French and Indian War

Governor Robert Dinwiddie to James Patton, July 8, 1755

extracted from

The Writings of George Washington, Volume II, by Jared Sparks
(Boston: Charles Tappan, 1846), pages 92-94.

Governor Dinwiddie to Colonel Patton.
July 8th, 1755


The cruel Murders and barbarous Usages of the Ind's to the Settlers of the Frontiers of Augusta Co'ty gives me a sensible Concern and uneasiness y't our Fellow Subjects sh'd be so ill-treated. To prev't such barbarities for the future I desire. You will imediately list fifty Men as rangers for guard of the Frontiers of y't Co'ty, and enclos'd You have the blank Commiss. For a Capt. And two Lieut.'s, and if old Capt. Smith will take the Com'o. for Capt. I desire he may have the refusal of it; if he does not, I confide in You to make Choice of one properly qualified, y't knows the Woods and the Method of attack'g the Ind's in the Bushes. The same Care must be taken in the Appointm't of the two Lieut's; as they do not go out of the Co'ty they will not be at the Charge of Regimentals, and probably not be employed above three Mo's. You must, therefore, agree with them for Pay on the best Terms you can; the same as to the private men, y't their Pay do not exceed that 'd to the Forces employ'd in the Service of y's Domin'n. They must be Supplied with Provis's. Y'r Care and Frugality in making this purchase I leave to You, taking Care y't they be duly supplied, that there be no Compl't. After you have rais'd this Co'y You are to direct them where to march and order them to be very watchful and not rem'n in one Place. The Reason of order'g two Lieut's, is y't I am of Opinion You may on Occas'n divide Y'r Men into three Parties in search of the enemy; but y's I also leave to You, and if they come up with any Ind's (not in Fr'dship with Britain) I think they deserve no Mercy w'n I consider the barbarous Murders they have committed. Inclos'd You have a Let'r to Ct. Lewis, w'ch please forw'd to him. I think he is at Green Brier; and another Let'r to Lieut. Wright, who I think is at Holston's River. Both these Gent. have Orders to consult and advise with You and to follow such Orders for suppress'g the Enemy as you may see proper. Care and diligence is absolutely necessary on y's emergent Occas'n. I therefore expect You will exert Y'r Self as Co'ty Lieut. Of Augusta. If You find it difficult to raise these few Men in Y'r Co'ty send one of the Lieut's to the neighbour'g Counties. Write to the Com'd'g Officer in my Name to call the Militia together and supply the No. of Men You may want by a voluntary enlist'g or otherwise by a Draught from their Militia, w'ch Method You must do in Y'r own Co'ty consist't with the last Act of Assembly. Any Money you may advance for Pay't of the Men or for purchas'g of Provis's shall be duly p'd You. You must send me a List of the Officers and Men, their names and then enlisted. If Blankets are absolutely wanted purchase them and You shall also be p'd their Amo. I have order'd Capt. Lewis and Lieut. Wright to consult with You and to follow Y'r Direct's of the proper Places where to range, and not to be long in one Place. It's my Orders y't You not only send me a List of the Men's Names, but an Acc't of the monthly Expence. I wish You success in reduc'g our barbarous Enemies and I rem'n,

S'r, Y'r Fr'd and h'ble serv't.

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