French and Indian War

Virginia Gazette
August 19, 1755

Baltimore, July 26.

Extract of a letter from a Gentleman in Frederick town, to his friend in Baltimore, dated July 19.

On Monday last Capt. Morgan, from Virginia, with his company of rifle-men (all chosen) marched through this place, on their way to Boston. Their appearance was truly martial, their spirits amazingly elated, breathing nothing but a desire to join the American army, and to engage the enemies of American liberty. They were met about a mile out of town by three companies, viz. Capt. Price's company of riflemen, Capt. Grosh's, and Capt. Beaty's companies of militia, and escorted a few miles out of town, amidst the acclamations of all the inahbitants who attended them. And yesterday Capt. Price, with his company, also marched, and surely never were two finer companies raised in any country, more determined to conquer or die, than those two companies are. Capt. Cresop also, with his brave company, have marched. I need not say any thing of Capt. Cresop's undaunted courage; not an American but knows him to be an intrepid warrior, and of course he knows his men, and has called them from the many. We are also in hourly expectation of Capt. Stinson, with his company, in this town, on his way to Boston. GOD grant them a speedy and happy arrival there. So many offered to join the above companies, that not one of them but might have had 100 men at least.

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