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Col. Fleming to his wife.

From Documentary History of Dunmore's War, edited by Reuben Gold Thwaites and Louise Phelps Kellogg (Madison: Wisconsin Historical Society, 1905), p. 253-54

MY Dr NANCY I take this Opportunity to write you that you may be convinced I am yet amongst the living on Munday last, we were Alarmed by some from Camp that had been pursued by Indians, on the News being confirmed 150 from Augusta line & as many from the Botetourt, were ordered out. we marched in two Colums Colo. Ch: Lewis led the Augusta, I was at the head of the Botetourt line we had not march [ed] above three quarters of a mile before the Right line or Augusta line was Attack'd & in a second of time the Botetourt line likewise, the fire became general & very heavy. Colo. C. Lewis Receivd a mortal wound. I receivd three balls two through my left Arm, & one in my left breast, but I praise the Almighty, I did not fall and had strength with Assistance to reach my tent where I heard C[ol.] C. Lewis was just come in after I was dresd I went to see him. Colo. Lewis who as we did not expect a general engagement was in Camp behaved with the greatest Conduct & prudence and by timely & Opportunely supporting the lines secured under God both the Victory & prevented the Enemys Attempts to break into Camp it was a hard fought Battle, lasted from 7 in the Morning to an hour by sun the Indians were computed at 1000. but for a perticular Acct I must referr you to another time. I Bless God my wounds are in a good way. if it please God to spare me I propose coming in to the Inhabitants the first Opportunity. I am my Dr Nancy Yours &.

Octobr. 13.1774

Richd Wilson & Smith are both well Attend me Closely & will Return with me God willing

Dunmore's War

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