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Lord Dunmore to Col. Andrew Lewis.
July 24, 1774

From Documentary History of Dunmore's War, edited by Reuben Gold Thwaites and Louise Phelps Kellogg (Madison: Wisconsin Historical Society, 1905), p. 97-98

SIR - I received your's and Colo. Charles Lewis Letters. the general Confederacy of Different Indian Nations their repeated Hostilities (there were six Men. Murdered on Dunkard Creek on the l8th instant) the Discovery of Indians & universal Alarm throughout all the frontiers of the Colony & the unhappy situation of the Divided People settled over the Alagany Mountain's makes it necessary for [me to] go in Person to Fort Dunmore to put Matters under the best Regulation to Support that Country for a Barrier [and] give the Enemies a Blow that will Breake the Confederacy & render their plans abortive I intend to take as [many] men from this quarter as I Can get in order in some [so] short time &. Desire you to raise a respectable Boddy of Men and join me either at the mouth of the greate Kanaway or Waiten as is most Convenient for you. the Indians having Spies on the Frontiers the[y] may Bring all. the Force of the Shawnees against you in your march to the Mouth of the Kenawey so I would have you Consider in What Time You Could get them and other things ready so to meet me at eny Place at Ohio in as Short time as you Can let me know the Same by the return of the express and forward the Letter to Colo. Wm. Preston with the greatest Dispatch as I want his Assistance as well as that of your Brother, Charles Lewis. the Expense of the Numerous scouting Parties in the Different Counties forming an Expensive Frontere Will soon exceed the Expences of an Expedition Against their Towns which will be more effectiaul & we may as well depend on the House of burgess providing for the Expedition as for a greater Expence of Acting on the Defensive at any rate we know the Old Law [is] Still in force as far as it goes we are sure of being reimbersed I wish you would Acquaint Colo. Preston of Contents of this Letter that those he Sends Out may joine you and Pray be as explicit as you Can as to the time & place of Meeting I need not inform You how necessary Dispatch is.

I am Sir Your Most Obt. & very Hbl. Ser

WINCHESTER July 24th 1774

Dunmore's War

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