County School Unit Plan

Charleston Gazette
May 23, 1933

Bill in Brief

The principal provisions of the hard fought county school unit bill as it was passed finally yesterday are as follows, in brief:

Abolishes between 300 and 400 independent and magisterial boards of education and creates 55 county boards.

Authorizes county boards to take over buildings and other property. Hire teachers, lay levies and assume other duties held by district boards.

Provides county unit plan be effective with beginning of fiscal year July 1, or in time to be fully operative by the September school term.

Allows present county superintendents to finish their terms but restricts them to duties now given county superintendents and provides for appointment of other persons to take over new duties. After 1936 all superintendents will be appointed.

Directs the state superintendent of schools to appoint before July 1 five-member boards for each county. After 1934 boards will be elective. Not more than two from any magisterial district.

Permits consolidation of schools where conditions and number of pupils make it advisable.


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