Alexander Messer Letters

Charles Allen Reed Collection

Alexander Messer to Mrs. Haney Prather
July 1, 1906

Box 34
Eddyville, Ky.
July 1, 1906.

Mrs. Haney Prather,
Goodloe, Ky.

Dear Daughter: Yours of June 21 received was glad to know you and family were well and hope you are all well and enjoying life.

I am about as well as usual. Do not get any better nor any worse.

I do not know any news. There were fine rains here this week. It is now very hot.

I wrote a letter to Walter Harkinson, Prestonburg, and it was taken out of the envelope I sent it in and mailed back to me in another. If the letter was received by him all of his promises to you amount to nothing except to show he is two-faced.

If he will let me out I will [rest of letter is missing]


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