Alexander Messer Letters

Charles Allen Reed Collection

Alexander Messer to Mrs. Haney Prather
June 1, 1906

Box 34
Eddyville, Ky.
June 1, 1906

Mrs. Haney Prather,
Goodloe, KY.

Dear Daughter: glad to get yours of May 27, and hope this will find you and family well. I am as well as usual.

I am sorry to hear of your troubles; Sorry to know your mother was dead; but we all must have troubles while we are in the flesh. I want you when you get this if you know to write to me and tell me whether your mother married

Hope you are all well now and that there is less sickness in your neighborhood.

When you can to to Pike County and get all the good men to sign my petition you can.

My prayers are with you and children and husband and neighbors.

God bless you.

Write whenever youcan.

Your Papa,
Alexander Messer.

P. S. I am glad your mother professed before she died.


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