Benwood Mine Disaster

List of Victims
April 28, 1924

Annual Report, Department of Mines
for the Fiscal Year Ending
June 30, 1924

Salvatore, Sabatino, Italian, loader, George W. Holliday, Jr., American, trip boss, Mark Crosby, American, timberman, William Webster, American, main motorman, J. J. Boyle, American, timberman, George McGill, American, laborer, William Smith, American, lineman, James Howe, American, timberman, Russell Williams, American, assistant foreman, Leo Wagner, American, motorman, Feliz Lisak, American, loader, George W. Holliday, Sr., American, mine boss, Kenneth Wood, American, main motorman, John Viewina, Polish, timberman, George Stakowski, Polish, timberman, Sam Dombroski, Polish, trip rider, Theodore Shalika, Polish, loader, Tony Kwiecsn, Polish, loader, Mike Koziemka, Polish, loader, Stanley Barnoskie, Polish, cutter, John Zyk, Polish, loader, James Angelus, American, loader, John Galembieuski, Polish, loader, Adam Dlugobovcki, Polish, loader, Wladimir Oblizonik, Polish, loader, Mike Zojckski, Polish, loader, Kasimer Kopetz, Polish, loader, Walter Likoma, Polish, loader, Leonard Levicki, Polish, timberman, John Sloga, Polish, loader, Stany Rodax, Polish, loader, John Malyska, Polish, loader, Antoni Hamill, Polish, loader, Andy Shalika, Polish, loader, Joe Hayda, Polish, loader, Dominic Cooper, Polish, loader, John Suoski, Polish, loader, Albert Slaga, Polish, loader, Joe Pocnalle, Polish, motorman, Andy Passac, Polish, cutter, Mike Stofeski, Polish, loader, Stiny Robinsky, Polish, loader, Karmierice Kar, Polish, loader, Stanley Golmbivsky, Polish, slateman, Viecnty Viewina, Polish, loader, Lorenz Wiadnowski, Polish, loader, John Pichovscz, Polish, loader, Ignac Gojewski, Polish, loader, John Duplos, Polish, slateman, Walter Snedden, Scotch, assistant foreman, Alex Sneddon, Scotch, trip rider, Hugh McGill, Scotch, laborer, Mane Cyeticirmin, Servian, loader, Mike Parch, Servian, loader, Nick Moliski, Polish, loader, Manuel Papulos, Greek, loader, Pete Bitzanis, Greek, trip rider, Nick Fzagares, Italian, timberman, Peter Simos, Greek, loader, Gust Gannokos, Greek, Laborer, Mike Malaxana, Greek, loader, Mike Harrin, Greek, loader, Angelo Savinos, Greek, slateman, Tony Christos, Greek, loader, Mike George, Greek, loader, James Gouci, Greek, loader, Mike Paradise, Greek, loader, Charles Ferrante, Greek, loader, Theodore Karakas, Greek, loader, Nick Mavroginakis, Greek, loader, John Frank, Sr., Slavish, slateman, John Frank, Jr., Slavish, motorman, Joe Zellacich, Slavish, loader, Joe Kolodziecjesyk, Slavish, loader, Joe Sanuch, Lithuanian, loader, Steve Vargo, Hungarian, loader, Stany Mikolitch, Lithuanian, loader, Alex Horvath, Hungarian, loader, Llewelyn Joseph, Welsh, lineman, Ignatz Orban, Hungarian, loader, Wasil Beily, Russian, loader, Peter Onost, Russian, loader, Mike Petrick, Russian, motorman, Emil Yurosich, Croatian, Cutter, Mike Capabianco, Italian, bratticeman, Rocco Capabianco, Italian, bratticeman, Gennaro Spignessi, Italian, loader, Meli Mishenovich, Croatian, cutter, Frank Bolanzo, Italian, loader, Carlo DiGiorgio, Italian, trip rider, Pasquale Fana, Italian, trackman, Salvatore Albino, Italian, loader, Joe Marco, Italian, loader, Joe Samelli, Italian, trip rider, Domenico Cognetti, Italian, loader, Ganulli Felice, Italian, loader, Guiseppe Rea, Italian, loader, Patsy Ferri, Italian, loader, Nick Marino, Italian, loader, Daniel Marfino, Italian, loader, John Discarino, Italian, loader, Ralph Albrea, Italian, loader, Rotellini Mariano, Italian, loader, Guy Vetello, Italian, loader, Sam Vetello, Italian, loader, Ralph Vetello, Italian, loader, Patsy Corbi, Italian, loader, Carlo Caneva, Italian, loader, Frank Mazzella, Italian, loader, Santo Parise, Italian, loader, Nick Podola, Ukrainian, loader, Sam Senchok, Austrian, trackman, John Kopcha, Austrian, trackman, Dan Zelic, Austrian, loader Mary Melack, American, trip rider, Joshua Rawlins, English, fire boss, Joe Keresensky, Polish, slateman, Frank Conti, Italian, loader, Ignazio Pierrera, Italian, loader.


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