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Photo 81
Unidentified, Ph84-237, Mrs. Anna E. Gilmer Collection

Photo 82
Unidentified, Ph84-237, Mrs. Anna E. Gilmer Collection

Photo 83
Mrs. Ruth S. Norman, who for several years had her own radio program on WKAZ. Ph84-238, Mrs. John Norman Collection

Photo 84
Students at Putnam County Grade School, 1915. Ph84-239, Sheri Harriston-Hughes Collection

Photo 85
Unidentified, Ph84-239, Sheri Harriston-Hughes Collection

Photo 86
Unidentified, Ph84-241/27B, James Randall Collection

Photo 87
Unidentified, Ph84-241/44C, James Randall Collection

Photo 88
Garnet High School football team, state champions, 1922. First row: Robert Burks, James Field, Paul (or Roland, who later became a Charleston fireman) Wilcher, Bennie Patterson, Leonard Bicket, Ted Gallion, and Percy Terrel. Second row: Claude Morris, Tob Davis, William Buchanan, Hyte Boyd, Herbert Cain, and Earl Smith. Third row: Elijah Edwards, Ben Mitchell, Dallas Forney, Earl Powell, Bus Irving, Archibald Walker, and Lewis Jones. Fourth row: William Preston, Asst. Coach Smith, Principal J. F. J. Clark, Coach Bartlet. Ph84-241/9B, James Randall Collection

Photo 89
Garnet students, 1915. Left to right: NoKomis Boyd, Adonia Price, Lou Wade, Frances Starks, Maude Wanzer, Ola Mitchell, Cecil Miller, Emma Wade, Irene Jackson, and Sallie Hale. Ph84-241/27C, James Randall Collection

Photo 90
1st Baptist Church, left to right: Elijah Edwards, Rev. Homer Davis, A. H. Brown, Martin Luther King, Sr., Wilton Sales, ?, Roland Wilcher, Ph84-241/3A, James Randall Collection

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