French and Indian War

Governor Robert Dinwiddie to Lord Fairfax, July 14, 1755

extracted from

The Writings of George Washington, Volume II, by Jared Sparks
(Boston: Charles Tappan, 1846), pages 98-99.

Governor Dinwiddie to Lord Fairfax.
July 14th, 1755.

My Lord:

Y'r L'r and Colo. Innes's of the 11th and 12th Curr't gave me very great Concern, as it was so much unexpected. I never doubted of the Gen'l's Success w'n I considered his Forces and the Train of Artillery. The last I fear will be very galling, and undoubtedly be used ag'st us; however, I w'd gladly flatter myself the Affair is not so bad as Colo. Innes writes. I have wrote to the different Counties to muster their Militia and have them in order on a Call; therefore I hope You and Mr. Martin will have Frederick and Hampshire's Militia out, and if the Enemy appears in numbers ag'st You they have my Orders on Y'r Let'r y't they march to join You. Colo. Innes will write You w't Men he may want for the Fort, w'ch please supply him from Y'r Militia and they shall be pd. I shall send up 20 half b'ls of Gun Powder and 2,000 lbs. Shot to Fredericksburg, w'ch I entreat You to order waggons to bring them to You. Small Arms I have none, but I think You may be supplied at Winchester or F't Cumb'l'd, if wanted. Pray write me if You have the Particulars of the Action, for Colo. Innes is entirely general, and I hope [it] is not so bad as he writes. I am now in great Hopes the Militia will behave well and not let their Interest and Lives lie Expos'd to the Insults of a merciless Enemy. Pray encourage them w't You can, and if some Money is wanted pray supply it and You shall be re-imbursed. I rem'n, with great Esteem and due regard, R't Hon,

Y'r most ob'd't h'ble serv't.

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