First Annual Mountain State Forest Festival

Elkins Inter-Mountain
October 30, 1930

Coronation Late Afternoon Event On Festival Card

Twenty-Five Young Women Participate As Queen And Princesses

Coronation Of Queen Silvia One Of Beautiful Events Of Festival

Some 25 "Princesses" from all parts of West Virginia were e[x]pected in Elkins today in attendance upon "Queen Silv[i]a I" on the occasion of her coronation as Queen of the Mountain State Forest Festival.

Governor William G. Conley and other high dignatories [sic] also were present to participate in the coronation and to Governor Conley had fallen the honor of crowning the queen.

Miss Margaret Straley, of Ripley, W. Va., is the first Queen of the Forest Festival, having been appointed some weeks ago by Festival officials. by Festival officials [sic]. She is a student at West Virginia university and came to Elkins direct from Morgantown.

The coronation committee, composed of Dr. James E. Allen, Prof. L. E. Dobbins, Mrs. W. Grady Whitman, Mrs. E. A. Bowers, Mrs. T. E. Hardman, Mrs. J. B. Moore, Mrs. E. C. Henderson and Mrs. Harry Whetsell, today had completed all arrangements for the beautiful ceremony incident to the coronation.

Coronation of Queen Silvia was to begin at 3 o'clock this afternoon on a specially constructed platform erected on the Davis and Elkins college campus.

The episodes of the ceremony are:

Dance of the Forest Nymphs, directed by Mrs. T. J. Hale.

Queen's chorus, "Who Is Sylvia?", Schubert.

Escort of West Virginia University cadets and sponsors.

Bevy of Princesses of Her Majesty's court.

Crown bearer, Jane Earle Taylor.

Maids of honor, Miss Lela Dornblazer, and Miss Winifred Dye.

Flower girls, Sara Jane Goden, and Jane Abbott Hazeltine.

Trumpeter, George Edward Darden, Jr.

Her Majesty, Queen Silvia I.

Dance, "Sylvan Ballet["], directed by Mrs. T. J. Hale.

Queen's Chorus, "Silvia Speaks", directed by Prof. Irving Miller.


Princess[es] were appointed by United States Senators Goff and Hatfield, Governor Conley and Congressman Senior, state senators throughout the state and include the outstanding young women from all parts of the state. The Princess[es] are:

Second Senatorial District - Miss Elizabeth Hooton, Moundsville.

Third Senatorial District - Miss Dorothy Lockhart, Parkersburg.

Fourth Senatorial District - Miss Dorothy Armstrong, Ripley.

Fifth Senatorial District - Miss Katherine Mootz, Huntington.

Ninth Senatorial District - Miss Sallie Edmunds Hubard, Fayetteville.

Tenth Senatorial District - Miss Kathleen Berthy, Cowen, Webster County.

Eleventh Senatorial District - Miss Leonore Clayton Given, Fairmont.

Twelfth Senatorial District - Miss Ioma D. Snyder, Weston.

Thirteenth Senatorial District - Miss Pauline Watson, Philippi.

Fourteenth Senatorial District - Miss Elinor Dill, Reedsville, Preston Co.

Fifteenth Senatorial District - Miss [Dorothy L. Jones, Martinsburg.]

First Congressional District - Miss Sally Hartenstein, Wheeling.

Second Congressional District - Miss Margaret Carepeeken, Morgantown.

Third Congressional District - Miss Angela Fallon, Buckhannon.

Fourth Congressional District - Miss Nellie Simmons, Point Pleasant.

Fifth Congressional District - Miss Ella Creek Norman, Welch.

Sixth Senatorial District - Miss Mary Lee Meadows, Beckley.

State at Large:

Miss Joan Moore, Ellamore.

Miss Leona Daugherty, Elkins.

Miss Leora Margaret Dunn, Reedsville.

Miss Marjorie Virginia Bowman, Morgantown.

Miss Mary Monica Kelser - Belington.

City of Elkins - Miss Katherine Baker, Elkins.

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