as well as common hopeing these few lines will find you and the rest all well - i have just sent you the rings they are on the road now. they cost pretty well the value of the rings are $3.00 a piece three dollars each i allso enclosed $3 in Greenback bills for the children - and i want the children to have the benefit of this money. you please wait about 5 days after you received this letter so you can write me just as soon as the 5 days expires what whether you received the rings and money or not. write your letter in the care of
Mr. Brown
you will find his signature or name on this letter . So good by for this time i remain your poppa

Alexandria [Alexander] Messer


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