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Photo 31
Douglass High School (Huntington) Camera Club, Ph84-240/40, Notan Studios Collection

Photo 32
Huntington Homestead Grays, 1933, Ph84-240/41, Notan Studios Collection

Photo 33
Quicksteps Baseball Team, 1933, Ph84-240/43, Notan Studios Collection

Photo 34
Douglass High School (Huntington) Orchestra, Revella Hughes, director, Ph84-240/45, Notan Studios Collection

Photo 35
Amanda Johnson Home, Malden. Reportedly, this is where Booker T. Washington stayed when he lived in Malden, Ph85-129, Eberly Collection

Photo 36
First graduates of the black beauty school, Charleston, circa 1935, Ph85-18, Helmar T. Washington Collection

Photo 37
Knights of Pythias building, Ph84-241/67B, James Randall Collection

Photo 38
Old Metropolitan Baptist Church, 1976, Ph84-241/71B, James Randall Collection

Photo 39
Garnet School, Charleston, Ph-84-241/63B, James Randall Collection

Photo 40
Student body, Garnet School, Charleston, circa 1914-15, Ph84-241/14B, James Randall Collection

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African-Americans in West Virginia
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