1973 Riot At The West Virginia Penitentiary

State Police, National Guard Conduct Shakedown

Moundsville Daily Echo
March 22, 1973

An uneasy truce prevailed in the state penitentiary today as state police and national guardmen began a "search and shakedown" of the entire institution. Inmates have been assigned to clean up the debris in the damaged section of the prison.

People in the know suspect that the "super-criminal element" haven't gotten all the ones they want to get yet. An example of their venomous feeling was in the gruesome way they destroyed black convict Willie Hale who reportedly had been a servant in the warden's residence and at times the warden's chauffeur. They cut off his head, butchered the body up and then propped the body up in his cell with an aspirin bottle in his hand.

It was reported that a guard had tried to get him to leave the area during the uprising but that he stayed in his cell to assure his colleagues that he was not a "stool-pigeon."

To protect still other convicts who fear for their lives, four others were taken to the county jail yesterday.

According to National Guard spokesmen the MP unit stationed at Moundsville has been released from duty but all other units are still mobilized.

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