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John Conolly's Advertisement.
Boston, February 20, 1775

From American Archives, 4th series, 1:1018.

Whereas, the Shawanese have perpetrated several murders upon the inhabitants of this county, which has involved this promising settlement in the most calamitous distress. And whereas, I have very good reason to believe that certain imprudent people continue to carry on a correspondence with, and supply the said enemies with dangerous commodities to the infinite prejudice of all his Majesty's subjects, and expressly contrary to an act of the Assembly, prohibiting such unwarrantable intercourse: These are therefore, in his Majesty's name, strictly to require and command all his Majesty's subjects to take notice hereof, and to deport themselves as the law directs, as they may be assured that a contrary conduct will draw on them the utmost severity thereof.

Given under my hand at Fort Dunmore, this 18th day of June, 1774.
John Conolly

Dunmore's War

West Virginia Archives and History