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Photo 115
The Fortson children, McDowell County, circa 1923-24. Left to right: Joseph Fortson, Harry Fortson, Ruth Fortson.

Photo 116
World Day of Prayer, Boyd Elementary and Junior High School, Charleston, March 5, 1954. Front row, left to right: Doris Jean Wesley, Stella Earl, Irene Harris, Peggy Lawson, Betty Early, Yvonne Brown, Mrs. Thelma Gregory-teacher, Orelia Hall, Leslie Dianne White, Grave Nowell, Betty Sue McDonald, Evelyn Jones, Eleanore Saunders, Carol Jean Mason. Back row, left to right: Myrna Badger, Mary Johnson, Delores Myers, Alfreda Barnes, Delores Humbles, Mary Grace Prillerman, Magnolia Barnes, Joan Grigsby, Maryetta Brown, Patricia Rush, Dorothy Megginson, Joan Porter, Barbara Brandon, Vivian Faucett, Phyllis Preston, Carol Braxton, Betty Myers, Eunice Flood.

Photo 117
Bulletin staff, First Baptist Church, Charleston, 1920. Front row, left to right: Dallas Forney, Golbert Harris, Charles Preston, Benjamin Clark (newsboys). Back row, left to right: Jordan Tinsley, Mary Preston, Mrs. Mary Clark, Mrs. Mordecai Johnson, Rev. Mordecai Johnson, H. B. Rice, Joseph Peters, William Jefferson.

Photo 118
Christmas party, Bachelor Benedict Club, Charleston, 1945. Front row, left to right: Louise Spriggs, Louise Preston, Jewel Fields, Frances Lydia Carter, Thelma Carter, Juanita Brown, Gladys Mitchell, Juanita Nelson, Helen Jackson, Florence Gregory, Nina Preston, ? Goode. Back row, left to right: Merrill Preston, Dr. Lorenezo Carter, John Love, Attorney Willard Brown, Dr. Thomas Mitchell, Maceo Nelson, ?, Theodore Gregory, Charles A. Preston, Benny Goode, Dr. Clinton Jackson

Photo 119
James Washington Jarrett and son James Rayford Jarrett, circa 1913-14

Photo 120
The Perkins family of Greenbrier County. Left to right: William Eugene Perkins, Nancy Perkins Callender, Benjamin Thomas Perkins, Frank Randolph Perkins.

Photo 121
Bachelor-Benedict Club Wives, Charleston, 1940. Front row, left to right: ? Goode, Jewel Fields, Juanita Nelson, Thelma Carter, Gladys Mitchell, Edna Page, Florence Gregory, ?, ?. Back row, left to right: Helen Jackson, Louise Preston, ?, Connie Arnaha, Delene Harvey, Juanita Brown, Nina Preston.

Photo 122
Kanawha County Consolidated Elementary and Secondary Principals Association, Christmas 1949. Front left to right (around the table): Scott M. Brown, Delene Harvey, Charles A. Preston, ?, Leonard Barnett, George Rayford, Andrew H. Calloway, Fred Page, ? Jefferson, ?, P. A. Williams, ?, ?, Cheatham Alston, Estella James, Harry E. Dennis, ?.

Left to right: Benjamin Clark, Benjamin Brownley, Merrill Preston, circa 1922

Photo 124
Left to right: Benjamin Clark, Benjamin Brownley, Merrill Preston, circa 1970

Photo 125
The Les Chercheuse Club, Charleston, circa 1945. Front row, left to right: Rebecca Carter, Elizabeth Burke, Gladys Mitchell, Lucinda Saunders, Edna Page, Marion Jones. Back row, left to right: Florence Hopson, Nina Preston, Nan Louise Thompson, ? Katherine Mickey, Mary Young, Juanita Brown, Louise Preston, Thelma McDaniel, Katherine Richardson, Thelma Brown, Betty Smoot.

Photo 126
The Perkins Family Store, Levi, (now Rand) West Virginia. Front row, left to right: Steve Isaac, William Eugene Perkins, Alexander Perkins, Eliza Taylor Perkins. Back row, left to right: Benjamin Clyde Perkins, Robert Perkins.

Photo 127
Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.'s visit to home Mrs. Virginia Jarrett, Charleston, January 1960. Left to right: Mrs. Ruth Newson, Rev. Moses Newsome, Mrs. Virginia Jarrett, Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., Mrs. Josephine M. Rayford, James R. Jarrett.

Photo 128
Sage Street School, Charleston, 1889.

Photo 129
William Edward Preston, The Preston Baggage Service, Charleston.

Photo 130
The Charleston Woman's Improvement League, Charleston, 1957.

Photo 131
Garnet High School, 1928 West Virginia State Champions. Front row, left to right: Lawson Powell, Carl Watson-Captain, Fred Graves-Co-Captain, Merrill Preston, William G. Moore, coach. Back row, left to right: Clarence Mickey, Eugene Robinson, Thomas Jennings, Robert Holmes, Charles Preston.

Photo 132
Staff of The Ferguson Theatre (known as The Black), Washington Street, Charleston, circa 1933. Louise Buster, Mr. Saunders.

Photo 133

Photo 134
6th grade, Garnet School, Miss Williams, n.d.

Photo 135
Alec Spotts at Campbell House, Rocky Point (Sinks Grove), Monroe County. Spotts was a former Campbell family slave. Click here to read his obituary from the November 9, 1911 issue of The Monroe Watchman. Jeffrey A. Pritt Collection, Ph95-60.

Photo 136
Cabell Junior High School Basketball team, 1955. The school was located on the corner of Second Avenue and Florida Street on the west side of Charleston. Courtesy of George W. Hill.

Photo 137
Ninth grade class, Cabell Junior High School, Charleston, 1956. This is the last class of that school. Courtesy of George W. Hill.

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