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Photo 51
Garnet High Drill Team, Training Corps, circa 1918, Ph84-241/14C, James Randall Collection

Photo 52
Bible School, original First Baptist Church, Washington Street East, at junction with Shrewsbury Street, circa 1929, Ph84-241/64B, James Randall Collection

Photo 53
80th birthday of J. Arthur Jackson, state law librarian for years, 1964-65. With Jackson is David "Flatire"Scott. Ph84-241/42C, James Randall Collection

Photo 54
Opera singer Patricia Hancock Rogers of Charleston, Ph84-241/52B, James Randall Collection

Photo 55
Booker T. Washington, Ph84-237, Anna Gilmer Collection

Photo 56
John C. and Ruth S. Norman, with infant son, John Jr., circa 1929-30. John C. Norman Sr. was West Virginia's first African-American architect. Ruth S. Norman was a teacher at Garnet High School in Charleston. Their son, John C. Norman, Jr. is a noted thoracic and cardiovascular surgeon and researcher. Click here to learn more about Dr. Norman. Ph84-229, Mrs. Frank Morris Collection

Photo 57
Unidentified, Ph84-237, Jane Dunlap Collection (Dunlap-Taylor)

Photo 58
James Produce, Summers Street, Charleston, 1908. Eddie James Sr. is second from the left. The photo dates from around the time the store opened. Ph84-234, C. H. James Collection

Photo 59
C. H. James and Son Fruits and Produce, west side of Charleston, Ph84-234, C. H. James Collection

Photo 60
James Produce, Summers Street, Charleston, Ph84-234, C. H. James Collection

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African-Americans in West Virginia
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