French and Indian War

Governor Robert Dinwiddie to the Earl Granville, October 25, 1754

extracted from

The Official Records of Robert Dinwiddie, Volume I, R. A. Brock, editor
(Richmond: Virginia Historical Society, 1883), pages 372-373.

Governor Dinwiddie to Earl Granville
Octír 25th, 1754

Rít Hon.:

My last was the 23d of Septír. The few forces I have for the Expeditín are employíd in building a Fort and Magazine near the Allegany Mountís, wích I expect is finishíd by this Time. His Míy has been pleased to appoint Horatio Sharpe, Esqír. Govír of Míylíd, to be Comídír in Chief of the combined Forces on the Expedition, wích I am very glad of, and doubt not from his Experience in Military Affairs, yít he will be of good Service, and he is now here in order to concert a Plan of Operatís for the Campaign. There is an unlucky Misunderstanding between the Officers of the Indít Compaís and those appointed by me, in regard to Rank, wích I fear in Case of Actín, may be of pernicious Conseqíce. I have therefore wrote to Sír Thos. Robinson, praying for blank Comís for the Officers yít comíd the Forces in this Domín. And, as our Assembly have voted 20,000 £ for conducting this necessary Expeditín, I propose raising 10 Compaís of 100 Men each, with 3 Lieutíts to each Co., and if put on the B. Establishmít [it] will be more agreeable to them, and the Money raised in each Colony shall be properly accítíd for. I have further prayíd to have the Comíd of them, but if it is not thoít proper, I am ready to assist the Expeditín in any Shape yít may be thoít proper, but as itís for the Service, and to conduct it regularly, the above Commissís I think absolutely necessary to confirm Peace among the Officers. I therefore híbly intreat Yír favo. to speak to His Míy or Sír Thos. Robinson on this Affair. I know Yír great Concern for the Success of this Expeditín, wích engages me to give You this Trouble. Mr. Corbin has sent a little Money to be remitted to Yír Líds., but I have not yet recíd it, but [he] says, very soon, he will send me a little more; wín it comes to hand I shall carefully remit it to You.

I remín, with much Gratitude and dutiful Respects,

Rít Hon., Yír Lídís much obliged,
Most obedít humble Servít.

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