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Portraits of
Women in West Virginia

Blanche Preston Preston
Blanche Preston Preston, born July 16, 1873 in Fayetteville. Preston studied painting at the Museum of Art in Cincinnati and the Art Students League in New York. She specialized in miniatures.

Sally Scollay Page
Sally Scollay Page (1860-1939), librarian at Clarksburg Public Library.

Kathy Mattea
Country music star Kathy Mattea, a native of Cross Lanes

Ellen Ruddell King
Ellen Ruddell King, author of the song "The West Virginia Hills," was born in Glenville on April 22, 1846.

Helen Holt
Helen Holt, appointed West Virginia's first female secretary of state. She was appointed by Governor Cecil Underwood on December 5, 1957. Courtesy West Virginia Industrial and Publicity Commission, AD 243-58

Nancy Hart
Confederate spy Nancy Hart. Click here for bibliographical information on Hart.

Cecile Roberta Goodall
Cecile Roberta Goodall, born in Charleston on October 23, 1904; died in Beckley on October 11, 1981. She was the editor of the West Virginia Historical Review Journal.

Izola Forrester
Izola Forrester, author of This One Mad Act, published by Hale, Cushman and Flint.

Denise Giardina
Denise Giardina, author of Storming Heaven and The Unquiet Earth, and 2000 gubernatorial candidate.

Mabel Frances Gibbons
Mabel Frances Gibbons, 1904. Gibbons was born in Charleston on January 16, 1872; she died in Point Pleasant on March 23, 1951. She was the first woman principal of a junior high school in West Virginia, serving at Thomas Jefferson Junior High School for 23 years.

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Women in West Virginia

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