Alexander Messer Letters

Charles Allen Reed Collection

Alexander Messer to Mrs. Haney Praitor
May 9, 1904

Eddyville, Ky 5.9.1904

Mrs. Haney Praytor

Loving daughter yours of the 7 promtly contents recd and noted I was mor than glad to hear of the way you all was getting along I am glad you can kiss my grand children for me how happy I would be to see you all one time on earth raise your children to fear God and love his Work be kind to all you can you can Haney in reguards my payrole I will wright to W. E. Fleming soon. I will tell you what to doo in regards to the pay for his trouble I will put one hundard dollars in the bank for any one to hav if thay will secure my release from prison NB, I will not giv any one a piny until I am released. I hav spint severel hundard in the past and as yet thair is nothing done for me now if you or aney one else will take ball for me on those termes I am ready to put up that much money in the Eddyville Bank or to yours or any boddy else you may inploy just as soon as I am released now Haney I am getting old and am giving down I wont last much longer no where but dont let that bother you I shal only un tell I die if you gow to work and secure my liberty you may hav that much money without delay to make your plea to that wright me and let me hear from you By Alexander Messer to daughter Haney Prayter


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