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Marland Inauguration

Charleston Gazette
January 4, 1953

1,500 Spectators May View, Hear Marland's Inauguration

By Charles R. Armentrout
(Staff Writer for The Gazette)

Inauguration ceremonies for West Virginia's 24th governor will be held in the marble-walled legislative corridor of the statehouse with an especially-erected speaker's platform bridging the well under the rotunda.

When William C. Marland steps forward at noon Jan. 19 to take the oath of office as chief executive, more than 1,500 spectators will be able to view and hear the proceedings.

Inaugural Committee Chairman Joe F. Burdett yesterday reported that engineering, seating, decorating and sound amplifying plans were falling rapidly into shape for staging the event.

The unique speaker's platform will be mounted on temporary steel scaffolds anchored on the first floor lobby of the Capitol.

The floor will rise to within 18 inches of the barrier around the well, giving the platform an encompassing marble railing.

A podium for the speaker will be elevated to permit him to be seen from both ends of the long, high corridor. Seats will be arranged to avoid obstruction of the view by the hall's marble columns.

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