WMMN Radio in Fairmont Goes on the Air

Fairmont Times
December 22, 1928

Radio Station To Broadcast At Noon Today

Program of Record Music Will Be First Official Event

After a series of successful tests, radio station WWMN [sic], owned and controlled by the Holt- Rowe Novelty Company, will go on the air, officially for the first time, today. From noon until 1 o'clock today, a program of new phonograph releases will be broadcast from the studio in the Fairmont Hotel. Then, starting at 6 o'clock this evening, the complete opening program will get under way, continuing far into the morning judging from present indication.

Tests were made Thursday night and yesterday afternoon, and though neither program was announced, hundreds of listeners picked up the local station and testimonials poured into the radio, along with requests for special musical numbers. The program Thursday night, which lasted from midnight until 3 o'clock Friday morning, brought 800 calls. Yesterday afternoon, Chief Engineer Glenn Beerbower attempted a short test on phonograph records and within a period of 15 minutes, close to 200 calls were reported on the two phones of the studio. The night program was picked up as far south as Staunton, Va., by a former Fairmonter, Bill Perry.

The phonograph program which starts at noon today, was announced last night. The Kelly Music Company has placed a Columbia Kolster phonograph in the studio and the newest record releases will be played, over that machine.

Tonight's program will bring to radio listeners the best talent in the city. Musical numbers and talks will occupy the time until 1 o'clock Sunday morning, when a request program will start. "O Holy Child of Bethlehem," requests of the Sterling Heights Sewing Club, was the first to be received and it will open the program. The second number will be "You're the Cream in My Coffee," requested by W. S. Hood, 14 years old, of 731 Benoni avenue.

Mack's orchestra will go on the air at 6 o'clock. Following that, short talks will be made by Miss Mary Hurst, president of the Junior League, Clyde S. Holt of the Holt-Rowe company, and R. L. O'Neal, manager of the Fairmont Hotel. Mayor Arthur G. Martin will make an address of welcome at 7:25 o'clock and George M. Alexander, president of the Monongahela West Penn Public Service Company, will speak at 8 o'clock. Brooks Fleming, Jr., assistant to the president of the Consolidation Coal Co., and Chester C. Shinn, sales manager, will head that company's program from 8:30 until 9 o'clock. Senator M. M. Neely will speak from 8:25 o'clock until 8:30.

Vocal selections will be furnished by the National Bank of Fairmont quartette, Miss Jean Billingslea and by the Thornton Jubilee Singers. Clem Bray and his Fairmont Theatre orchestra, and Jack Masters at the Virginia Theatre organ will present musical numbers during the evening. Mack's orchestra will broadcast from the American Legion ballroom from 10 o'clock until 11, and the Goodman Store Barn Dance Hour will precede the Mack's dance program.

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